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5 Free Guided Meditations for Anxiety on Youtube(#3 is AMAZING)

In the 21st century where each day carries an enormous dose of stress within, we tend to clutch dramatic feelings and stressful situations as if they were our possessions. Anxiety makes us stick to negative emotions like we must hold on to them if we want to be safe.

The erratic nature of anxiety can get so intense that individuals dealing with it get used to stress and expect the worst even though there is no cause for concern. Guided meditation for anxiety can help you reprogram your mind, let go of psychical tension, and find a new perspective.

The following videos will teach you how to release and turn off everything that causes anxiety and lead you towards the state of inner peace and profound change in which no anxiety can creep in.

5 Free Guided Meditations for Anxiety

1. Let Go of Anxiety, Fear, and Worries

This 22-minute meditation video will help you let go of your worries and fears. Worrying drains your energy and hinders you from living your best life.

A calming voice from the video will take you to a stage of change. It will guide you towards becoming more aware through breathing.

Worries, stress, and anxiety are on one side, harmony, healing, and inner peace are on the other. This meditation will make you feel good again, it will make you appreciate the freedom given to you, you will feel the inflow of transforming and natural energy that revitalizes your mind and soul.

2. Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation, Anxiety, Sleep, or Depression

Katrina’s guided meditation for anxiety focuses on breathing. She suggests finding a comfortable position as you want your body as relaxed as possible. As you breathe deeply in your favorite position, you will feel the tension in certain parts of your body. Katrina helps you scan your physical and emotional body and check stressful emotions.

Her goal is to show you there will always be something that makes you tense. However, Katrina’s main message as she guides you through the video is to show you how to focus on lightness and positivity instead of tension and stress. Towards the end of the video, you will learn how to release physical and mental tension while still holding on to clarity, calmness, and freshness.

3. Guided Meditation For Anxiety and Stress

Jason’s voice is calming and convincing, so much that you can easily focus on what he is saying. It can make you fall asleep easily, so make sure to take a comfortable position when listening to this video.

In his guided meditation for anxiety and stress, Jason gives you an opportunity to escape from every day worries. There is nothing wrong with finding some time just for yourself.

As you listen to Jason’s voice, you will forget about any concerns you had just a couple of minutes ago. He pictures this meditation through colors, making you visualize each of them very vividly. By the end of the video, Jason will take you to a starry sky which will help you feel light and give you a dose of inspirational energy.

4. Guided Meditation for Detachment from Overthinking (Anxiety/OCD/Depression)

Michel encourages you to get rid of negative emotions, worries, anxieties, or fears through his guided meditation. This video has positive outcomes with people dealing with anxiety, depression, and OCD.

By listening to it, you will detach those negative patterns and walk towards the path of self-acceptance. Your overly active mind will calm down after each minute of this guided meditation. You will feel like your body’s natural energy is rising bit by bit.

To reinforce the positive influences of this meditation, repeat it as often as you want. After listening to it, you can either drift into a deep sleep or return to a fully conscious state.

5. Guided Meditation: Reduce Panic, Anxiety, and Worry

Rick Clarke’s voice will guide you through a gentle, autogenic meditation suitable for all people dealing with overthinking, worrying, anxiety, and depression. Only 17 minutes is enough to reduce a panic or anxiety attack.

This meditation will help you clean your mind and calm your thoughts. After a couple of minutes, you will be able to train your mind to repel negative thoughts by listening to Rick’s voice. As he repeats affirmative sentences about relaxation, calmness, and awareness, feelings of anxiety will ease up.

Listening to this meditation will help you regain a sense of ease and build a new level of confidence.


Guided meditation for anxiety can help you break the cycle of overthinking and tune out your thoughts. Listening to some of the above-mentioned meditations regularly has the power to help you recognize the triggering thoughts of anxiety and develop defensive patterns so you never fall in its trap again.

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