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5 Best Yoga Bolster to Support Your Yoga Poses(2021 Buying Guide)

Yin yoga, prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, and many other yoga positions become easier to do with the help of a yoga bolster. A good yoga bolster will give full support to your back, neck, and other parts of your body when doing many advanced yoga poses. It will protect your body from the discomfort of lying on a cold, hard floor.

Finding the right yoga bolster for your practice is likely hard if you don’t know what to look for. In this article, we have offered a list that will make your shopping for yoga bolsters much more convenient. Here’s our review for the best yoga bolster around.

Quick Answer:

1. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

The Hugger Mugger is a rectangular shaped bolster that’s firm, yet comfortable to use for yin yoga and various sitting positions. I love the handles on both ends because they allow you to conveniently carry the bolster anywhere. You can choose from six different colors, but my favorite is the black one because it won’t show dirt or discoloration.

2. YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster

If you want a longer bolster then the YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster might be great for you. This bolster is made of 100% cotton making it both firm and comfortable. It has a removable cover which makes it easy to wash and two handles for easy transportation.

3. Bean Products Yoga Bolster

Bean Products give you the power to choose the shape and material of the yoga bolster you want. Choose either round or rectangle for shape, and cotton canvas, organic cotton canvas, or vinyl for the material. Regardless of your choice, you’ll experience an extra firm professional grade yoga bolster that will suit your yoga style.

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Yoga Bolster Buying Guide

Yoga bolsters may look the same but they differ in terms of material, shape, and size. To make sure that you choose the best yoga bolster for your practice, here are some basic information about yoga bolsters and a simple guide that you can follow.

Benefits of a Yoga Bolster

One of the main functions of a yoga bolster is to support the body when doing advanced yoga positions. More specifically, it supports the head, back, and neck. It also relaxes and opens the shoulders, abdomen, and chest.

Other Benefits:

It Improves Body Posture

Using a bolster makes certain yoga positions seem easy. It reduces the risk of injuries when doing advanced yoga poses that involve the back, neck, and hips. As the bolster helps you keep the correct body posture, you can reap the optimum results of yoga.

It Enhances Comfort

Restorative yoga poses normally require you to lie, sit, and kneel on the floor. With the help of a bolster, you can do all advanced yoga positions with comfort. No more lying, sitting or kneeling on the cold floor.

It Opens the Chest

Using a bolster during your restorative yoga practice opens the chest, hence improving your breathing. It also helps stretch out your chest muscles and relieve the tension in your shoulders and back from sitting too long.

How to Choose a Yoga Bolster

Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect yoga bolster for your needs.

The Shape of Yoga Bolsters: Round Vs Rectangular

If you’re shopping for a new yoga bolster, the first thing that you might notice is the two different shapes that they offer. They’re available either in a rectangular or round shape. The shape you choose depends on your yoga practice.

Choose a rectangular yoga bolster if you practice restorative yoga. Its flat top and wide profile will give the stability that you’ll need in performing several restorative yoga poses. It also makes it easy for your body to fold deeper during forwarding bends.

The round yoga bolster is a better choice if you want to do the legs-up-the-wall pose or Viparita Karani. It’s more comfortable than having the edge of a rectangular bolster pressed in your back. It’s also perfect for Savasana as its narrow shape offers gentler support under the knees.

Size and Weight

Size and weight matter when it comes to comfort and support. Large and heavy bolsters offer firm support for those in need. They can cover a large surface area, making them a more perfect choice for home or studio use than for travel.

Small and lightweight bolsters are ideal for smaller yogis or kids. They provide amazing support under your neck, thighs, and knees. With their compact size, you can easily travel with them.


The bolster cover may be made of different materials, like vinyl or cotton. Vinyl is durable, and it only needs spot cleaning. Cotton is soft but some of them shrink after washing. If you want an environment-friendly material, choose organic cotton.

The filling can be made of different materials, from a cotton blend to kapok fiber. Regardless of your choice, ensure that the fillings are clean and don’t discharge a chemical smell. They may settle over time, so make sure that you refill the bolster to maintain its firmness

5 Best Yoga Bolster Reviews

1. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

The Hugger Mugger is a handmade bolster that offers a great balance of inner strength and stability. The flat top and bottom give you enough stability to effectively practice yoga at home or in the studio. It’s made of a cotton cover, a durable foam core, and a soft surface, making it an essential yogi prop.

This standard yoga bolster weighs around 5 lbs and measures 25” x 11” x 5”. It has handles on both ends, making it easy to carry around. There are six colors to choose from, black, aqua, dark blue, gray, plum, and red. I recommend selecting the dark colors because dirt and discoloration may not be noticeable.

Best For:

The Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster is great for yin yoga as it offers great support, thanks to its exceptional firmness. It’s also a good support pillow for pregnancy and various sitting positions.

2. YogaAccessories Supportive Yoga Bolster

This round supportive yoga bolsters from YogaAccessories offers great support for many yoga positions with its right firmness. The stuffing and the cover are made of cotton making the bolster soft enough to make you comfortable. There’s a handle on each end so you can easily carry the bolster anywhere you go.

The cover has a zipper, so if it gets dirty, you can remove it and wash it in cold water. You can also unzip the cover to remove or add some cotton batting inside to get your desired firmness. With 13 color options, you’ll surely find your favorite color or anything that will match your studio.

Best For:

The YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster is ideal for restorative poses and prenatal yoga. It’s quite comfortable and firm enough to give full support to your body. Remove or add cotton batting to achieve the desired firmness.

3. Bean Products Yoga Bolster

Bean Products offer you the opportunity to choose between rectangular and a round bolster. The rectangular bolster offers a modest lift under your hips and lower back for the legs-up-the-wall pose (Viparita Karani). The round bolster offers gentle support during forwarding bend poses.

The bolsters are composed of four layers: premium fabric cover, cotton muslin liner, natural cotton batting, and a foam core to offer a firm shape that lasts long. For the cover, you can select three options: cotton canvas, organic cotton canvas, and vinyl. There are 33 more colors available besides purple, making it the largest color variations around.

Best For:

Bean Products Yoga Bolster is best for various active and restorative yoga poses. You can choose between a round or rectangular shape to suit your needs. If you want to customize the material, then this bolster is perfect for you.

4. Yoga Direct Supportive Yoga Bolster

The Yoga Direct Yoga Bolster is designed in a rectangular shape to give full cushion and support for many yoga positions. It’s made of a cotton cover and a dense 100% cotton batting stuffing. You can add or remove the batting to get the right cushion and firmness that you’ll need.

This rectangular yoga bolster measures around 24” x 12” x 6” and weighs about 6 lbs. With its two easy-grip handles, you can carry the bolster with so much ease. It’s available in four colors: russet, red, sage, and white.

Best For:

The Yoga Direct Rectangular Yoga Bolster is perfect for restorative yoga. Its extra firmness gives full support to yoga poses and increases the form. It helps with all lower back problems.

5. Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster

The Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster boasts ecological and environment-friendly materials. The cover is made of organic cotton with an environment-friendly color dye. The filling is made of natural kapok fiber which makes the bolster fluffy and lightweight.

This rectangular bolster offers two size options: large (28” x 12” x 8”) and small (28” x 8” x 6”). The large bolster weighs around 3.5 lbs while the small one only weighs around 2 lbs. You have six color options: anthracite, aubergine,Bordeaux, cornflower, nature, and royal blue.

Best For:

The Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster is great for yogis who are sensitive to certain materials. This rectangular bolster is made of environment-friendly materials like natural kapok fiber filling and organic cotton cover.


Q: What is a yoga bolster?

A yoga bolster is similar to a body pillow but firmer. Its shape can either be rectangular or round. It’s mainly used for restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, and Iyengar yoga.

Bolsters are normally firm to give full support to your back. They sometimes use a foam insert to bring additional support. Besides yoga, you can use the bolster to serve as a cushion to your lumbar and pregnancy.

Q: What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is a type of yoga that involves a lot of passive stretching. It’s slow-paced and tends to use as little physical effort as possible. It aims to help your body relax and heal from injuries. Instead of your muscles, you use props, like the bolster, to support your body.

Q: What are the restorative yoga poses that you can do with the yoga bolster?

Here are some restorative poses that you can do with the bolster:

  • Supported Backbend
  • Supported Pigeon
  • Supported Knee Twist
  • Supported Child’s Pose
  • Legs up the Wall Pose

Q: How do I care for my bolster?

Read the manufacturer’s directions on how to care for the bolster. Some might require you to only dry clean the cover because it might shrink after washing. Others might require you to remove the cover and wash it in cold soapy water.


The best yoga bolster is the Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster because it seems to be the firmest and most comfortable around. It’s made of high-quality fabric and a durable foam core. Since the cover may shrink when washed in cold water, I recommend dry cleaning or spot cleaning it without removing the cover.

If you want a longer bolster, then the YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster is a good alternative. This bolster is soft on the surface and firm on the inside. Simply remove or add cotton batting if you want to accomplish the right firmness.

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