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5 Free Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation on Youtube(#3 is AMAZING)

The stress levels we have to fight off day after day are increasing. It getting harder and harder to be receptive towards the hurried, goal-oriented society and maintain an accepting outlook on life.

The right-frontal cortex is the active, stress-housing part of our brain. Guided meditation for deep relaxation makes it much easier to shift brain activity from the right to the stable, left-frontal cortex. It soothes running thoughts, anxiety, and worries and involves focus and relief through becoming more self-aware by listening to your heartbeat and your breathing.

Today, we are going to review 5 videos meant to act on the muscles in your body and bring your mind closer to healing light. The main goal of the following meditations is to help you relieve stress and achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance.

5 Free Guided Meditation Vidoes for Deep Relaxation

1. Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation: “The Cleansing Wind”

The Honest Guys created a powerful yet deeply relaxing meditation followed by a peaceful melody and the sound of the cleansing wind to help you release physical and mental stress. At the very beginning of this meditation, you will probably have racing thoughts, which is completely normal. But as the guidance of a tender male voice guides you further, the thoughts will slowly fade away.

It focuses on deep and slow breathing, taking you to a great visualization of the sky, the clouds, and the healing wind. Minute after minute, you will release any negativity or accumulated stress. This guided meditation will cleanse and purify your thoughts and give you energy for the next day.

2. 10 Minute Deep & Powerful Higher Self Guided Meditation

Listen to this meditation whenever you are feeling uptight, tense, or when just have the need to relax completely. It begins with instructions on how to breathe so that you feel the relief with each exhale. A soft, soothing voice from the video makes it so easy to increase self-awareness and body-awareness. Notice the sensations in each part of your body as you listen to her.

Your mind will slowly let go of any resistance and self-talk and you will start to experience a state of blissful relaxation. Bring back the awareness of the present moment and shift your attention so you can feel a deep sense of calmness and gratefulness.

3. Healing Space: A Spoken Word Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

If there are any feelings you are holding in, this guided meditation for deep relaxation will make it easy for you to face these feelings and release them. As you feel the breath flowing through your lungs, the thoughts craving for attention will slowly calm down. This meditation will break any energy blockages or tensions and your muscles will start softening. Jason will guide you through two visualizations by the river – one by day and other by night.

Let the bubbling water wash away all the negativities and the silence and tranquility of the night scenery help you become aware of the traumas within you. Jason’s guidance will help you release it all, thanks to the lanterns you will release to the sky as the enlightenment flows through your body and mind and brings you to a state of deep relaxation.

4. Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

This 20-minute Joanne’s guided meditation will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation as you fall asleep and restore the energy in your dream. The healing effect of this meditation will replenish your mind and body with fresh, positive energy you need to start a new day. As you inhale, a comfortable fullness will make your body relaxed and stress and negativity will leave your body with each exhale.

Bring awareness to every part of your body and allow the thoughts to just flow through without sticking to any of them. Slowly, you will achieve a balance between your thoughts and your body, feeling nothing but an inflow of calming, healing, and relaxing energy that will lull you to sleep.

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5. Kinesthetic Guided Hypnosis – Meditation for Deep Relaxation

Whenever you feel stressed or heavy minded, Rasa’s meditation for deep relaxation will help you find your center again. Her soothing voice will make it so easy to achieve a state of deep relaxation and calmness whether you are listening to this meditation in the morning or at night. Rasa uses kinesthetic hypnosis as a way to help you become aware of your feelings and manage negative and stressful emotions.

This meditation provides assistance for dealing with conscious and subconscious racing thoughts and energy blockage through deep inhales and exhales. At the end of Rasa’s meditation, you will feel completely relaxed, serene, and centered.


It may seem impossible to simply be in the moment without solving any problems or doing something actively.

Guided meditation for deep relaxation prevents those intruding thoughts and dispels stress and negative energy. By listening to any of the above-reviewed videos on a regular basis, you will learn how to refocus your breathing and accept a healing light that will soothe any disturbance or anxiety.

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