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Hemingweigh Yoga Mats Review: Top 4 recommendations in 2021

If you’re looking for extra-thick yoga mats, then HemingWeigh is worth trying. HemingWeight yoga mats are thick ranging from 6mm to 38mm. These mats are also portable since they come with a carrying strap and some even adopt a three-fold design.

I have gathered four of the best HemingWeigh yoga mats on the market today. Let’s get to know each of them in this HemingWeigh yoga mat review.

Quick Answer:

1. HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

This extra-thick foam mat is our best choice because it offers the best combination of comfort and stability. The extra cushion is comfortable on the knees without affecting the balance poses. I also love this mat’s generous space with its large dimensions.

2. HemingWeigh 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

If your knees and joints are naturally weak, this 12.7mm mat is a perfect choice. This mat is made of soft foam which feels comfortable on the back and knees. The dimensions are also accommodating to tall people.

3. HemingWeigh Super Thick NBR Yoga Mat

If you want the longest and widest mat from HemingWeigh, this particular yoga mat is ideal. This mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. The 6.35mm thickness is also comfortable on the joints.

Editor’s Pick: Best HemingWeigh Yoga Mats

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HemingWeigh Yoga Mat Buying Guide

HemingWeigh yoga mats are thick, extra-long, and portable. The thickness is a least 6.35 mm while the length can go as much as 75 inches. All of them come with a carrying strap, except for the Gymnastics Mat which offers a special three-fold design.

These mats are made of NBR and EPE foam. They’re moisture-resistant, so they’re easy to clean. I like the non-skid ridges of these mats because they help prevent slipping during yoga practice.

However, some of these mats may produce a strange odor that may vanish with use. The foam material also gets permanent marks easily, so watch out for sharp objects.

Why Use Foam Yoga Mats?

Foam offers excellent cushion and protection against impact. This material is typically resilient with high flexibility, making it ideal to provide proper cushion and support. When it comes to waterproof advantage, it’s only suitable for closed-cell foam materials, like NBR and EPE.

The best thing about HemingWeigh is that it uses toxic-free and latex-free foam materials. They’re moisture-resistant, so cleaning is a breeze. To sum up, foam is a versatile material that you can consider for yoga mats.

How To Choose The Right Thickness

The yoga mats’ thickness may vary from 1.5mm to 6mm and even 38mm. The standard thickness of yoga mats is around 3mm.

The 3mm yoga mat is ideal for any practice. Thicker mats are perfect for yoga practices that do a lot of seating or lying down, like restorative. If you like to feel the ground more, opt for a thinner mat, preferably around 1.6mm.

Now, opt for thicker mats if you want to protect your knees and joints from the ground. While you can fold your mat to thicken the cushion, it’s not as convenient as having a thicker mat. A 6mm mat provides the best of both worlds: comfort and stability.

Top 4 HemingWeigh Yoga Mats

1. HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

The HemingWeigh extra-thick mat impresses with its generous space and sufficient cushion to make your yoga practice more comfortable. This mat is 72 inches long and 23 inches wide providing you more room to stretch. It’s around 6mm thick, giving you enough back support for inversions and core work activities.

I love the grooved non-skid surface because it helps keep your feet and hands secure on the ground. The material is sort of a porous rubber type, preventing your hands from slipping even when you sweat. I haven’t noticed any odor, but if there is, it would disappear quickly.

Since this mat is a bit bulky, I like the idea of the self-strapping system for convenient transport. However, it may leave permanent marks on the surface due to its soft cushion. Nonetheless, it’s a good mat for support and portability.

Best For:

The HemingWeigh Extra Thick Exercise Mat is perfect for yogis who want both comfort and stability. This mat comes with the perfect thickness to protect your joints and keep your balancing poses steady.

2. HemingWeigh 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

This exercise yoga mat is the thickest out from the HemingWeigh product line. It’s 12.7 mm thick, which offers excellent impact absorption. The mat is so thick that you get maximum support on your back and won’t feel the floor at all.

Another surprising element of this mat is its portability. Although the mat is bulky, the NBR foam is easy to carry with its elastic strap. It doesn’t have any foul odor, and it’s free of latex.

The mat is 24 inches wide and 71 inches long, giving more room to practice. However, it squeaks while stretching, which is a bit shameful when you’re in a yoga class. Other than that, this HemingWeigh mat is a good mat for comfort.

Best For:

The HemingWeigh 1/2-inch yoga mat is perfect for yogis who want to practice yoga at home. This mat is very thick, so it also fits those who suffer from minor injuries.

3. HemingWeigh Super Thick NBR Yoga Mat

Measuring around 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, this super thick yoga mat is the biggest HemingWeigh product out there. The surface has ridges to add traction and prevent you from slipping. This mat is moisture-resistant, so cleaning is as easy as a simple wipe with a towel.

The 6.35mm thickness is just right to protect your back against the hard floor. This mat is also firm enough to support you in any balancing poses. It’s a great bonus that the mat comes with a strap because it helps with portable storage and transport.

Since this mat is made of foam, be careful from sharp objects because they may leave some permanent marks on the surface. Also, there a little squeaky noise when you use it. Nonetheless, this mat is a great option for size.

Best For:

The HemingWeigh Super Thick Yoga Mat is perfect for those who want a longer mat. This particular model is the largest to accommodate tall and plus-sized yogis.

4. HemingWeigh Gymnastic Mat

This gymnastic mat features a convenient three-fold design for easy storage and travel. It comes with handles, so carrying it anywhere is easy. With its 75 inches length, it can accommodate tall yogis who want extra space for practice.

This mat is 38mm thick, providing more comfort than you can imagine. It’s made of EPE foam, which is very flexible compared to other foam types. Cleaning is even a breeze with its moisture-resistant surface.

I love this mat because it folds beautifully and can endure a hard beating. However, the width is pretty standard, so I feel limited in my actions.

Best For:

The HemingWeigh Gymnastics Mat is ideal for yogis who want a novel portable mat. This mat has a three-fold design that looks like an attache case when folded.


Q: How to clean HemingWeigh yoga mat?

HemingWeigh yoga mats contain moisture-resistant attributes, so cleaning is super easy. Simply wash the mat with soap and water, then dry. You can wipe the mat with some disinfectant wipes or use a mixture of vinegar and tea tree oil to remove stubborn dirt.

Although HemingWeigh yoga mats can be cleaned with almost anything, it can’t be shoved into the washing machine. Doing so will break up the foam particles and damage your mat.

Q: How often should I clean my HemingWeigh yoga mat?

The frequency of cleaning may depend on how often you use the yoga mat. The ideal is cleaning your mat after each use. At least once a month, conduct deep cleaning.

Q: What if my HemingWeigh yoga mat has a strange smell? How to remove it?

Hang your new mat outside for a few days. The fresh air and sunlight outside can help remove the strange odor from the factory. If this still won’t work, create an odor-removal solution, like a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water.

Q: What’s the difference between an exercise mat and a yoga mat?

The difference between these two mats lies in the thickness of the material. Yoga mats tend to be thinner than exercise mats. These mats are also not as firm as exercise mats.

Q: Are HemingWeigh yoga mats worth it?

Absolutely, because HemingWeigh yoga mats not pricey but durable. They’re excellent in gripping the floor and preventing you from slipping. Best of all, they’re thick and extra-long.


HemingWeigh yoga mats are perfect for yoga when it comes to size and comfort. In this HemingWeigh yoga mat review, my top pick is the HemingWeigh Extra Thick Exercise Mat because it offers both stability and support. This mat is virtually odorless and easy to transport.

If you want a thicker mat, the 1/2-inch Exercise Yoga Mat is a perfect match. This mat is the thickest HeminghWeight product out there. It feels so soft that you can practice your lying positions without any fuss.

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