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5 Best Head Massager For Headaches In 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Getting a head massage is perhaps one of the most effective ways to reduce headaches but going to spas is very costly. There are many portable hair massagers that you can use at home, at the office, and virtually anywhere. These head massagers can be manually used or recharged for convenient cordless power.

With may options, we’re sure that you’re having a hard time choosing the best head massager for headaches. In this article, we’ll recommend five of the best head massagers out there and offer a simple guide if you want to look for other brands yourself.

Quick Answer:

1. LATME Electric Scalp Massager

With 28 powerful 3D kneading modes, LATME is the best scalp massager for hair growth, relaxation, stress, and pain relief. It’s waterproof so you can get a massage while bathing. We love LATME because it feels like having a massage with a physical therapist thanks to its 4-mode tension feature.

2. Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager

Ikeepi is an electric scalp massager built with two vibration modes to help relieve the tension and fatigue in your head. It’s rechargeable to offer 1.5 hours of cordless power. We love the elasticity of the massage arms because they fit nicely in your head and you can wear it hands-free while working.

3. LiBa Scalp Massager Tool

LiBa is perhaps the best manual scalp massager out there. It doesn’t tangle and pull your hair. It gently scratches or massages your head to reduce headaches and produce a happy feeling each time you use it.

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Head Massager Buying Guide

Finding the best head massager for headaches is surely difficult. Here’s some basic information about this product and some important features that you need to look for.

What is a Head Massager?

A head massager is a portable massage tool you can use to work on your scalp or head muscles. It’s a great alternative to getting a costly massage from a professional massage therapist. It’s often built with massage nodes target acupoints and relieve headaches.

Head massagers are available in two basic types: electric and manual. 

Electric massagers are either built with rechargeable lithium batteries or come with a power cord. They may come in different forms, like a handheld-device or a helmet. They’re more versatile as they offer multiple massage functions such as air pressure, vibration, and heat.

Manual massagers don’t need batteries or electricity to work. They rely on your sheer force to work. Although they don’t tangle your hair, they lack the vibration feature that electric massagers offer.

What Features To Look For

Massage Modes

Massage modes usually determine the versatility of a head massager; the more massage functions, the better. A good head massager for headaches should have vibrations and deep kneading Shiatsu massage techniques improve blood circulation to reduce headaches.

Heat therapy is also very useful for relieving headaches. Mostly, helmet designs have heat therapy to relax your head muscles and remove tension headaches.

Massage Direction And Speeds

For a better massage experience, look for multiple speeds and massage directions. Some of the best head massagers offer at least two speed settings in two massage directions: low and high speed clockwise, low and high speed counterclockwise.


Head massagers are usually available in two designs: helmet and hand-held. Helmet design covers your entire head and sometimes may also include your eyes. You don’t need to use your hand to operate this design. Simply wear it like a helmet and choose a massage mode that you want to enjoy.

If you want a more lightweight design, a better option is the hand-held design. Most hand-held models are compact and portable. They have ergonomic designs to fit nicely in your hand for great ease of use.

5 Best Head Massagers Review

1. LATME Electric Scalp Massager

This LATME electric scalp massager features 28 strong 3D kneading shiatsu massage nodes to help relieve stress and pain on your head and body. The 28 individual nodes fit just right on your scalp to give you a deep and full massage. It helps improve blood circulation to your scalp, thereby relieving headaches, releasing stress, and enhancing hair growth.

This electric scalp massager is IPX7 waterproof, you can use it on your scalp to massage and clean while bathing. This waterproof scalp massager works in four modes to give you various intensities and directions: counterclockwise low/high speed and clockwise low/high speed.

It’s easy to use with its one-touch button and rechargeable battery capacity of 2-hour cordless power.

Best For:

The LATME Electric Scalp Massager is perfect for people who want to feel an actual head massage. It features four modes to simulate the hands of a physical therapist kneading your scalp to relieve headaches.

2. Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager

The ikeepi electric scalp massager provides comfortable relaxation to minimize stress, improve blood circulation, and minimize insomnia. It features two vibration modes, intermittent and continuous, to softly massage your head. Use the red power button to switch between two vibration modes.

This particular scalp massager is designed with 12 PET 3D massage arms. These massage arms are highly elastic and durable to provide you with a more realistic head massage feel. You can wear it hands-free so you can do other things while getting a massage.

The ikeepi scalp massager is very safe because it’s built with an auto-off function which turns off the unit every 10 minutes. You can recharge it with any USB-supported device, like a power bank or adapter. For every three hours of charging, you’ll get 1.5 hours of cordless use.

Best For:

The ikeepi electric massager is good for busy people who want a hands-free scalp massager at hand. This unit can be used hands-free so you can massage your head while working.

3. LiBa Scalp Massager Tool

LiBa is a manual massager tool that gently scratches your head to help you release stress and feel the headache going away. Unlike other scalp massagers that pull and tangle the hair, LiBa won’t. This manual massager tool has rubber beads over every spindle that slides over your scalp, generating a more joyful feeling.

This massager tool is very lightweight, it weighs around 1.4 ounces. It doesn’t need batteries. To use, simply operate it by hand. LiBa offers two scalp massagers in each pack to help you feel relaxed, calm, and happy. This product is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

Best For:

The LiBa Scalp Massager Tool is a great gift for family and friends. Every pack comes with two scalp massagers. You can keep one scalp massager and give the other one to your friend or relative.

4. Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager

The iDream5 combines multiple massage functions into one innovative head massager. It includes 42°C infrared heat compression for the eye area and back of the head. Feel human-fingers kneading your head, ocular, and temple area with its air pressure.

This electric massager is designed with five massage heads and 72 kneading nodes to improve blood circulation and release stress, plus soothing relaxation music. With its app control, you can link your massager with your mobile device via Bluetooth and use the Breo app to control intensity and massage contacts. The iDream5 is built with a rechargeable lithium battery that offers 15 minutes of massage every day in a week.

Best For:

The iDream5 is best for human finger-like kneading head massage and eye massage. This device includes air pressure to target the acupoints in your head. Heat compression relieves dry eyes and dark circles.

5. Breo Portable Mini Scalp Massager

This mini scalp massager from Breo is ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hand. It’s eco-friendly because it uses a bamboo-trimmed charging base and the four massage heads are made of silica gel. The massage heads are detachable for easy cleaning and each head has 24 scratches to give a more pressurized and balanced massage experience.

The 96 massage tips simulate the classic massage techniques of kneading, longitudinal gliding, and oscillating pressure. They replicate human fingers to quickly minimize headaches. The mini scalp massager is waterproof with an IPX7 rating; you can use it in and out of the shower.

Best For:

The Breo mini scalp massager is best for the environment. The charging base is made of bamboo while the massage tips are made of eco-friendly silicone.


Q: Can a head massage help with headaches?

Yes, a massage can help ease the pressure caused by migraine or headaches associated with tension. Massage can help reduce the pain and discomfort caused by tension headaches or migraine by targeting the head and the neck.

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Q: What are the benefits of a scalp massager?

  • Reduces headaches
  • Helps release stress and anxiety
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Improves hair quality
  • Stimulates blood circulation

Q: Why do head massagers feel so good?

Scalp massagers can reduce stress and uplift your mood. Stress keeps your body from working properly. Head massages increase the levels of serotonin, a chemical that improves your mood and makes you feel happy.

Q: How do I properly use a head massager?

First, make yourself comfortable and get your head massager. Some head massagers are waterproof, so you can use it in the shower. If not, then use it under dry conditions.

Start at the lowest speed and increase the speed as you want. Move the device across your scalp, beginning from the front and moving to the back.

Q: Are head massagers good for the hair?

Yes, head massagers can result in better-looking hair. A head scalp massage helps better spread natural oil across your hair, preventing dandruff and split ends. Since more nutrients will be delivered to the hair follicles, your hair will look thicker.


The best massager for headaches is the LATME Electric Scalp Massager because it features 28 3D kneading shiatsu massage nodes to relieve pain. It also offers four massage modes so you can enjoy different massage intensities and directions. Best of all it’s portable, rechargeable, and waterproof.

If you’re tired of using your hand to support a massager while it works, the ikeepi electric scalp massager is a good alternative. This unit can be used hands-free because the massage arms fit nicely on your head like a hat. It features two vibration modes to relieve pain and an auto-off function for safety.

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