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Free Relaxing Music Online & 7 YouTube Picks for Japanese Relaxing Music

Have you ever sat in bed, knowing that it was time to sleep, but you just couldn’t force yourself to actually sleep?

Maybe, if you’re like me, you were taking care of business right up until the moment you decided to sleep, and now your mind won’t stop reeling.

Or maybe you just have a lot of worries built up, and they won’t let you rest. These are just a few examples of things that can keep us from getting to sleep and staying asleep like we should.

Sometimes, we decide to get back out of bed and finish the work we had left. I know when I do this it doesn’t help, but actually makes it worse. Working just makes me more active, and instead of relaxing, I become even more entangled in the work that I could be saving for the next day.

Being active isn’t the state of body you want to be in right before you go to bed, or even as you climb into bed.

I know this might sound crazy, or even too good to be true, but in all actuality, we should begin to relax at least one hour before we plan on “hitting the hay.”

This one hour should be used to create a relaxed state of mind and body, and can be achieved by finding the method of relaxing that works for you. One method that many use is to listen to relaxing music before and during their sleep.

There are many kinds of music to listen to, but one of my favorites, that I think you might like as well, is Japanese BGM. Japanese BGM is actually Japanese background music.

It is very easy to find these kinds of music tracks on YouTube.

As long as you have internet connection, you can listen to them all the time, any time. The best part about finding them on YouTube is that it is FREE!

Many of the tracks include sounds that aren’t exactly music.Many are more natural sounds and some are brainwave sounds which are scientifically proven to help people relax. Some of the natural sounds are things such as birds singing, rain and thunder, waves, all of which fall under the category “white noise,” which has also been proven to help relax others for sleep.

The following are some of my favorite Japanese BGMs to listen to.

Animation background music

1. Japanese animation background music

Some animation background music is really soft, sweet, and relaxing—perfect for sleep.

Natural sounds

2. Sounds in Coast
This music was recorded in Cai Okinawa, Japan.
Listen to the sound of the ocean waves, and imagine you have a vacation at the beach, what a good feeling for sleeping, right?

3. Ocean Waves plus dolphin sounds

This contains the beautiful sounds of ocean waves, accompanied by dolphin sounds which can help you relax. I imagine I’m in the middle of the sea when I listen to this. It is so peaceful.

4. Light music

This is one of my favorite light music tracks for relaxing and I always imagine I’m lying in the hammock.

Brainwave entrainment audio

Some brainwave entrainment audio tracks are quiet helpful when it comes to calming your mind and body. At the beginning stage of sleep, your brain produces brainwaves that gradually transition from alpha to theta waves.
That is why listening to these brainwaves before bedtime encourages your body to relax—because they convince your body that you are ready to sleep.

5. Alpha wave noise with many types natural sounds
The sound of the river flowing, sea wave sounds of insects accompanied by Alpha waves.

6. Alpha wave with calming sounds
Another type of relaxing music with Alpha waves.

7. Theta wave with many types sounds
Free-flowing water, soft, calming sounds with Theta waves, which are the brainwaves at beginning state of sleep.

Using relaxing music to achieve a relaxed and peaceful sleep is easy and effective. There are tons of free music downloads, as well as streams. As long as you have internet connection, you can listen to a music stream all night long. Just remember to begin your trip towards relaxing approximately thirty minutes to an hour before you actually plan on going to bed.

One way I suggest is to utilize a laptop or phone to play music and set an auto-off time. This puts my mind to ease about using too much electricity. With the auto-off option, it saves battery, electricity, and prevents unnecessary use of electronic machines.

Put it some distance away from the bed so as not to interfere with sleep.

(Also, do NOT wear headphones to listen to music at night! Falling asleep with headphones in can affect sleep and even hurt your ears).

If you want to hear more free Japanese music for sleeping in YouTube.
Type “睡眠用” or “睡眠用bum” in YouTube search bar.

Start today!
Choose one of these seven, and begin your love affair with Japanese BGM. Try it out, and then share your experience in the comments!


Do you think listening to music online is a pain/troublesome?
Maybe you can buy the sleep machine to be more serious about creating sleeping environment…

1 thought on “Free Relaxing Music Online & 7 YouTube Picks for Japanese Relaxing Music”

  1. Nice collection of music. Will try some to relax during the day. But I can’t sleep with music. The noise disturbs me. But what helped me is some kind of evening ritual. Usually, starting with herbal tea for relaxing, shutting my mind down and doodling a bit. No action any more and than it#s time to get ready for bed. If anything is still on my mind which could prevent me from sleeping I started to write it down; now my mind can forget it.


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