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5 Free Guided Meditations for Mindfulness(Best Youtube Videos)

People usually mistake mindfulness for meditation and vice versa. The truth is – despite the differences, they can’t go without each other, they complement each other. Guided meditation for mindfulness is the gateway to the wonderful world of awareness, compassion, curiosity, and openness.

Mindful meditation takes practice and patience, but it is completely worth it. It will teach you to be more observant and attentive towards the world, and towards yourself as well. Mindfulness is the key to mental wellbeing, and these 5 videos will help you find your way to connect with Mindfulness and achieve the stage of utmost peace and happiness.

1. Mindfulness Meditation – Guided 10 Minutes

This 10-minute meditation has the goal to make you more aware of the present moment by guiding you through a journey of proper breathing and visualizing balloons. You should release any oppressing and disturbing emotions from your mind by letting those balloons float away. 

A great thing about this guided meditation is that you will, with time, learn how to control your thoughts instead of letting them control you. Once you come out of this meditation, you will notice that you will perceive reality from a different perspective. Also, you will notice more details as well.

2. The Perfect Mindfulness Meditation in Only 10 Minutes

This 10-minute guided meditation for mindfulness will help you tune into your breathing, physical sensations, feelings, and even the world around you. A soothing and pleasant female voice will take you through a short meditation with the goal to clear your thoughts of judgments and negativities.

The background music is there to make you more relaxed, so you may become a bit sleepy while listening to this video. Slowly, you will notice a certain breathing pattern as the video comes to an end. Try to retain this way of breathing and the awareness you experienced during the journey and repeat the meditation when your mind gets blurred or you lose focus.

3. Daily Calm – 10-Minute Mindfulness Meditation – Letting Go

Tamara Levitt will guide you through this 10-minute mindfulness meditation that teaches you how to let go. Her cheerful yet calming voice can serve as an inspiration for the beginning of the day or as a goodnight story. Tamara wants you to relax your mind and body through slow breathing as you listen to the sound of the waves. 

This practice has the goal to help the listener let go of anxiety, worries, and stress related to certain words, actions, or random thoughts. You will find a way to simply accept the thoughts as they come and let them go without denting into them. Tamara suggests you avoid taking things personally.

4. Guided Meditation for Centered Happiness

Michel Sealey’s 27-minute guided meditation will remind you to focus on the positive things in life and let go of stress and anxiety. He knows how to make you open up towards relaxing energy and letting joy fill your soul. 

Through listening to his meditation, you will start to feel the connection with Mindfulness, which comes as an inflow of happiness and peace. That buzzing energy will pave the way for contentment. You will overcome the physical dimensions of your body and approach the center of happiness and positive energy, thanks to this guided meditation.

5. Powerful Mindfulness Guided Meditation

This powerful guided meditation interpreted by the soothing female voice of Rasa is intended for body relaxation, calming your mind, and expanding awareness. Rasa recommends practicing this meditation in the morning, as it is great preparation for the day. 

The goal of this meditation is to help you achieve the state of inner peace and extended presence, leading to enlightenment. Thanks to this video, you’ll be transported to a place where you won’t have any expectations but will enjoy the inflow of positive energy and calmness. This guided meditation is very helpful with people dealing with anxiety, racing thoughts, panic disorder, and PSTD as it improves brain function.


Guided meditation for mindfulness, if practiced regularly, can make the listener more resilient to uncertainty, adversity, negative energy, and racing thoughts. 

By becoming more aware of the present and learning to accept thoughts without holding on to them, you will connect with Mindfulness and achieve a state of pure bliss.

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  1. Hi Allen, thanks for sharing! This is a great list of mindfulness YouTube videos 🙂 I’m a huge fan of the Daily Calm app for guided meditation sessions. The free version is awesome but the paid version is totally worth it too!!


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