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How to Have a Relaxing Bath with Dead Sea Salt

One of my favorite relaxation techniques is to take a relaxing bath.
This is great, since I take a bath every day.

This allows me to plan a relaxing bath every day, and therefore get in at least one time to relax after a busy day.

So, why not utilize this good opportunity to relax yourself?

Give your body and mind a chance to unwind, and to reduce morning stress. Get rid of fatigue, and get a better night’s rest.

My personal favorite bath is a Dead Sea Salts bath.

This is my favorite because there are so many health benefits to using Dead Sea Salts.

To many, the fact that the name has “dead” in it, is a major turn off; however, “Dead Sea Salt” simply refers to the salt having been extracted or taken from the Dead Sea.

These salts contain minerals that are a major benefit for human body. Among these wonderful minerals is magnesium.

Magnesium is the most powerful relaxation mineral, as it helps with insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, and muscle relaxation.

Preparation Before your Relaxing Bath

You will need to have a clean environment, body, and mind.

So first, clean the bathroom. Get it as clean as you need it to be. This means, clean it until you are satisfied with it. Let your job-well-done be the first step towards a better mood.

Take a shower beforehand to clean the dirt and grime from your body that you have accumulated throughout the day.

Play some relaxing music. Play something you find calming, cleansing, or meaningful. This will help your mind relax and find some calm and peace.

For this, I usually use my phone with a waterproof cover to avoid water affecting or damaging my phone. I then select a playlist from YouTube and let it play as I soak and relax.

I also always drink a glass of water to replace the water I will lose in the bath.

OK, let’ start…

Start running warm water into the bathtub. The water should be a little higher than your body temperature, or at a temperature with which you feel comfortable.

Then choose one of the simple Dead Sea Salt bath recipes you love:

For better sleep, or relaxing before you go to bed:

3 cups Dead Sea salts
4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

For pain relief, and healing your skin

3 cups Dead Sea salts
4 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Or you can choose another essential oil you love, and add that to the mix, though there are already many benefits in the Dead Sea Salts.

After deciding your recipe, mix them with water. Soak your foot first to let your body become gradually used to the temperature, then slowly submerge up to your chest.

This way, you may soak for a relatively longer time. (I usually soak thirty to forty minutes).

So, what are some things you can do while you are soaking in your bath?

You can just calm down, and think about happy moments, memories, hopes, or aspirations, or read a book or magazine that you love. You can also just sit and listen to the music.

While you can just relax, I like to be relatively “active” when taking a relaxing bath.

I do like to massage my whole body to relax muscle. I will pat or massage muscles and other areas to increase blood circulation, sing, or even shout to release stress.

Even though it sounds silly, shout while you’re taking a bath. Shouting helps relieve stress. Just remember to shut your door so as not to disrupt anyone else in the house.

After enjoying your time soaking in your relaxing bath, you still need to care about…

Similar to the way you started, gradually leave the water. Start first with your foot, then, after a few minutes, slowly remove the rest of your body from the bathtub.

If you feel thirsty after your bath, be sure to drink plenty of water. This will continue to make you feel better and more relaxed.

Other important things to care about

-You should stop soaking if you feel uncomfortable.

-Don’t fall asleep in the bath. There are many dangerous scenarios that can happen if a person is unconscious in a bath, such as head injury, fainting, or even drowning.

-Pregnant women should not take too hot of a bath.

-People who have high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease etc. should consult a doctor before taking a long or hot bath.

Well, this is about it for my “relaxing bath” segment. I just know that if you try them out, you will fall insanely in love with them like I have!

Remember, you can always take a relaxing bath at home, anytime you want 🙂

Are you ready to have a healthy, relaxing bath?

You could buy bulk Dead Sea Salt on Amazon.com, and also choose some essential oils you love to add. Enjoy your bath time!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment to share you experience with me.


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