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5 Best Non Toxic Yoga Mats for your Health(2021 Buying Guide)

If you’re anything like me, you might have asked yourself this question, “Are yoga mats toxic?” The answer is yes since most of them are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is considered to be the most toxic plastic on the planet. PVC contains phthalates which may cause serious health effects in every exposure.

For this reason, many yogis are turning to non toxic yoga mats because they’re good for you and the planet. These mats use sustainable materials that contain no harmful chemicals, such as BPA, phthalates, and latex. Here are some of the best non toxic yoga mat products out there.

Quick Answer:

1. Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

The Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat is what you’ll need if you want a mat that fends off sweat and bad odor. It’s biodegradable while still maintaining excellent durability to last for many uses. Its non-slip texture is very impressive because it keeps your mat secure on the floor even when it’s slippery.

2. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Manduko offers the thickest yoga mats out there. At 6mm thickness, the PRO Yoga mat offers a comfortable cushion to your body whenever you make a complex yoga position on the floor. It’s eco-friendly because PRO is produced in an emission-free facility with materials made from eco-certified PVC.

3. Repose Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

If you want something soft and lightweight, then the Repose yoga mat might be a good option. This eco-friendly yoga mat only weighs around 3lbs, you can easily transport it to any yoga fitness center. It’s non toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

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Non Toxic Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Looking for a non toxic yoga mat can be challenging. You need to consider a lot of things, such as materials, comfort, and eco-friendliness. To help you in your search for the best non toxic yoga mat out there, here are some things to look for.

Won’t Contain Harsh Chemicals

If we talk about non toxic yoga mats, it means that they’re devoid of any harsh chemicals that might cause negative effects to your health. Watch out for these toxic ingredients:

  • Latex
  • Phthalates
  • BPA
  • Heavy metals, like lead
  • PVC
  • Adhesives, like glue

To find the best non-toxic yoga mat, check the description of the yoga mat and find out whether they use natural materials or not. Non-toxic yoga mats are usually made of natural fibers, like jute, organic rubber, and cork.

No Unpleasant Chemical Smell

More often than not, the smell of the yoga mat can tell you how safe it is for your health and the environment. Avoid the yoga mat that produces a chemical smell because your nose will never betray you. Non toxic yoga mats emit no bad chemical smell and they usually repel bad odor. Eco-friendly yoga mats made of organic cork even emit a subtle earthy scent to calm your nerves.

Safe For The Environment

As we already mentioned above, non toxic yoga mats aren’t only good for you but also for the environment. Eco-friendly yoga mats are produced in emission-free facilities. They use sustainable materials that are responsibly sourced from trees. Instead of cutting down trees, they harvest them by stripping down the bark of trees.

Comfortable For Yoga Practice

While we want the yoga mat to be non toxic, we also want it to be comfortable for your regular yoga practice. It should be thick enough to cushion your joints, knees, and other points of contact on any floor. The surface should be non-slippery to offer greater stability when doing any yoga pose. If you want to travel with your non toxic yoga mat, look for a free carry strap or consider a yoga mat bag.

5 Best Non Toxic Yoga Mats Review

1. Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

The Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat is a non toxic mat that’s made of 100% biodegradable materials, organic jute and PER. The natural fibers fight off bad smells and sweat stains to keep your yoga mat smelling nice and clean. This organic yoga mat is free from toxic ingredients, such as latex, 6P phthalate, bisphenol A (BPA), and heavy metals.

The 5mm thickness of the mat offers sufficient cushion from the hard floor. It’s dense enough to support your body and keep it balanced to every yoga position. Say goodbye to achy knees and joints with this organic yoga mat.

One of the best features of Ajna is the free yoga strap which allows you to easily carry the yoga mat anywhere. Cleaning is easy with just a simple wash of water or mild disinfectant.

Best For:

The Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat is perfect for all yoga styles. For Bikram, simply add a towel. It’s also good for pilates, exercise, stretching, and meditation.

2. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is extra-thick with a density of 6mm. This is enough cushion to support your spine, knees, and other body areas that might get in contact on the hard floor. It has a nonslip bottom design to give a nice grip when doing different yoga poses on any hard or soft surfaces.

The closed-cell construction of the PRO makes this yoga mat resistant to sweat and bacteria. The PRO is eco-friendly because it uses eco-certified PVC and manufactured in an emission-free facility. It’s guaranteed to last for long years because the PRO yoga mat offers an impressive lifetime warranty. Choose from 10 colors including black, purple, and patina.

Best For:

The Manduka PRO is great for yogis who want a functional and stylish yoga mat. It offers a comfortable cushion and available in 10 attractive colors.

3. Repose Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

This Repose Eco-friendly Yoga Mat is made of naturally sourced cork and rubber. This eco-friendly yoga mat doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, such as PVC and glues. Instead, they use 100% natural rubber and cork gathered from stripping down the bark of trees.

The sustainable materials, cork and rubber, eradicate bacteria and germs while fighting off mildew and molds. The 4mm thickness of this mat is comfortable enough to do various yoga positions on the floor. The non-slip surface plus the natural-rubber bottom offer great stability during your yoga practice.

This eco-friendly yoga mat weighs around 3lbs making it very lightweight. Together with the free carry strap, this yoga mat is very easy to transport anywhere you go.

Best For:

The Repose Eco-friendly Yoga Mat is great for portability. It’s lightweight plus it comes with a free carry strap making it easy to transport any where. It’s suitable for all types of exercises.

4. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

This improved TOPLUS Yoga Mat is constructed from a patent-pending new eco-friendly material, called TPE. This eco-friendly material is free of BPA, lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. It measures about 72” x 24” with a thickness of 6mm. Choose from 10 beautiful colors and designs, including suede print, rainbow, and charming purple.

This particular yoga mat boasts an improved anti-skid design which offers excellent grip without compromising the comfort. It includes a carrying strap so you can carry it anywhere. To ensure its quality, TOPLUS offers a 1-year warranty.

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Best For:

The TOPLUS Yoga Mat is great for many types of yoga. Its improved anti-skid design offers great stability and grip without compromising comfort.

5. Basically Perfect Yoga Mat

Basically Perfect offers one of the highest quality yoga mats out there with its eco-friendly yoga mat made from organic cork and tree rubber. These all-natural materials don’t contain harmful chemicals, such as PVC, adhesives, and foam. The cork surface remains fresh and it generates a calming earthy scent for a better yoga experience.

This yoga mat is 72 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 5mm thick. The non-slip cork surface offers a more amazing grip with sweat and heat. Cleaning is so easy. Simply use soap and water to wipe away any dirt or try vinegar to remove any nasty smell.

Best For:

The Basically Perfect yoga mat is perfect for hot yoga because it gets a better grip with sweat and heat. You also don’t need an extra yoga towel when using this mat.​


Q: What chemicals are in yoga mats?

According to the study, a class of flame retardants known as organophosphate flame retardants (PFRs) found in polyurethane foam yoga mats may affect your fertility. Yoga mats made from PVC contain many harmful chemicals, such as phthalates and cadmium. Other chemicals that may exist in yoga mats are latex, heavy metals, and adhesives.

Q: Can PVC be safe?

No, PVC contains harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, cadmium, and lead which may endanger your health. This type of plastic is already dangerous to the environment and your health right from production. They release many nasty chemicals into the air during production.

Q: Can yoga mats cause cancer?

Yes, they can. Yoga mats made of PVC is a popular carcinogen. During the production process, plasticizers (e.g. lead, cadmium, phthlates, etc.) are added to soften the yoga mat. Phthalates are a known carcinogen that causes cancer.

Q: Can the smell of rubber dangerous to health?

Rubber yoga mats do smell when they’re new. Exposure to this rubber smell may be temporary. If you suffer a respiratory problem, like asthma, the strong rubber smell might trigger your condition. To avoid this health risk, air out your new rubber yoga mat for a few days until the rubbery smell disappears.

Q: Why buy a non toxic yoga mat?

Unlike regular mats that are made from PVC, a non toxic yoga mat is good for your health and the environment. They don’t release dioxins, a super-toxic chemical, and other carcinogens into the air during the production process.


The best non toxic yoga mat is the Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat because it’s made of sustainable materials that are free from harmful chemicals, such as BPA and heavy metals. This organic mat features a non slip backing to make it stay in place on the floor. It repels sweat stains and bad odor, keeping it smelling nice and clean for many uses.

If you want more color options, a good alternative is the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat. It’s available in 10 beautiful colors to fit your personal preference. Like all the other non toxic yoga mats in this list, the PRO is eco-friendly and sweat-resistant.

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