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15 Experts Reveal Their Favorite Essential Oil Uses in Life

For so many years now, essential oils have been used for wide range of purposes: mostly for health, for relaxation and meditation, or even aromatherapy. Due to these numerous benefits, they are increasingly being explored by many.

Being an avid promoter of relaxation techniques and good health most especially, using essential oils has been one of my most favorite methods on how to relax due to different pressures and stress in life.

And that is why I was interested to find out on how essential oil experts use them in their actual lives. I bet you want to know too! Who knows it could also apply to you?

I asked the experts the main question: “What are the two essential oil uses you mostly love in life?”

Yes indeed, they tell us the 24 essential oil uses from 12 experts that they love and how they use it.

But interestingly, they also describe what they feel every single time they use it, reflected in their own real life experiences. That we have to take note of!

Ready to indulge in the power of these proven and essential oil uses? Make time to read this and come out here a new person!

Deane Alban

Co-founder, Be Brain Fit
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“I’m very partial to citrus-based essential oils. My two favorites are bergamot and lemon.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a type of orange grown mainly in Italy. You may be familiar with it as the ingredient that gives Earl Grey tea its unique flavor.

Most citrus-based essential oils are good for improving mood, but bergamot is a standout for depression and anxiety.

One study found bergamot essential oil to be as effective as Valium! I keep a small roller of bergamot in my desk for anytime I need a mood adjustment during the day.

Lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil is as fresh and lifting as a perfect spring day. I put a few drops in a spray bottle with purified water for an all-purpose spray.

I use it on my face as a toner, spray it on newly-washed hair to give it shine and keep my scalp healthy. And spritz it in a room that could use a little freshening.

It can even be used as a gentle household cleaner. Since lemon oil is anti-inflammatory, I apply it straight to achy muscles or add it to a footbath. I keep a roller of lemon mixed with lavender on my bedstand.

Together they smell heavenly! The lavender helps me relax while the lemon puts me in a happy frame of mind before I go to sleep.

Note that citrus-based essential oils can increase photosensitivity in some people when used topically. I live in an intensely sunny desert and never have had a problem.

But if you are unsure how you react, test on a small area before spending time in the sun.”

Emma Carter

Creator, Essential Oil Haven
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“I love using Lemongrass in my diffuser after cooking because it cleans up and purifies the air amazingly.

Especially after our Sunday morning bacon breakfast, I run Lemongrass for 45-60 minutes and the kitchen instantly smells fresh again!

Essential oils have become part of the bedtime routine with our little one.

Whether she’s suffering from the onset of a cold, or just wants to put in a relaxing sleep blend, she fills her diffuser every night and always looks forward to the smells of her favorite blends to help put her to sleep.

I use Plant Therapy’s KidSafe oils for her and she loves them.”

Julia Shelton

Creator, A Touch of Tranquility
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“I’d have to say that two of my favorite uses for essential oils are in the bath and as an insect repellent.

At the end of a long, tiring day, nothing helps me relax faster than a nice hot bath with a few drops of my favorite essential oils. Frankincense is always a favorite of mine, as is Palo Santo and Petitgrain.

And of course, the always-reliable lavender is an excellent choice as well.

When it comes to little bloodsucking pests, I must have a blood type that is like crack to them because I end up with about a dozen mosquito bites if I’m not careful, and ticks seem to like grabbing onto me too!

I find that lemongrass and rose geranium are two of the most effective oils when it comes to keeping the little monsters at bay.

I dilute them in witch hazel so that they’re easy to spray onto my skin and clothing and the insects leave me alone.”

Judith Johnson

Creator, Oil Pixie
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“My #1 oil is PEPPERMINT! I am one that is extremely sensitive to barometric pressure, so with that comes a lot of headaches.

Peppermint is my go to. I rub some on my forehead, on my temples in my neck and shoulders and headache-be-gone in minutes!

I use it when I am congested and I make mouthwash with it. I always have my Peppermint in my pocket. Never leave my house without my wallet, keys and peppermint

My #2 oil is VETIVER. Besides the fact that I love the smell of Vetiver, I am also a person of extremes including my emotions.

Vetiver is the one oil that will help me calm down and keep me grounded. I diffuse it every night and I rub some under my feet and my big toe and ever since I started doing that, I sleep like a baby. “


Founder, Vibrant Blue Oils
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“My favorite uses of essential oils are to activate the parasympathetic “rest and digest” state of the nervous system where the body can rest, repair and regenerate.

We offer a Parasympathetic blend that combines the stimulatory oil clove with lime, which has small molecules that easily permeate the skin. When applied to the vagal nerve, most accessible to the surface of the skin behind the earlobe on the mastoid bone.

it stimulates the parasympathetic response in the body and turns on optimal digestion, detoxification and immune function.

My other favorite use of essential oils is in a healing bath. I combine 2 cups of Epsom salt, 1 cup of baking soda and a few drops of my favorite essential oil (I often pick lavender).

It is best to sprinkle the essential oil on the Epsom salt before adding water. Then make the water as hot as you can tolerate and stay in the tub for as long as you can.

This healing bath rebalances and resets the body and is a great reboot, whenever you feel the onset of a cold, fatigue or just a bad mood.

You can learn more about healing baths and the parasympathetic blend at vibrantblueoils.com.”

Katharine Koeppen

Registered Clinical Aromatherapist, Aromaceuticals
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“As someone who’s worked in an aromatherapy business for over 20 years, I for the large part do not use essential oils in my daily life.

I realize this may seem counterintuitive to many of your readers, but my work involves excessive daily exposure to essential oils, so I personally use them only when I am ill, in order to avoid overexposure and possible sensitization.

That being said, I do use Aromaceuticals 4 Flower Toner daily (it’s hydrolat-based and very gentle) as part of my beauty ritual, and would not be without it! I also like to diffuse juniper essential oil in my office between sessions to energetically clear and purify the room for the next client.”

Lea Harrison

Creator, Essential Oil Diffuser USA
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I love essential oils! In my dorm room I always have my essential oils diffuser running! I mostly use thieves and lavender essential oils because those are what help to calm me down while helping me to stay free of congestion with my terrible seasonal allergies.

Marcy Coning

Creator, Web Essential Oils
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“I absolutely love using essential oils for aromatherapy and through topical application. The health benefits are endless and my improved state of mind in invaluable.

Aromatherapy – I have and use several different ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. I diffuse several oils and blends in different rooms for various reasons and benefits. One of my absolute favorites is a blend of jasmine and lavender that I use for sleep and relaxation.

Topical Application – I don’t know what I would do without my roller bottles! They are perfect for mixing and storing blends and also for quick and easy topical application of essential oils.

I keep a few blends with me, in my purse, at all times. A simple lavender and peppermint blend for headache relief is super convenient to have with me wherever I go.”

Mindy Green

Registered Aromatherapist and Herbalist , Green Scentsations
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“Among my two favorite essential oils (how can I possibly play favorites?!), I would have to include Lavender, for perhaps obvious reasons.

It has a wide range of uses, is generally tolerated well regarding scent and skin compatibility, and has extensive research as well as long-recorded historic use.

It is no wonder that it’s aromatherapy motto is, “”When in doubt, use lavender.” Lavender addresses too many ills to count, and its record for uplifting the spirit is legendary.

Throughout history, from fainting remedy to healing melancholia and increasing relaxation, it was written about extensively in herbal lore.

More recent research has focused on its use as an alternative to some prescription antidepressants. This research has led to the general public’s access to an oral remedy that is the same as that marketed to doctors under a different name.

I have no association with the company, but Nature’s Way markets this safe, effective and well tolerated unconventional option to these drugs (called Calm Aid). Check with your doctor before changing any medications.

As a practitioner in an integrative pharmacy in Boulder, CO (Pharmaca), I have had customers come in with instructions from their doc to try this product.

Oral use is certainly not needed to garner the many benefits of lavender oil. My favorite application is in the bath. Mix 8 drops of lavender with one teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil (I like coconut) and add to a full tub.

Soak your cares away as you inhale the relaxing aroma. For more information, this met-analysis research of Lavender’s extensive uses is available here.

My second choice for an essential I could not do without is Rose. I love both the otto (distilled essential oil) and the absolute (solvent extracted version), however I must confess to a more consistent personal use of the otto.

It is the quintessential remedy for heart ache, sorrow and nervous system support; another beautiful flower that uplifts the spirit.

Its healing potential doesn’t stop with mere matters of the heart. It has an extensive array of benefits to the physical body as well.

From cosmetic ingredient to circulatory tonic, digestive aid, liver tonic and more, this flower seems to have it all covered. For more information, here is free access to an extensive review of the literature on the uses of the essential oil.

Both lavender and rose flowers are safe herbs in teas, tinctures and culinary delights. Do not take essential oils orally without extensive knowledge of the essential oil, quality and health risks.

I do offer some delightful recipes in my book: Aromatherapy, a complete guide to the healing art; co-authored with my friend, fellow herbalist and aromatherapist, Kathi Keville.

Wishing you all an uplifting experience using these two fabulous plants and their exquisite essential oils. “

Melissa Styler

Creator, Wellness Appliances

“The best two uses for most people for the physical effects for Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus globulus) essential oil, also commonly known as Gum Tree, Blue-Gum, and Tasmanian Blue Gum, is that it can be inhaled into the lungs using a diffuser.

This will loosen mucous in the lungs to expel by coughing it up. The oil will do the same for the sinus passages to expel mucous and clear up a runny nose.

Blue Tansy essential oil (Tanacetum annuum) known as Moroccan Tansy and Moroccan Blue Chamomile is good for emphysema, colds, and asthma. This is best used in a diffuser rather than a massage.

A second-best use that is routinely done is to apply essential oils with a carrier oil on the skin where it can be absorbed on a wound to reduce swelling, or to heal specific infections.

Tea tree 100% pure essential oil is good to use if there is an infection. Lavender Bulgaria Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is also commonly known as English Lavender, Garden Lavender, Common Lavender, True Lavender, and Narrow-Leaved Lavender.

Mix a few drops with a carrier oil such as Avocado Oil (Persea gratissima) or your favorite. You can use this oil for pure relaxation and restoring your mood.

If you are just starting out with essential oils, buy the least expensive and dilute. Put 4 ounces of your favorite carrier oil into measuring cup and add 15 drops of essential oil for your body.

Use 5 drops of oil for your face. You will feel relaxed and refreshed using lavender. It can be put into a diffuser too.”


Qualified Aromatherapist, The English Aromatherapist
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“One of the easiest ways to enjoy essential oils is to simply add a few drops to a cotton pad, then place on your desk or bedside table (night stand) and allow the aromas to naturally evaporate into the air.

It’s super simple and you can do it any time, anywhere – whether you’re working in the office, studying at the library, staying in a hotel room or simply relaxing at home.

The beauty of essential oil blending means you can tailor the scent exactly to your needs – fresh, uplifting scents for when you need to focus and concentrate; or soothing scents to help you sleep at night.

Secondly, essential oils are perfect to add to your bath – just make sure they’re properly diluted! A few drops is all you need to create aromatherapy bath heaven!”

Sarah Rolfe

Creator, Pure Life Essentials
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“Trying to choose your favourite essential oil is a bit like being asked to choose your favourite child. But after a lot of gazing into my essential oils collection, here are my two favourite essential oils.

Frankincense: This is the essential oil I would be taking to a desert island if I had to choose just one. Frankincense, or Frankie as most people like to call him, is the most versatile oil we have, that’s why we call him the King of Oils.

I use Frankie every to soothe sore muscles, relieve stress and anxiety and to help me sleep more soundly.

Frankie also makes my skin look amazing and I take him internally for immune boosting and cell rejuvenation. An excellent all-rounder essential oil.

Lavender: I know this may seem a bit predictable, but there’s a reason why Lavender is the aromatherapy’s favourite essential oil.

I like to call Lavender the Swiss Army Knife of oils – it has so many uses and, like Frankie, is incredibly versatile. Not only can Lavender be used to assist with sleep and relaxation, it’s amazing for stress reduction and calming purposes.

Lavender is also an excellent skin healer, and I apply neat to my skin when I have a burn, bite or skin issue. I also take Lavender internally with Petitgrain and Marjoram for hypertension.”

Sharon Dickey

Creator, My Reason Why
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“I love using essential oils for the health benefits and for relaxation.

During the winter months I combine oregano, thyme, and clove essential oils and I make my own capsules.

I also rub these oils on the bottom of my children feet. These three herbs have amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties that keep us cold and flu free all season long.

Lavender is my everyday go to herb. I use it to relax when I’m feeling stressed or anxious.

It’s another herb I can safely use on my children to help them relax as well. I massage their temples with the oil at night to help them drift peacefully off to sleep. “

Val Silver

Creator, Holistic Mindbody Healing
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“My two favorite essential oils are lavender and peppermint.

I love the smell of lavender and how it makes me feel. I put a drop in my hands, rub them together and cup them over my nose and mouth. Then I close my eyes and inhale deeply before rubbing my hands over my cheeks and on my neck for a quick massage. Sweet calming stress relief!

Peppermint essential oil is my favorite for internal use. I love the taste, smell and how it helps with nasal congestion and as a digestive aid.

Peppermint is a common ingredient in candies and gum. When my sinuses are congested, a strongly flavored mint candy or piece of gum offer instant, albeit temporary, relief. The sensation of the volatile oil wafting upward is followed first by a sneeze and then a clearing out and yay I can breathe.

You can also inhale the oil, but for me, chewing the gum or biting into the mint works better.

Peppermint tea and essential oil infused treats are also perfect for soothing the bloated oh I ate too much feeling following a big or heavy meal. “

In the end, the essential oil use will depend on the purpose and it will differ on each of us. This is the reason why this list is amazing since you are given options on the different essential oil uses as provided by these experts. It is up to you which best applies to you!

Is there anything in the list that you think is also an essential oil use the you love? Come and participate! Tell us your answer to the questions: What are your favorite uses for essential oils?

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