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47 Meditation Experts Reveal the #1 Benefits of Meditation They Receive Personally!

When people think of meditation, they often think of the meditation they have seen on television. However, as meditation becomes more and more popular in the world, the benefits of meditation are becoming well-researched and many people are becoming more aware of the incredible benefits of meditation.

As a matter of fact, even beyond the scope of research, many individuals receive benefits from real experience that researches can’t clearly explain! It is my hope, that by learning the benefits others receive, we can each discover that one significant benefit, that we may find improves our different lifestyles.

In order to demonstrate the awesome effects of meditation, we are going to share some of the amazing benefits of meditation, many from experts and meditation bloggers who have been practicing the art for many years!

I asked 47 meditation experts one simple question:

“What is the #1 benefit you, personally, receive after meditating?”

As a meditation amateur I am also eager to understand how meditation benefits them, so without further ado, let’s dive into these 47 amazing answers!

All responses are listed in alphabetical order:


Alexandra Rigazzi-Tarling

Voice Teacher and Sound Therapist, homepage twitter

“The number one benefit felt after meditation in my experience is clarity of thought, even for those who feel that their mind fills with a million things as soon as they start to relax!

When we quieten the body and sit/lie still for a short while, the mind throws everything at us as it finally has our attention.

Even though this feels like overload, and the opposite to relaxation, we are actually giving ourselves time to mentally and emotionally process everything we have experienced up until that point in our lives, both superficial and profound.

We cannot relax and find a state of calm if we don’t allow our million and one thoughts to process first. Just like a computer processor gets overloaded when we run too many programmes, likewise our mind and body does too!

Eventually, the more time we allow in our lives for this “processing” or meditation, the easier and more quickly it is to find a peaceful state of being, with clarity of thought and clear direction for our lives.

The use of Sound with meditation, sound baths, toning, chanting, is very helpful, as it distracts the left side of the brain, that likes to chatter like a monkey! It helps the body access a state of meditation more easily.”


Aaron Simon

Founder, homepage twitter

“People often talk about the clarity of mind that comes with meditation, but the #1 benefit I think I get is a clarity of experience itself – particularly with consistent meditation and immediately after practicing.

It’s the feeling of knowing what to do in the moment, and what the right thing to do is, without having to think about it at all.

You might also call this “seeing deeply” or “seeing things the way they really are” without the labelling and commentary of the thinking mind.

In this state you feel a connectedness with everything around you and with something inside yourself that is only accessible when the thoughts are no longer in the way.”



Founder, homepage twitter

“Absolute balance , clarity and deep tranquility is my state of mind exactly after my meditation session.

The combination of these three makes it impossible to stress about daily worries and problems. It makes me see/understand the true nature of things and obtain a positive attitude about anything.

Of course that is the moment when you find the solution to problems that in another phase of your life would seem unsolvable.

I also feel rebooted with energy. The combination of all these qualities leads to creativity and endless possibilities in whatever I do.”


Attia Orosz

Founder and Author, homepage twitter

“ The number one benefit for me personally, after each meditation session is the heightened state of focus I can reach, regardless if that was the intention of the meditation session itself.

I do of course meditate for different purposes, sometimes it’s inner calm, other times mental refreshment, but in the end I always find myself in a highly focused state of mind.

Keeping this focus even after I have finished the meditation session is rather useful in working “distraction free”, be it writing, application development, or doing research, and in any other activity, be it QiGong, martial arts, or even just cooking.

This has of course affected the way I meditate. Normally, my goal during meditation is to reach this state of “flow”, but the purpose of meditation will extend beyond sitting: When I “finish” meditation, I would usually finish doing the sitting part, but trying to keep the meditative state for as long as possible during the day.

If we count the preparation for each session, and the intention of achieving and keeping this state, I can say, each session starts well before sitting down, and finishes a long time afterwards. In short, the greatest benefit of meditation to me personally is being able to stay focused on whatever I do, whenever I do it. ”


Ashley Yannello

Founder, homepage twitter

“There are a myriad of benefits that meditation has brought to me.

Meditating has enhanced and strengthened my ability to truly be mindful and connect to my body on a much higher and deeper level.

The other thing that is quite uncanny is the fact that meditating has made me feel even more energized (and I’m very energized) and my trust in my gut has gotten even quicker to hear and go with the first reaction.

I just trust my body, my heart. It knows if you let it lead.

The thing that I think a lot of people misunderstand is that it does have to be a certain time limit or in a certain spot.

Some of my best “meditations” are when I’m rushing around. It is not about the length or the where – it’s deciding to give it a try and continue to practice “


Andre Halaw

Zen teacher, homepage twitter

“ The best benefit that I find from meditating is increased awareness.

While we might become calmer or more patient as a result of meditation, for me the real value rests in how sharper our attention becomes.

As the chatter in our minds subsides, we naturally pay more attention to what’s actually in front of us. Then we can see and listen and feel without the commotion of our thoughts and emotions distracting us.

From there, we can be of much more service to those around us. When we listen to people without imposing our will on them, we can be much more open and helpful to them. ”


Artie Wu

Founder, Preside Life


“When I meditate now it is a soaking, deep surrender to the “ocean of bliss” described in hindu literature. very quick, very normal, and i do this to help me “reset my compass” on a daily basis. my heart opens, and everything else flows from that.”



Founder, homepage twitter

“I came to meditation as a means of escaping serious problems with addiction. Meditation offers the possibility of getting “”out of my mind”” without chemical assistance.

I challenge anyone to live in my head sober, cultivating a quiet mind for me is absolute liberation and gives me the peace and contentment that I so desperately craved. ”


Ben Turshen

Vedic Meditation Teacher, homepage twitter

“Vedic Meditation allowed me to finally sleep.

I had been an insomniac my whole life. Even as a young boy I had trouble sleeping. In college, I began to self-medicate with alcohol, NyQuil or Benadryl.

In law school, my sleep got even worse and I went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with anxiety-induced insomnia. I was prescribed Ambien (in addition to a number of other prescription medications I was taking for anxiety, depression and ADD).

Through law school and during the beginning of my legal career, every single night I would either need to drink to fall asleep or take an Ambien (I was smart enough to never mix the two).

Some nights, my anxiety was so intense that I would stay awake on Ambien and hallucinate, which was terrifying.

Eventually I would fall asleep, but the quality of my sleep was awful and every morning I would wake up groggy and exhausted with a hangover from either the alcohol or the Ambien. It would sometimes take me a hour to get out of bed.

Within three days of learning Vedic Meditation, I feel asleep without drinking or taking a pill for the first time in years and slept through the night. I remember waking up the next morning without a hangover, actually feeling rested and clear.

It was that moment that I knew that Vedic Meditation would help change my life for good.”


Bill Scheinman

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, homepage twitter

“ For me, the most noticeable benefit of a meditation session is the sense of mental and emotional space that seems to infuse my being.

This is the space in which I can experience myself fully but without berating myself.

It is the space in which my thoughts, emotions, and judgments can be known and acknowledged but without my feeling the urge to act on them. In this space I am able to pause and respond to situations rather than react unconsciously according to habit.

This is the space of awareness. And awareness is not the content of what it knows.

After more than 20 years of daily mindfulness practice I can honestly say that this regular connection to the space of awareness has changed my brain, my heart, and my life. ”


Charles Francis

Co-Founder and Director, homepage twitter

“There are many documented benefits of meditation, but probably the most prominent is peace of mind. Most of our unwholesome emotions are triggered by our thoughts.

When our mind is racing, our thoughts repeatedly touch unhappy memories, which are the sources of our suffering.

When we meditate, we allow our racing thoughts to settle down, which diminishes the stimulation of our emotions, and so we remain peaceful.

Furthermore, as our mind settles down, we can see the world and ourselves with much greater clarity. This, in turn, will help us transform the views that trigger our painful emotions.”


Christina Sarich

India-trained Yogi and Freelance Writer, homepage twitter

” The absolutely best benefit I get from meditating is being able to discern exactly where in my life I’ve forgotten that I’m the actor, the director, the stage manager, the lighting director, the make-up artist, the wig master – you name it – of the whole darned show.

On some level I’m orchestrating it ALL. I forget though.

Meditation has a way of urging me, sometimes gently, and sometimes with an incredibly profound but loving force, to see where I’m still ‘playing’ like someone else, or something else is causing me to feel a certain way.

When I just sit and breathe, the whole silly spectacle of my ego doing its thing becomes much more tolerable, and then I have the chance to make more informed decisions from a higher level of consciousness. It keeps me accountable, so I can keep growing. “


Christine Grzona

Bush Flower Essence Practitioner, homepage twitter

“ The number 1 benefit I personally receive after meditating is that all the thoughts that were racing through my head beforehand, gradually quieten down throughout the duration of the meditation, and I come out with a clean slate so to speak.

After each meditation I feel more in tune with the present moment, my mind chatter has ceased, and I feel lighter.

As someone who has a fairly active mind, meditation helps me keep things in perspective and nips any brewing issues in the bud. ”


Duccio Manfredi

Creator, homepage twitter

“ I practice meditation every single day in the morning when I come back from walking my dog and also after I have finished my working day.

The meditation I do in the morning is different from the meditation I do in the late afternoon or evening basically because the purpose of my meditation is different.

I have to say that the morning session for me is fundamental and there is no way on earth I allow myself to miss the morning meditation.

What is the #1 benefit I receive after meditating? The morning meditation helps me to set my day in a really good way. After I finish meditating I feel fully awake, strong physically and mentally and ready to live my day in full and deal with any situations.

The #1 benefit I receive after I have finished my afternoon meditation, as I mentioned before, is different. In this case, I use meditation to relax, calm down if I had a busy day and to switch off my mind from my working world. ”


Deniz Yalım

Founder, homepage twitter

“ After starting my morning meditation routine, I can filter out the internal and external noise and negative self-talk.

Of course this has created a domino effect in my life. One aspect of my life has changed somewhat dramatically since turning on my mental “spam” filter, and it surprised me.

In being present with my thoughts and my emotions, I’m beginning to naturally be present with my activities. I’ve been less busy and more productive.

I’ve become more comfortable coping with daily life stress and problems. I’m still an anxious person, and I still get caught in stress, worries, and anxious thoughts from time to time.

Yet on the whole, I am often able to tune out the anxiety, be more objective and, ultimately, worry less about the little stuff. ”


Erin Pavlina

Intuitive Counselor, homepage twitter

“I meditate two different ways depending on what I’m trying to achieve.

In one meditation I like to take myself to my garden and sit and talk with my spirit guides and higher self, who give me insight and wisdom to help me with my life.

The other meditation I like to do involves staying very present in my body and spinning and clearing my chakras to recharge myself and clear out any negative energy.

So my biggest benefits are communion with my helpers on the other side, and recharging my energy.”


Erin Doppelt

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, homepage twitter

” Meditation aids me in showing up for my highest self to better serve the world “


Frank M. Wanderer

Founder, homepage facebook

“For me the Meditation is a subtle, barely perceptible stream, in which I will experience a radical shift of the center of gravity.

The manifestation, limited in time and space, thick and heavy, that I have formerly regarded as yourself, changes into a weightless but ubiquitous point without limits and dimensions.

The massive creature, bound to the earth that used to be you, is now free from its bonds and begins to soar. That is what happens when you occupy the timeless time and space-less space of the Contemplating Presence, which is eternally in the Here and Now.

The number one benefit of the Meditation: this is the power that nourishes that small flame of Alertness in you, fanning it up into a large, blazing bonfire.

The rising fire of Alertness activates the ability to See. This capability of Sight, which I also refer to as the Power of Sight, will lead you beyond the Mind, it will lead you out of the small confines of your prison cell, created by your identification with thoughts and emotions.

It will lead you out to the open spaces of Consciousness. The capability of Sight does not mean the extension of the physical abilities of your eyes.

It means that you will be empowered with the ability to intuitively understand and see things, you will acquire real intelligence.

The greatest benefit of meditation to me personally is discover my true Self ”


Giovanni Dienstmann

Creator and Writer, homepage twitter

“One of the most unique benefits of this practice is that meditation allows me to access an inner state of complete peace, freedom, and wellbeing.

This includes “feeling happy for no reason”, which is a sense of contentment and gladness that doesn’t depend on anything external. A true emotional freedom and independence! I like to call it “existential happiness”.

As a result of carrying this state into my daily activities, I’m more at ease with whatever life brings, and not sucked into any dramas.

There is a feeling of fearlessness and being carefree, since meditation gives me the confidence that I can accept anything the present moment brings, roll with it, and make something constructive out of it.”


Heather Wallace

Meditation and Yoga Teacher, homepage twitter

“The main benefit I receive after meditating is a feeling of being centered.

By taking the time to be still, to feel my breath, and to sit quietly, I can unplug from the monkey mind and the fast pace of life around me and reconnect with my center, my inner being.

This allows me to witness the chaos of life without being sucked into it. From this space I can work with the struggles, challenges, and fast past of life from a strong and centered state of mind.

Meditating, and the space of centeredness I receive from the practice, is what keeps me anchored to the present moment and allows me to address each moment with mindfulness.”


Jackie Trottmann

Founder, homepage facebook

“ The number one benefit after meditation (and during I might add) is acquiring a greater sense of peace.

This peace is a result of quieting the mind and letting go of cluttered thoughts of overwhelm, anxiety, and worry, to reboot our brains.

That includes, for me, being still to leave my cares behind to experience God’s peaceful loving presence.

This peace spills into all areas of life in being more loving, compassionate, kind, and responding to life instead of constantly reacting. A mind at peace is a mind that is calm, clear, and creative. ”



Founder, homepage twitter

“ With permission, I’m going to tweak the question a bit to ask “What is the #1 benefit your get from a consistent meditation practice?”

The #1 benefit you get from a consistent meditation practice is being more aware of your compulsive mind and the non-stop activity (thoughts, emotions, feelings, urges, etc.) it produces.

That’s my simple answer, but it might lead to the follow up question: What does being more aware of your compulsive mind do for you?

Most of us go through our day (and our life) lost in thought, and following our mind wherever it leads us.

This lack of awareness leads to conditioned behavior, and habitual actions and reactions. Which, in turn, creates most of the challenges we face in life: stress, anxiety, depression, a short-temper, low self-confidence, endless worry, productivity issues, and on and on.

When you cultivate awareness through a consistent meditation practice, however, you begin to watch everything that arises.

You start to understand its temporary nature – what arises will also pass. And, you learn to stop attaching to mind-made activity: you quit trying to cling to what you label “good,” and push away what you label “bad.”

These insights that come from awareness – impermanence, the futility of control – help train your attention, and allow you to shorten the amount of time you spend caught up in thought and dragged around by your mind.

This allows you to reverse conditioned behavior, and break out of habitual actions and reactions. Which, in turn, eases the suffering we experience in life. ”


Juan Sanchez

Founder, homepage twitter

“My mind has become more peaceful, and even if restless, comes back to that peaceful state much more quickly.”

People and situations that would make me feel disturbed or uncomfortable do not have that effect any more, allowing me to feel comfortable with them as well.

I have gained more insight into my mind and how it works, leading to me also understanding other people and their minds better.

This has made it more easy to deal with people, and has improved my relationships with others.” Another great benefit he mentions is that, “the quality of my sleep has improved, allowing me to be more rested.

Throughout the day my mind is more in the present moment, there is more awareness and alertness, allowing to be more effective and efficient in whatever work I do.”

Reflection on the benefits of meditation affecting my concentration. My concentration has increased greatly, as well as my memory power and intuition.”


Julie Jarvis

Founder, homepage twitter

“Meditation helps me return to myself and feel more connected. It is a preparation for being more mindful and meaningfully engaged in life.”


Jess Cook

Meditation Teacher, homepage twitter

“An inner sense of calm and peace. A knowingness, trust, instinct.”


Jim Malloy

Meditation Teacher and Creator, homepage twitter

“ When I come out of my meditation, the main thing I notice is how my brain has received an extra shot of energy, and how this energy has not only cleared my mind, but has enlivened my whole being.

And in the long run, the most significant thing I’ve discovered is how my daily meditation practice keeps my spiritual awakening process moving forward ”



Founder, homepage twitter

“ While many people attempt meditation for one specific benefit like focus, or stress-relief, I find these are just the wonderful side-effects of a dedicated meditation practice.

The real goal of meditation for me at this stage in my life is continuous self-improvement and realization – spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The greatest benefit I obtain after meditation is the understanding that I am still on that course for personal-evolution.

It’s a feeling of fulfilling a cosmic purpose and very motivating to make things happen on this plane of existence! ”


Kevin Schoeninger

Meditation Teacher and Personal Trainer, The Power of Practice


“For me, meditation is a reliable way to shift into a state of open, clear, spacious awareness.

With this as a background, I can recognize limiting thoughts, feelings, and tensions–and let them go–so I can choose a present, positive, spiritual focus.

After meditation, I feel relaxed, energized, focused, and free.”


Kenny Lee

Founder, homepage twitter

“ I started learning meditation when I was 17, I meditate frequently for 4 years before stopping the practice for a while.

It’s hard to notice the progress or benefits I’ve gained while I’m meditating because it’s taking one step at a time. But let me tell you what I’ve lost when I stopped the practice.

Concentration, willpower, and emotional control deteriorate a few weeks after I stopped the practice. It was then I realized I’ve gained so much from mindfulness meditation. ”


Luke Jones

Founder, homepage twitter

“For me, meditation helps to slow things down a little. We live in a world where everything and everyone one seems to be going at a million miles an hour, always trying to get more things done in less time. Always moving forwards.

I’m someone who has a tendency to be quite busy-minded, so I find that if I’m not careful, I can get sucked into the race quite easily.

Before you know it, it’s the end of the week and you’re completely exhausted and stressed out. You’ve taken no time to just be still and observe what’s going on, both inside and out.

Moving forwards is great, but I find it needs to be accompanied with periods of stillness and reflection. So I do my best to take ten to twenty minutes each morning to do just that, sometimes guided, sometimes on my own.

The result? I’m definitely no Shaolin monk; let’s get that clear…

But after meditating I do feel noticeably calmer, less anxious, and more content with what I already have. I have a little more time and space to be proactive, instead of just reacting to the thoughts in my head or the situations that pop up in life.

All in all, life is a little slower, and there just seems to be more time in the day.”


Linda Hall

Meditation Teacher and Audio Author, homepage twitter

“For me, meditation is a way of coming back to myself – a homecoming that brings my mind, body, feelings and sense of self back into alignment.

At the same time, it enhances my connection to the physical world and greater cosmos, which allows me to feel part of a much larger whole.

My practice includes using my breath to replenish my chakras; this enables me to check-in with what is going on for me as well as rebalance myself on every level. I’m very sensitive, so grounding is the most important benefit I gain from meditating on a day-to-day basis.”


Leslie Strickler

Co-Founder, homepage twitter

“ The # 1 benefit of the practice of meditation is the improvement of my ability to stop my brain and clear my thoughts so I am able to move forward with confidence and clarity. ”


Melissa Eisler

Yoga, Meditation Teacher and Author, homepage twitter

“This is a hard one, because there are so many benefits that meditation has brought me over the years. But I think I’ll say that patience is the greatest gift meditation has brought me.

I’ve never had a short fuse, but I’ve always moved too fast in life.

Meditation has taught me to have patience with myself, patience with others, patience to finish a task before I start another one (I have tendencies to multi-task, which is counter-productive,) patience to listen more fully, patience to go easier on myself (it’s in my nature to be extremely hard on myself), and patience with my actual meditation practice.

Patience is a virtue so valuable in all steps and experiences in life, and I’m grateful that meditation has helped me find more of it.”


Mandy Trapp

Founder and Lead Educator, homepage twitter

“Based on my personal experience with meditation, as well as what I most commonly witness in my students, the number one benefit of meditating is a shift in perspective.

All of the great spiritual leaders will tell you that there are only two places that one can operate from: one is love and the other is fear.

When we are in fear, we can easily become frustrated, anxious or complacent. However, when perspective shifts to love, immediate access to creativity, faith and detachment arise.

This shift is possible no matter what style of meditation is practiced, as long as the intention is clear and the practitioner committed”


Nikki Jankelowitz

Marketing Guru and Co-Founder, homepage twitter

“The number 1 benefit I get from meditation is stress relief.

During meditation, a particular physiological response is triggered in the body known as the relaxation response, a term coined by Dr. Herbert Benson.

The relaxation response is the process of de-escalating our stress mode and inducing deep relaxation through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Since stress is the cause of so many ailments and diseases such as cancer, coronary heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Infectious diseases, Hypertension, back pain and more, and our stress response is unnecessarily triggered countless times throughout the day, it’s become absolutely vital to practice some form of reliable stress relief every day.

Meditation is an easy and powerful way of achieving this.”


Ntathu Allen

Yoga, Meditation Teacher and Founder, homepage twitter

“Meditation saved me. Helped me become stronger, more loving towards myself, and kinder to others, after years of self-neglect, inner doubt and distraction…

…as soon as I picked up the receiver and the voice at the other end commanded. “May I speak with Mrs Allen?” I knew straight away that it was the end. The confirmation I had been avoiding.

And as I whispered down the line to the distant voice “ Yes, that’s me. Just tell me. Is he alive. Is my brother alive?” The voice at the other end, cracked, perhaps it wasn’t expecting the event to unravel the way it did.

Being a police officer, I am sure, with hind-sight, the voice was trained to follow protocol and my immeditate respone, given the newness of the news he held in his hand, wasnt what he expected.

Who knows… All I know, the voice was silent. I urged the voice to the finishing line. Repeated my sentence. “Just tell me. Is my brother alive?”

What happened next is a blur. What happened over the next few months, remained an unfocused image as I tried to make sense of the void and emptyiness my brother’s passing left in my heart.

I was officially broken. An unofficial mess masquerading under the banner of “Super mum, the mother of 3 year old twins and their elder 5 year old sister. Wife. Daughter. Employee.” I was broken. And didnt know where to go, or how to be fixed.That was then.

Meditation saved me, helped me reagin my sense of purpose, inner joy and appreciation of life.

Now, I am able to stand with others, going through their pain, loss, stress and grief and help you reagin your sense of purpose, inner joy and appreciation of life.”


Paige Burkes

Founder, homepage twitter

” The best benefit I get after meditating is the sense of peace I have throughout my mind and body. By coming back to my breath and the present moment, I remind myself that everything is just fine.

Regardless of how stressed I was before meditating, I always feel better afterward because I have reminded myself that all the future outcomes I was worried about are highly unlikely.

Everything is awesome right now. When my mind relaxes, my body follows. This also gives me an opportunity to think and feel about the endless list of things I’m grateful for in my life. “


Patrik Edblad

Mental Trainer, Personal Coach and Writer , homepage twitter

“This is a hard question because I receive so many benefits from the practice.

After meditating, I tend to feel less stress and anxiety while at the same time experiencing a greater feeling of gratitude and contentment.

On top of that, I also tend to feel more focused and creative. But if I had to pick just one of the benefits I get from meditation, it would be that it brings me back to the present moment.

Instead of worrying about the future or ruminating about the past, I get to experience the here and now. Total presence is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those around you.”


Sarah Steckler

Intuitive Self-Love Coach, homepage twitter

” After meditating I feel a sense of weightlessness and clarity, as if all the gunk from my mind has been removed.

Meditating allows me to be fully present and in those moments I am able to fully listen and respond to my body, listen to my breath, and nourish my soul.

Meditation allows me to put the world on pause and recenter myself, doing this allows me to be more productive, focused, and aligned with what I need for the rest of the day. “


Stephen Frost

Founder, homepage twitter

“ This would without a doubt be calm. Pure and simple calm.

It took a little time to meditate on this and distil the number one thing due to the wide variety of incredibly positive effects I have enjoyed over the many years I have been practicing.

I know that whatever has been going on in my life, which can be very busy with various things, family, business, etc, whatever my state of mind I know that if I even take just a few minutes I will come to a point of calm which brings amazing clarity and perspective to all things.

Prior to discovering meditation I had a huge number of things that were causing problems in my life, stress, sadness and depression being just some of the highlights.

All of those things creating spirals which would descend deeper and be a challenge to dig out of.

Once I started meditating I found, as many do, that the calmness brought from my practice would actually enable me to achieve the clarity that further enabled me to see past various issues, and to see them for what they truly were.

This in turn helped me to release a lot of things from my life, old emotions and thought patterns to name just a couple of things, though there were other more solid things too. ”


Simon Robinson

Founder, homepage twitter

“The one major benefit I receive above all else is to regain and maintain ownership of my own mind. Instead of emotions and feelings being the boss and telling me how to think.

After meditation I am now the boss again with emotions and feelings firmly in their proper place.

Captain of the ship with thoughts informed by my emotions not controlled by them. This may sound like a small thing but to truly be conscious of what I do and why I do it, not out of habit or emotional compulsion, is priceless.”


Sean Fargo

Founder, homepage twitter

“ Meditation showed me there is nothing to be afraid of. As a Buddhist monk, I suffered through the humiliation of seeing my brain ruthlessly co-opt my fears into trying to feel right, good enough, or comfortable.

Over time, I replaced most of the emotional reactivity with caring consideration for how life wanted to flow through me. Breath by breath, I try to open to this energy for the benefit of as many people (and beings) as possible. ”



Founder, homepage twitter

“ When I started, it was to calm down. I’m very competitive person who doesn’t like to lose.

At that moment, I was a dancer and gamer. I had almost one tournament per month, so as you can imagine, I was really stressed.

Young age didn’t help either. I was trying to find something that can help me fight with my anger after losing close games. That’s how I found it, or meditation found me.

Right now it’s more to open my mind to new things and opportunities.

Most people don’t want changes. We need to see them as good stuff that will improve our lives, not just complain about everything that is coming. People like to close in the environment they like and feel comfortable. Try to have a wider mind. You will see the difference. Like I did. ”


Susie Wolbe

Experienced Educator, homepage twitter

“ I found mindfulness when, during a four year period, I had lost both of my parents and, doing the same time period, had 2 of my children marry.

With so many life cycle events, both happy and sad, I truly lost my sense of self, and my coping skills just disappeared.

Mindfulness helped me find myself again. I was able to be less emotionally reactive(again), improve my quality of sleep, and pretty much stop all the negative thinking patterns that had been taking over my thoughts.

Mindfulness has been an extraordinary blessing for me; the relationships that had been damaged during my difficult years were repaired and I now continue to experience the benefits the practice every day.

I now spend my time teaching mindfulness to children, families, and teachers. It is a blessing for all. ”


Tim Brownson

Life Coach, homepage twitter

” I compare meditation to being a work out for the brain and the results are similar.

Like a physical workout I feel great immediately after I have finished and that positive effect ripples through my day.

I try to ensure I do at least 30 minutes every morning and I really notice when life events take over and I fail to do that.

Having said all that, I think the long-term effects are even greater, albeit more subtle, than the short-term benefits.

I am prone to getting stressed and anxious when things are going a bit pear shaped, but meditation helps me keep things in perspective and I wouldn’t be without it. “


Vern Lovic

Founder, homepage twitter

“The number one benefit I have as a result of meditating is an ability to stop the mind and ‘reset.’ It isn’t really that I’m stopping the mind, it’s that my mind’s natural state is to be devoid of thinking and emotion, and I just let it revert back to that.

In that resting or empty state, it’s like time doesn’t exist. There is no thought, no emotion, and there is an awareness of things coming through the senses, but they are not named, just experienced.

In any situation, at any time, I can just stop all thoughts and emotions by letting the mind go into this flat-lined status.Doing this for a few seconds or minutes resets the mind, and emotions – and brings them all back to a zero-state.

This is really helpful in situations where I might have sensed some negative emotion building that I didn’t need to have – the mind was just running away with it, and it was growing.

When the mind stops – and just watches without judging, without reaction, without anything but just the pure sense information coming in – the body physically calms as well. The rapid breathing slows. The antsy feeling… or whatever feeling was prevalent, subsides.

After a bit, I let the mind go back to ‘normal’ human mode – and it starts up again. Thought returns, feeling might come back slowly.

The mind is starting from nothing, so as a result, I can be more sensitive, empathic, and responsive to others around me because I’m not controlled by negative emotion or thinking.

It’s like an instant ‘reset’!”

As you can see, these are some great revelations into the #benefitsofmeditation. The benefits of meditation are plentiful and boundless. I hope these real experiences, from experts in the field, give you motivation to start or continue meditating. It is very real when I say that there are many benefits of meditation, many of which will change your life, however, you can’t feel them until you start the journey of enlightenment and spiritual belonging for yourself.

I do hope you enjoyed all of the wonderful responses we received from our experts! If you found this compilation to be useful to you, please be sure to share it with your friends and family, who could also benefit.

P.S.If you already use meditation, what are the #1 benefits you receive from meditating? Comment below! I would love to know what meditation gives to your life when you calm your mind.

10 thoughts on “47 Meditation Experts Reveal the #1 Benefits of Meditation They Receive Personally!”

  1. Hi Allen. What a wonderful post with real life benefits to all these practices we do. Really interesting reading everyone else’s views that gives me food for thought.

    Many thanks for including me in such a great line up of experts.
    Simon Robinson

    • Hey Christina ,I agree, the answers are really great (including yours!). Thanks so much for participating, commenting and sharing 🙂

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