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5 Free Guided Morning Meditations to Fresh Your Day!(Youtube Videos)

A small shift in your morning routine can make the day ahead much more meaningful. Have you ever felt like you needed an energy boost in the morning? If you start the day with positive affirmations, no stress will be able to cloud your mind and you will function at full capacity.

Feel the inflow of positive energy and set your intention for the day with these guided morning meditation videos. Every day is a new chance to accomplish great things.

1. 6-Phase Morning Meditation

This calming yet energizing 10-minute morning meditation is a great way to start the day. It will help you open up to an inflow of positive, healing energy and set intentions for what is ahead of you. This guided morning meditation will take you towards getting in tune with your breath.

It brings awareness of being supported and appreciation for everything that is leading you towards your life’s purpose. Once you know you are on the right path, it will give you more motivation to strive for your deepest dreams and desires – and they will indeed come true with the help of this guided morning meditation.

2. Morning Guided Meditation by Jason Stephenson

This morning meditation by Jason Stephenson focuses on setting intentions, positive thinking, and the law of attraction. During these 20 minutes of Jason’s guidance, you will release all the tension, calm anxieties, and clear your mind.

Don’t live for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – live for TODAY, feel the presence of it. Focus on the highest potential for the day, set the goals you want to achieve, manifest them, and then allow the healing energy of the new day to support you on this journey.

Jason is teaching you to live without judgments, but to accept people, situations, and things the way they are. He wants you to become tuned with the natural flow of life.

3. 10-Minute Morning Meditation To Have a Really Good Day

Allow yourself more than ever before to be receptive towards positive energy and healing by listening to Abraham’s guided morning meditation. You will become more aware of everything you have become, and everything you are about to become.

A new morning is a new beginning. Today, you have a limitless potential to establish a connection with everything you desire. You are on the path of the greatest joy and clarity.

Abraham teaches you to feel appreciation for the things you accomplished and the ones you are about to accomplish during the day. Let the energy of her morning meditation tune you in, motivate you, and show you all the reasons to be happy and to feel good.

4. Louise Hay’s Morning Meditation

A master of meditation, Louisa Hay prepared one of the most powerful morning meditations just for you. She suggests starting the day with her meditation, which means before you get out of bed.

Louisa has a healing and calming voice that makes it easy to trust her words and give in to her guidance. This morning meditation’s goal is to make you feel thankful for everything that surrounds you – sunshine, rain, electricity, vegetation, etc.

It will help you release feelings of resentment, anger, and blame. Take a moment to dissolve negative emotions from your mind in order to start the day with a clear mind and a pure heart. This is the right way to give yourself a chance to feel and do great.

5. Daily Morning Meditation for Positive Energy, Clarity, and Achievement

Listen to this 20-minute meditation daily and you will see changes in your thoughts and life. Let the calming voice guide you through beautiful, watery scenery. Be entirely present, breathe deeply, and allow your spirit, mind, and body to come into alignment.

Gather focus and strength, clear your thoughts, and welcome the upcoming sensations a new day is about to bring. Stretch out your fingers, wiggle your toes, feel every inch of your body and take on new adventures with a smile.


Starting your day with guided morning meditation will help you set conditions for a beautiful day ahead of you. If you want to create a slow but steady switch in your thoughts and reactions and allow positive energy inflow into your life, go for it!

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