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Gxmmat yoga mat review: Top 5 recommendations in 2021

When we talk about oversized yoga mats, Gxmmat is one brand that you can trust. Gxmmat yoga mats are super huge and thick so you can do any position without any restriction. But the question is, are Gxmmat yoga mats worth it?

The answer is yes. Gxmmat yoga mats are soft, non-toxic, and rock steady on any floor. In this Gxmmat yoga review, we have compiled five of the best Gxmmat yoga mats that you should try. Keep scrolling for more details.

Quick Answer:

1. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat With Barefoot 6’x4’

This particular Gxmmat yoga mat has a standard width of 24 inches but the length can go as much as 72 inches. Compared to other Gxmmat yoga mats, this 6’x4’ mat is lighter and more flexible for optimum comfort. Surprisingly, there’s no lingering odor out from the box.

2. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat with Barefoot 6’x10’

If you want a very large room to do your barefoot yoga, then this 6’x10’ yoga mat won’t disappoint. This yoga mat is large enough to make any barefoot exercise with a partner and a yoga ball. It’s virtually odorless and easy to clean.

3. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat with Barefoot 6’x8’

The Gxmmat 6’x8’ yoga mat is another large mat that gives enough room for two people. Like all Gxmmat yoga mats, this particular mat has no discernible smell. The 7mm padding is neither too thick nor too thin.

Editor’s Pick: Best Gxmmat Yoga Mats

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Gxmmat Yoga Mats Buying Guide

Gxmmat yoga mats are large enough to fit any yoga pose. While the standard yoga mat measures around 24” x 68”, Gxmmat yoga mats can be as huge as 72” x 120”. Take note that you can only use these mats with barefoot.

The material used is non-toxic PVC and PER foam. It’s free of heavy metals, such as phthalates, latex, and silicone. It’s soft and feels gentle against the skin.

Both surfaces of Gxmmat yoga mats are non-slippery. The top surface serves as a second skin for maximum comfort. The bottom side has grooved and matrix-circle grips to keep the mat from moving around.

The best thing about Gxmmat yoga mats is that they come with a good pair of workout gloves, a storage bag, and storage straps. They offer a lifetime service so whenever your purchase has any defects, they’ll replace it for free.

Gxmmat Yoga Mats Vs Other Brands (Manduka and Gaiam)

Compared to Manduka, Gxmmat is bigger and thicker. However, Manduka remains superior when it comes to traction. While Manduka is made of natural rubber, Gxmmat is made of a foamy non-toxic material which doesn’t have any lingering odor.

Gxmmat yoga mats get close to the level of traction of Gaiam. Both of these brands are made of non-toxic PVC, which is a better option for your health and the planet. Again, Gxmmat beats Gaiam in terms of size.

Tot 5 Gxmmat Yoga Mats

1. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat With Barefoot 6’x4’

Extra-long and wide, this 6’x4’ Gxmmat large yoga mat offers a generous space to perform any barefoot exercise. It’s 7mm thick which is enough cushion to support your elbows, knees, and back. The PVC material used is safe as it contains no harmful chemicals, like latex, phthalates, and silicone.

Both sides of this mat have non-slippery surfaces for improved traction and excellent grip. The topside feels soft, like a second skin to bring comfort and support. The underside is designed with grooved and matrix circles to prevent the mat from moving.

We like how this mat is virtually odorless because there’s no lingering odor when you open the mat straight from the box. It comes with a great pair of workout gloves, storage, bag, and straps for convenient storage. Although this mat is oversized, it’s lighter and flexible for maximum comfort.

Best For:

The 6’x4’ Gxxmat large yoga mat is great for yoga, pilates, and any barefoot exercise. If you want a yoga mat that’s lighter but more flexible, this oversized mat might be right for you.

2. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat with Barefoot 6’x10’

Measuring around 72 inches wide and 120 inches long, this particular Gxmmat yoga mat offers a very large space that can accommodate two people at the same time. This mat is cozy, non-slip, and good to use for any floor exercises. It’s a bit bulky but easy to roll up and store away.

The mat is soft so it feels good on your bare feet. The 7mm thickness is good enough to offer cushion but not too thick that it’s difficult to move around. The traction is great on both sides, especially the underside which stays in place on any concrete floor.

Like any standard yoga mats, this Gxmmat mat has a rubberized sticky feeling that prevents your hands and feet from slipping. It’s slightly a bit burdensome to carry it around with its 6-feet length but it was significantly lighter than expected.

Best For:

The 6’x10’ Gxmmat is great for those who want to do yoga with a partner. This mat is very large that you don’t have to worry about going off whenever you do Vinyasa.

3. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat with Barefoot 6’x8’

The 6’x8’ Gxmmat yoga mat is designed with abrasion and scratch resistance feature so this mat holds well with small weights. This mat unrolls nicely and doesn’t come with any noticeable smell. We love how this mat comes with a large bag for storage but be careful in handling it because it falls apart easily.

Like all other Gxmmat, this 6’x8’ yoga mat is soft and cushy. The 7mm padding is just right for stability and comfort. With this size, you can still perform yoga with a partner without any restriction.

Best For:

The 6’x8’ Gxmmat yoga mat is great for yoga, stretching, and other intense cardio workouts. It’s a great yoga mat to perform with a partner and mild weights.

4. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat with Barefoot 7’x5’

Massive and thick, this Gxmmat yoga mat measures around seven feet (84 inches) long, five feet (60 inches) wide, and 9mm thick. This mat offers the best cushioning for fragile bones and joints. It’s soft and remains in place well even you do horizontal movements.

Despite its size, this oversized Gxmmat mat is lighter than you think. It weighs around 11.68 lbs and so easy to roll out. There’s a lot of density to take in the impact yet there’s a hint of softness to it for extra comfort.

Best For:

The 7’x5’ yoga mat is great for those with weak bones and joints because it’s the thickest Gxmmat yoga mats out there. It’s very huge so you can have a partner join you.

5. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat with Barefoot 6’x6’

This 6’x’6 yoga mat is the second smallest mat in the Gxmmat product line but compared to other mats out there, it’s still huge. In inches, this mat is 72 inches long and 72 inches wide. It’s 7mm thick, which is enough cushion to maintain stability.

It’s surprising how these mats hold well with weight lifting and plyometrics. It’s very comfortable to move around and easy to roll up for storage. Like all other Gxmmat mats in this list, this 6’x6’ yoga mat comes with a nice pair of gloves, a storage bag, and straps.

Best For:

The 6’x6’ Gxmmat yoga mat is great for an indoor workout. The size is great for stretching and fitting two children without any restriction.


Q: How to clean Gxmmat yoga mat?

After each use, remove any moisture from the Gxmmat yoga mat with a soft towel.

For deeper cleaning, combine non-bleach dish soap with warm water. Use the mixture to scrub the surface with a soft brush or cloth. Once you’re done, wipe it clean with a towel and air dry outside.

Q: What are the popular uses of the Gxmmat yoga mats?

Gxmmat yoga mats are great for yoga, stretching, Pilates, and other barefoot exercises. Since these mats are built for maximum comfort, you can use them as play mats for your kids. They’re also comfortable for situps, pushups, and gymnastics.

Although not recommended, many use the Gxmmat yoga mats to cover the floor of a home gym or home studio. These large yoga mats are perfect as extra padding for your current yoga mat.

Q: What type of floors is compatible with Gxmmat yoga mats?

The Gxmmat yoga mats can be laid on almost any ground for extra comfort and shock absorption. They can be used on tiles, hardwood floors, concrete, and even carpets.

The underside of each Gxmmat mat features a unique dot pattern to keep the mat from moving around during practice. The extra weight of these large mats also helps them stay in place.


In this Gxmmat yoga mat review, we highly recommend the 6’x4’ Gxmmat large yoga mat because the size is perfect for home and gym use. This mat is huge yet lighter so you can still carry this around with ease. The flexibility contributes maximum comfort on your practice.

If you want a bigger yoga mat, the 6’x10’ Gxmmat large yoga mat is a good alternative. It has the same sticky surface and flexibility for optimum comfort. With this size, you can do yoga with a partner.

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