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5 Best Heart Chakra Singing Bowls(2021 Buying Guide)

Human body consists of 7 different chakras. Coming out from the spinal cord all the seven chakras are connected to various organs in the body. The 4th one namely Heart Chakra is believed to bond them deeply with one another.

Located in the center of the chest as you can imagine, Heart Chakra is the origin of self-love, compassion, kindness, and respect. It helps us to recognize ourselves as just a tiny drop of water in the entire ocean.

Heart is the center of love and love has been treated as the symbol of healing since the ancient times. It means being connected to one’s self, one another, and to the entire universe.

If you can find the best heart chakra singing bowl, it help you to nourish your body by opening the blocked heart chakra.

Quick Answer:

Here is a sneak peak into our selected top 3 chakra bowls.

1. TOPFUND 10 inch Pink F Note Heart Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

Made from the highest quality hertz, the TopFund singing crystal bowl is perfect for those looking for an F tuned bowl with superb quality. It packs a singing bowl striker along with an O-ring and comes in various sizes so you can choose the one according to your need. You can also use it for meditation chakra, healing or yoga practice.

2. CVNC 12 Inch F Note Heart Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

The CVNC 12 Inch F note Heart Frosted Quartz crystal singing bowl is perfect for those looking for a beautiful resonating sound that Is soothing and relaxing. This singing bowl is widely used in yoga, meditation, prayer, pain relief and in many other occasions. The singing bowl comes with 1 high quality rubber O-ring and one mallet and can also be used for decoration purposes due to its fine finish.

3. 432Hz Perfect Pitch F Note Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

The singing chakra bowl by sound energy takes an important place amongst all the bowls due to its high-quality quartz material and superb healing qualities. The chakra bowl comes with a mallet and an O-ring and is known particularly for healing the heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for generosity; kindness, respect, love and this bowl will work on that exactly.

Editor’s Pick: Best Heart Chakra Singing Bowls

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Heart Chakra Singing Bowl Buying Guide

In order to benefit from the healing powers of Heart Chakra, it is important that you buy a heart chakra bowl that fully resonates with your body. It makes all the difference when you connect with the right product.

Let’s shed some light on what a heart chakra bowl is capable of doing for your body, soul, and mind.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Chakra bowls have been known to reduce stress and anxiety from the study, as they aim to assist you in focusing on the positive side of the things rather than the negative ones. 

The vibrations produced by a chakra bowl can resonate with your body balancing the body’s energy system, harmonize with the cells and consequently reduce your anxiety.

Restores Chakra

A human is normally born with a total of seven chakra systems. These chakra systems naturally get out of order as we turn into adults facing difficulties and go through hard phases in life. 

Naturally, heart chakra may be blocked. The question that may come into one’s mind is how to open heart chakra? The crystal heart singing bowls are known to tune in with your center of love and open them up in time.

Helps body In Defense against Diseases

For a sick body it can be easily said that its vibrations and frequencies are out of tune. The rich melodious sound of a heart chakra bowl can have a huge healing effect on the tuned-out vibrations of the body. 

Stress hormones can help suppress your immune system and make you sick as a side effect. These bowls channel positive energy into your system releasing all the negative energy therefore strengthening the immune system.

Brain and heart Activity

There are four major brain waves known as alpha, beta, delta and theta which operate at various frequencies and number of cycles. 

As these frequencies move out of resonance our brains can become dull and less ineffective over time. 

The sweet soothing sounds of the heart chakra bowls can induce a rhythmic effect on the heart and the brain as well making these waves resonate with each other. 

The question of how to heal heart chakra can also be solved by using the harmonious sound of chakra bowls.

Meditation and Prayer enhancement

Meditation and prayers are both based on focus and concentration, the chakra bowls aim to assist the mind in focusing during the rituals and enhance the meditation effects with ease. Buddhist monks have been using heart chakra bowls during their prayers and meditation for ages to access the center of love.

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How to Choose The Best Heart Chakra Singing Bowl: Key Points to Note

Frequency and Pitch Tuning

Having a singing bowl with a perfect sound that resonates with your body is more important than anything as it will make all the difference when you strike it. Each and every human is different from one another in each term, so finding the singing bowl with the right frequency that is in harmony with your body and soul is extremely important.


Heart chakra singing bowls come in various sizes, the bigger bowls will be heavier to hold in hand and therefore less mobile. There will also be a noted difference in the loudness of sound as the bigger bowls will be able to produce larger sound than smaller ones. So, it’s up to you if you want larger sound with less mobility or smaller sound with more mobility.


Chakra bowls can be made of metal or crystals. The crystal bowls such as the ones made of quartz are better suited for healing purposes. Metal bowls are also used for stress relief and pain reduction and are better in terms of durability or handling due to their material.

Design and Decoration

Crystal singing bowls that are made of pure crystals are a perfect asset for home decoration. Their superb shining material sets along well with the background of your home giving it a luxurious decorative look.

5 Best Heart Chakra Bowls: Product Review

1. TOPFUND 10 inch Pink F Note Heart Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

The TOPFUND Pink F Note Crystal Singing Bowl Heart Chakra is made up of highest quality quartz crystal material and packs a cowhide crystal singing bowl suede striker along with an o- ring.

This crystal bowl is specially known for healing the heart chakra. What is the heart chakra? Well heart chakra is responsible for moving love and healing effects and occupies one of the most important places in all seven chakras.

The singing bowl by Top Fund will make sure to enhance you heart chakra and strengthen it with ease. Using this crystal bowl is fairly simple as you just take the mallet; strike it while rotating it clockwise producing melodious healing sound that strike deep in your core.

Best For:

It is highly recommended for those who want to feel the “wholeness” again in their lives.

2. CVNC 12 Inch F Note Heart Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Are you looking for a perfect chakra singing bowl that will work for the healing, meditation, sound therapy, yoga and room decorating? Well we have the solution for you as the CNVC Chakra frosted crystal singing bowl is here to cater for all your needs.

Made of 99.9 % pure quartz material the crystal bowl emits pure harmonious and melodious sounds that produce a calm and soothing effect on your mind. Widely used in yoga, meditation, prayers, pain relief the bowl comes with a mallet and an O-ring. It can also be used for decorating your home to your exquisite.

Best For:

It is highly recommended for yoga, meditation and prayers.

3. 432Hz Perfect Pitch F Note Heart Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

The singing bowl by sound energy offers more than what we bargained for. The bowl is made up of high-quality quartz crystal and comes with a mallet and an O-ring. Don’t worry more about shipping and delivery hassles as sound energy delivers this product in no time worldwide.

The 432-hertz frequency is perfect for opening the heart chakra. One may ask where is the heart chakra? Well the heart chakra is situated directly above your heart and slightly left to the center of your chest. This bowl will strengthen unify and integrate your heart chakra bringing wholeness, healing and love in your life.

Best For:

It is highly recommended for opening and strengthening heart chakra.

4. 440HZ 8 Inch Heart Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

440 Hz 8-inch F heart chakra quartz crystal bowl is the perfect solution for those looking to release and cure their heart chakra. Made from pure Donghai crystals the singing bowl comes with a base ring and a mallet.

The bowl offers a deep melodious sound when whipped and immediately restores energy by resonating with your heart chakra. So, if you are stuck with the question of how to open heart chakra then indeed the 440 Hz bowl by Donghai Quartz is the perfect solution for your needs.  Incase the bowl is broken during shipping the company offers full refund.

Best For:

It is is highly recommended for opening and strengthening heart chakra.

5. 8 Inch White Frosted Singing Bowls F Note Crystal Singing Bowl

The white frosted singing bowl by Ubter is made of pure 99.9 % natural quartz and comes with a rubber base ring and a suede stick tool. Before shipping each bowl is carefully inspected to ensure precision and superb quality.

Compared with a metal singing bowl these bowls emit more pure resonating sound to purify the mind, release pressure and helps one to meditate. Producing the rich sound of the bowl is easy, just gently run the included mallet around the bowl to make it sing.

Ubter offers full damage protection incase the product is damaged during shipping.

Best For:

It is highly recommended for people looking for an overall all in one chakra bowls.


Q: What is the difference between a metal bowl and a crystal one?

Crystal bowls are a much-updated version of metal bowls and are usually made up of quartz. Unlike metal bowls they can produce one sound at a time that maybe loud or piercing. So, if you are aiming to get a single tone then a crystal bowl would be a perfect choice for you.

Q: Which frequency should I choose before buying a bowl?

Every human is unique and therefore will respond differently to the set of frequencies emitted by a crystal bowl. So, to choose the best one is related to the choice of your personal preference.

Q: How does crystal bowl healing work?

The meditative sound of a crystal bowl resonates and creates harmony between the bowl and mind. They enhance bodywork, institution, meditation and body power once they are in sync with the body.

Q: What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a sound therapy where the participants participate in a sound therapy where the voices produced by humans and instruments like crystal bowls are used to heal mind and body.

Q: How do you play a crystal bowl?

You just have to gently strike the crystal bowl with a mallet or a suede striker. Apply an even pressure and slowly guide it outside the rim. An unpleasant noise would indicate that its not being played right. Practice is the way to perfection.


While choosing the best heart chakra singing bowl is not an easy task it is worth the hassle. While each and everyone of the bowls has its own specific qualities the one that stands out is CVNC crystal singing bowl.

This bowl is an all in one i.e. includes everything in one single bowl. The reason why it takes out the competition with ease is because It can not only be used for healing your chakra but can also be used for prayers meditation and other purposes.

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