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11 Health Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea lies at the bottom of a deep valley. It is actually a part of a much larger sea that was left over 2 million years ago. Sitting at 1300 feet below the sea level, this is the lowest natural place on earth.

The concentration of salt in this stretch of water is 10 times more than what you will find in any of the oceans.

Clean and untouched air of the Dead Sea makes for a healing environment that you will not find anywhere else in this world.

Salt of the dead sea is made up of natural healing elements that are supposed to be present in our bodies, but they are often lost due to our modern way of living.

Today, there are numerous treatment facilities, resorts, and spas that surround the parts of the dead sea.

Thousands of visitors come to this place all year round to benefit from the healing and rejuvenating effects of Dead Sea salt.

Dead Sea salt is known to heal both your body and the mind. In addition to that, a bath in Dead Sea salt before bedtime can help you relax and sleep better.

Here are some of the best Health benefits of Dead Sea salt you should know about:

11 Health Benefits of Dead Sea Salt You Should Know

1. Calms down the nervous system

Dead Sea salt is highly effective for the treatment of many nervous system disorders.

The salt features many different essential minerals, especially the bromine, which is a crucial constituent of products meant to promote relaxation and calm down the nervous system.

Furthermore, the salt is rich in zinc and magnesium that are known to have calming effects on the mind and body.

2. Increases the circulation of blood

Dead Sea salt, when applied on the skin surface, provides the skin with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and iron.

These minerals are known to improve the blood circulation in the body.

3. Helps prevent the onset of heart disease

Cardiovascular diseases are often problematic for many. The most frequent reason behind heart diseases is the thickening of blood vessels or the accumulation of fats in them.

Dead Sea salt is known to relieve hypertension as the existence of potassium, magnesium and calcium help in controlling the blood pressure.

It is strongly recommended for heart patients to either swim in the Dead Sea or apply Dead Sea sand over their body to keep their cardiovascular problems manageable.

4. Prevents baldness

Sand from the Dead Sea has been known to be very effective in preventing hair thinning. Many cosmetics products bank upon the presence of dead sea salt in the products.

Dead sea salt is also a well-known therapy for hair loss.

Calcium, which is necessary for healthy and shiny hair, is likewise the main constituent of the Dead Sea salt.

Therefore, using dead sea sand over your hair gives your hair a glowing appearance and prevents hair from getting damaged.

Furthermore, washing hair with dead sea water makes them smoother and softer.

5. Reduces stress

Stress is the major reason behind many of the health issues.

Dead Sea salt can minimize the stress due to the presence of magnesium in it, which is an anti-stress ore.

Regardless of whether you know how to swim or not, you can easily float in the Dead Sea water without drowning and benefit from the salt present in it.

6. Reduces inflammation of the joints

The presence of strontium, boron, potassium and calcium in the dead sea salt is quite helpful when it comes to preventing inflammation from happening.

Furthermore, the presence of these minerals helps to reduce the joint pain, which is caused due to inflammation.

7. Skincare benefits of dead sea salts

The Dead Sea offers free and effective treatment to people suffering from premature aging.

Sulfur present in the Dead Sea salt helps to soften the skin.

Alternatively, sodium heals skin dryness. Lithium and strontium help in the production of new skin layers that are healthy and glowing.

Therefore, Dead Sea salt when applied across the body not just slows down the skin aging process, but in addition, makes the skin sanguine and florid.

8. Repair of damaged tissue

Phosphorus and Magnesium play an important role in the repair of the damaged tissue.

Phosphorus is an essential ingredient of the cells and tissues of your body. It is essential for maintenance, growth and repair mechanisms of the body.

Likewise, Magnesium helps in the repair of damaged tissues. Both of these minerals are abundant in the dead sea salt.

These minerals are easily absorbed in the skin and help in the repair of the damaged tissue.

A dead sea salt scrub is a perfect choice for this purpose.

9. Helps strengthen the bones

Bones, which are made from phosphorus, calcium and sodium, are strengthened unless there is a shortage of these minerals in the body.

Anyone of these minerals present in insufficient amounts could lead to weakening or thinning of the bones and many other medical problems.

Application of the dead sea salt, which is actually a pool of such minerals helps to strengthen the bones by making these minerals accessible to the surface of the skin.

10. Relaxation and sleep benefits

According to the statistics, 25 percent of the Americans are suffering from one of the many types of sleep disorders.

Disturbed sleep can often leave you run down and tired.

Magnesium deficiency is the major reason behind most of the sleep disorders. This one mineral is actually responsible for more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

In addition to that, Magnesium is necessary for your body to produce energy and muscles to relax. Dead Sea salt has Magnesium present in high amounts. Soaking in a Dead Sea bath relaxes the body and makes it easier for you to sleep. High-end saunas often make use of Dead Sea salts to create an environment similar to the Dead Sea by evaporating the bromides.

11. Boost up energy

Phosphorus and magnesium are two essential components that are responsible for the production of energy in the body.

Phosphorus is commonly used by living cells to create energy and it is also an essential component in the creation of new cells in the body.

Magnesium, on the other hand, helps in the energy metabolism of the body.

Dead Sea salt has both these minerals in abundance to boost your energy levels and make you more energetic and healthy.

The bottom line

Recently, the Dead Sea salt has evolved as one of the greatest sources of raw materials for skincare products.

The unique composition of dead sea salt helps it to penetrate the facial skin more deeply without causing any irritation.

This enriches the facial skin with essential minerals, quickly passing it on an improved tone and natural splendor.

Most of the dead sea salt soaps offered nowadays have the right concentration of the salt present in them. In addition, many of the dead sea salt products come with a certification ensuring that the ingredients used are good quality and effective.

For me, it is always enjoyable to have a relaxing time after a busy workday. A relaxing bath with Dead Sea salt before bedtime calms me down and releases any stress, anxiety, and fatigue I have gathered during the day.

It works well for me and has helped me sleep better and faster. Give it a try. Trust me, you will love it.

Where to buy Dead Sea salt?

In this internet age, there is no need to travel to the Dead Sea to benefit from the healing effects of dead sea salt.

Genuine quality products containing dead sea salt can be delivered to your doorstep through websites like Amazon.

The product range of dead sea salt on Amazon is exhaustive and the money charged is reasonable. There are also discounts offered on bulk dead sea salt purchase.

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