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7 Free Guided Meditation Videos for Kids(Youtube Videos)

Meditation has been adopted by the education sector and schooling systems across the world – for a reason. Mindful practices have proved to be greatly rewarding for the mental and physical health and well-being of kids.

Teachers, parents, and grandparents have noticed the difference in comparison to the previous behavior and sleep patterns of their kids after practicing these 7 free guided meditation videos for kids.

If you understand the importance of mindful awakening for your child, grandchild, cousin, or a little friend, check out our recommendations.

1. Moon and Stars

Peace Out and Jamie came up with an incredibly calming guided relaxation video for kids. Jamie’s story is perfect for bedtime, as she is guiding you through celestial scenery – moon and stars. 

Her gentle voice makes it so easy for kids to focus on the story and dive into a beautiful world of meditation. 

Peace Out uploads free guided meditation for kids regularly, covering all aspects of the day – from a quick morning session to mellow nighttime meditation.

2. Breath Meditation for Kids

Meditation Channel is one of the channels that introduce meditation practices to kids with such ease. Their methods take away stress, anxiety, and worries. In this video, Meditation Channel teaches kids a very important lesson – how to breathe properly. Instead of breathing from their chest, kids will learn how to breathe through their stomach instead. Kids will use mental imagination to map a sailing boat floating through the waves.

Final practice includes kids imagining themselves as a fish. The fish is turning into a man and feels the air in its lungs for the first time. The point here is to get a close idea of how it feels when you breathe properly.

This meditation is great for any time of the day, as it works well either for relaxing, preparing for studying, or a bedtime story.

3. Morning Meditation for Kids

The best way to start a day is with meditation. Morning meditation is highly conducive as it levels up energy, takes away stress, expands the imagination, and prepares kids for the day ahead. The energy shower practice lifts motivation and focus, which is especially needed when having tests at school.

New Horizon is one of the top-rated Youtube channels in terms of guided meditation for kids. They upload content regularly and they include mindful practices for relaxing, falling asleep, or boosting energy.

4. Bedtime – Guided Meditations for Children

Michelle Roberton-Jones created a compilation of meditation videos for kids. Here you can choose between 10 guided meditations – little fluffy clouds, dream blanket, man in the moon, sweet dreams, white feathers, rainbow drops, bear, bubble bath, starlight, and the dream fairies.

Michelle’s almost one-hour session is intended for listening right before bed, or while falling asleep. Her goal is to help children release the day and walk into the magnificent world of love, security, and happiness.

5. Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Meditation with children is not focused on releasing stress, overcoming anxiety, and falling asleep easier. Tania Joy Antonio, who is the author of the Affirmation Station, has one goal – to open the door of gratitude for kids. She knows how important being grateful is.

In this video, Tania and her guest, Hannah, are taking a trip through a grateful, colorful garden. The best time of the day to practice mindful gratitude is early in the morning or right before going to bed.

6. Kids Meditation – Butterfly Body Scan

Breethe created a mindful game intended for boosting focus and relaxing while imagining a magical butterfly’s body. This is a great video for times when your kid feels tense, restless, upset, or uncomfortable and for naps and bedtime. It can be done while sitting or laying down in a comfy position.

A butterfly with superpowers will help your child relax their body. As a butterfly lands on its toes, knees, shoulders, and forehead, it will bring warmness and calmness and soothe both body and mind.

7. 5 Minutes Body scan Meditation for Kids and Adults

For kids going to elementary school, Fablefy has a multiracial body scan class in which children explore and learn more about their bodies. The goal of this mindful game is to bring mindfulness and awareness to the body, as it creates a deep connection between thoughts and the body.

Kids will come through the experimental level to the phase where they will realize how stress, anxiety, and uncomfortable situations affect their health and state of mind. Furthermore, this leads to living a better life from an early age and heals both body and soul with time.

Children can meditate while in their classrooms, as well as before or after classes when they are at home.


Q: Can children meditate?

Did you know kids are the best candidates for meditation because of the fact that their psyche is not pressed with frustrations or problems? This further makes it much easier for kids to dive into the world of meditation in just a minute or two, which may be a challenge for most adults.

Q: What are the main benefits of practicing meditation with kids?

The main benefits of meditation for kids are listed below:

  • Improves learning skills.
  • Increases awareness.
  • Balances emotions.
  • Cuts down on bullying.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Increases self-esteem.

Benefits of practicing meditation with kids are endless, as children have the best potential for developing awareness as they grow.

Q: When is the right time for kids to start meditating?

There is no such thing as “the right time” as kids mature at different rates. Parents, grandparents, and teachers should estimate when kids are ready to start.

Some parents are practicing meditation with their kids at the elementary school, while some teachers perform guided meditation before or after classes.

The earlier kids start with meditation the better, but this doesn’t mean there should be a specific time to start.

Q: How does meditation help kids perform better in school?

Meditation has an impact on overall performance, including creativity, academics, and social skills. Practicing mediation will positively affect the learning process.

After some time, kids will show better results in tests, improved skills for managing stress, and will be more present in classes.

Q: What to do when a child is disruptive?

Sometimes it may be a bit of a challenge to make kids control their minds, voices, and bodies for an extended period, especially if they have never tried meditation before.

The best thing to do here is to give them some time for a break until they are ready to get back to a mindful game.

Be ready for such situations and be patient, as kids usually have a hard time concentrating fully, but this doesn’t mean they can’t participate again.


As kids like to do whatever makes them entertained, meditation should be entertaining. Kids learn on a visual basis, which is a perfect base for practicing guided meditation.

These free guided meditation videos for kids are indeed fun and will make any child interested in what is going to hapen next. Bit by bit, kids get engaged in meditation and enjoy it truly, as those smart bees are fully aware of what makes them feel comfy, happy, and relaxed.

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