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5 Free Guided Meditations for Healing(Best Youtube Videos)

Stress and tension tend to accumulate in our bodies and our minds. However, if we learn how to work with our minds instead of working against them, we can manage those disturbing triggers. Guided meditation for healing has the power to bolster our natural healing mechanisms.

It can help you with coping with anything that ails you (stress, insomnia, depression, chronic pain) and even help some of these conditions. Today, we are presenting you 5 meditations for healing. Relax, focus, and heal!

1. Guided Meditation for Healing – Experience the Pure Loving Energy of the Universe

Try to calm yourself slowly before you dive into the magical world of pure loving energy. Breathe deeply and try to turn off all of the rushing thoughts coming. Visualize beautiful white light entering your body each time you breathe in and let go of worries and fears. Followed by cheerful, yet relaxing music, a gentle male voice will take you to the world most humans even don’t know to exist.

As you enter this world and discover all of the beauties it hides, you will calm down your thoughts completely and release the negative energy that caused any type of ache – physical or psychical. Eventually, you will experience the inflow of the pure loving energy that leads to healing on all aspects of your being.

2. Powerful 10 Minute Healing Guided Meditation

This 10-minute healing meditation will make it easy for your body and mind to reach a state of relaxation. Through restoring a relaxing breathing rhythm, you will become more aware of yourself. You don’t need any tension, and you will let it all go thanks to this meditation.

Total relaxation comes with deep and gentle breathing and just enjoying the present moment. This audio will help the listener to forget about expectations, turn off negative thoughts and overthinking, and reach a peaceful and fulfilling state that will lead to powerful healing if repeated regularly.

3. Heal Your Body: Spoken Guided Meditation for Pain and Sickness, Relieve Pain Naturally

Jason’s reassuring and calming voice will guide you through this powerful healing meditation. He suggests becoming aware of your body completely, without judging it at all. Feel your ribs, lungs, arms, legs, even your hair to soften. Let go of any tension in your body and let it rest. At the same time, your mind will soften and align with your body as well.

Slowly, you will start noticing what is within you and what needs to be released. As this meditation goes further, your body and mind will relax and tensions, expectations, and worries will melt away, which leads to healing. This is a great meditation for people with chronic pain, headaches, MS, nerve issues, and many more.

4. Self Healing – Influencing Cells – Guided Meditation

Rasa had one goal in mind when recording this amazing meditation – she wanted to prove us we can heal ourselves without the help of doctors. She focuses on visualization and tries to make you activate those T and B cells. These cells are believed to root out numerous diseases and conditions, such as chronic pain, nerve damage, depression, PTSD, and even cancer.

The point with this meditation is to achieve a state of faith, positive thinking, and to tune into subtle energy sensations your body and mind are sending you. Listening to Rasa’s meditation can improve your well-being and heal your body and soul.

5. Guided Body Scan Meditation for Mind and Body Healing

Michael Sealey promotes body healing through positive thinking and his body scan meditation. At the same time, this is a light trance exercise that connects your mind and body, which results in overcoming physical and emotional stress and pain. Listening to Michael’s body scan meditation, one can experience releasing from bonds, improvement of the immune system, and general relaxation and taking a more positive attitude towards life.

By listening to this guided meditation for healing, you will reach a state of observing your body with curiosity but without any judgments. Learning how to breathe healthily and becoming aware of your whole body and mind, and establishing a connection between these aspects will indeed lead to curing.


There is a power within you to create healing vibrations and renew the energy that impacts your mind, body, and life. Guided meditation for healing is proved to heal body and mind as it enhances your body’s immune system. Our 5 recommended meditations will take you to a blissful state which will help you on the inside as well as on the outside. Practice these meditations regularly.

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