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About Allen Wei

Through this blog, I’ll share all about a happy life, balance, relaxation, and how to achieve each of these in a happy manner, while still surviving in the modern world we live in.

Here, we can discuss everything from our bodies, minds, and environments, to our general lifestyles.

About Me

Hello!I’m Allen Wei.

Not too long ago, my life was beyond busy.

I was constantly doing something: working, studying, and even in playing games.

It seemed as if I never had a moment to just slow down and enjoy life the way I wanted to.

Everyone wanted or needed my time so much, that there was hardly any left for me! My boss, my school and teachers, and even my friends were demanding so much of my time that I became unaware of whether I was coming or going.

After doing this for so long, I began to live a very unbalanced life.

I was always tired, stressed out, and unhappy with my life. I became irritable and a generally unhappy person.

I truly hope you enjoy my blog, and we can learn, grow together, and eventually live healthily, happily and stress-freely.

My goal is to share the techniques I have found that turned my life from stressful, overwhelming, and unhappy, to a life that I can honestly say that I am enjoying to the fullest. And that’s my wish for you! I wish you a long, healthy, and happy life!

Why Relaxation Techniques Are Important

When we are young, we are always taught to work hard and to do the best we can to achieve fame and wealth day after day.

This is what is expected from us: work, work, and more work until we finally are too old to work or enjoy all that we worked for.

As children and even young adults, we are seldom ever taught that having a balanced life and enjoying that life, is the most important thing we can do to take care of ourselves on a spiritual, physical, and mental level.

So, in the modern world we live in, we all need to learn to relax. We have to relax all of ourselves, which includes our bodies, minds, and environments. Doing this will eventually allow us to lead a relaxed life.

Do You Feel Stressed and Crave More Balance?

Do you ever get home and feel like you really just need to relax, but you’re not sure how?

Are you tired from life in general, and just need a break from it all?

Are you seeking natural pain relief techniques?

Do you have stress, anxiety, anger, or other mind-related problems?

Or do you want to improve the environment in which you live and work?

Are you seeking a health/happy lifestyle?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of these questions, then you need to keep reading because learn relaxation techniques is where you want to be!


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