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How to Use Singing Bowls for Meditation

The entire concept of Sound Healing has been highly prevalent across the world and is quite ancient as well. Several religions even state that the world and everything in existence began with a sound.

The Singing Bowls are widely used for meditation purposes across the world and are highly effective. The Singing Bowls are often also known or referred to as ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls’ or even ‘Himalayan Bowls.’

They are known to have extremely powerful healing properties. They have been present throughout the Himalayan areas of India, Nepal, and Tibet. Their varied manifestations are also found in Japan, Korea, China, and even Mongolia.

They are essentially a type of bell that produce deep and rich tones when played. The Buddhist monks have been using Singing Bowls for meditation for a very long time. Several wellness professionals, including massage therapists, yoga therapists, and music therapists also use Singing Bowls during treatment.

Their efficacy is credited to the simplicity of the sound produced which emulates the primal sound ‘Om’ and its echoes present in the Universe.

Different Uses of Singing Bowls

Several individuals and professionals use Singing Bowls for different purposes, including stress reduction and pain relief. When used with other practices such as meditation and deep breathing, Singing Bowls are highly effective.

Singing Bowls work tremendously well in getting the cells in complete harmony, as well as balancing the energy system in the body. Several studies have also indicated that Singing Bowls stimulate the immune system and also produce advantageous changes in brainwaves. Apart from this, Singing Bowls have calming, soothing, and relaxing properties which are effective in reducing stress.

They are also used by several practitioners for healing different ailments. Depending upon the ailment, the bowls are placed over the specific body parts, or close to it, and played by the practitioner or a therapist.

Singing Bowls are also of various sizes. Generally, the larger bowls produce deeper tones which are highly beneficial for enhancing the meditation and its practice. The smaller bowls produce higher tones and are best suited for clearing negativity and illnesses out of the body.

How to Use Singing Bowls for Meditation

There are several techniques for using Singing Bowls for meditation, however, this technique is tried and tested.

Place the bowl on a cushion/pad on a stable surface near to you. To create the sound, try to firmly press the mallet in a circular motion against the edge or the rim of the Singing Bowl.

Slow down the motion when you hear a clear and bright tone. Always remember to use your full arm to create the motion rather than using just the wrist. Imagine stirring a big pot of soup so you can use your entire arm.

Opt for the clockwise rotation while rubbing the bowl. Focus on the sound produced and let it reverberate within you. Continue to focus on the sound until it diminishes to the point that you cannot hear it. You can also strike it again at the end to bring your awareness to the present.

Apart from this, you can create the sound by a similar circular motion against the belly of the bowl. You can get greater results if you strike the bowl gently before beginning the circular motion. It is essential to apply pressure as the friction of the mallet against the rim of the bowl creates vibrations.

While experimenting with speed is good, avoid going too fast with it. However, one of the unique aspects of using the Singing Bowl is that every time you perceive the sounds differently – which is dependent highly upon the state of your mind, emotional state, and energy levels.

Advanced Techniques for Using Singing Bowls for Meditation

There are several advanced techniques which can be used for creating the sounds, such techniques include the Wah-Wah technique and the Water Bowl sounds. Wah-Wah technique requires the use of the natural Wah-Wahs of the Singing Bowls and your mouth.

This is useful in amplifying the sound of the Singing Bowls. The Water Bowl technique, as the name suggests, involves using water to produce a sound which is similar to that of dolphins singing! Apart from this, you may also want to try Rimming with the Padded Mallet for a different sound and experience altogether.

While this can be a bit challenging initially, it works wonders by producing a very pleasant and relaxing sound. Once you begin using Singing Bowls regularly, you would be able to resonate with the sound and the effect very easily and deeply.

Benefits of Singing Bowl Meditation

Despite Singing Bowls being used widely for a long time, there are very few studies conducted on their benefits.

A preliminary study report published in the ‘American Journal of Health Promotion’ studied the benefits of the healing method and discovered that 12 minutes of Singing Bowls relaxation session contributed greatly towards reducing systolic blood pressure and heart rate.

This also has a significant effect on blood pressure levels which are lowered over a period with regular usage.

Furthermore, Singing Bowls have a profound effect on the mental capacities of an individual as it is observed to boost mental awareness as well as provide a feeling of contentment and well-being.

It also is highly beneficial for energy healing and clearing out the energy blocks in the 7 Chakras.

Different bowls match different frequencies of the various Chakras of the body, thus bringing alignment and balance in the Chakras.

Singing Bowls are also highly effective in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and anger through harmony.

The overall effect of Singing Bowls harmonizes the entire body and aligns it, leading to a healthy body and state of mind.


Integrating the use of Singing Bowls can enhance the effects of stress management techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery, etc.

Singing Bowls effectively reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. Singing Bowls are widely available for purchase in select stores and online.


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