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47 Meditation Experts Reveal the #1 Benefits of Meditation They Receive Personally!

Benefits of Meditation

When people think of meditation, they often think of the meditation they have seen on television. However, as meditation becomes more and more popular in the world, the benefits of meditation are becoming well-researched and many people are becoming more aware of the incredible benefits of meditation.

As a matter of fact, even beyond the scope of research, many individuals receive benefits from real experience that researches can’t clearly explain! It is my hope, that by learning the benefits others receive, we can each discover that one significant benefit, that we may find improves our different lifestyles.

In order to demonstrate the awesome effects of meditation, we are going to share some of the amazing benefits of meditation, many from experts and meditation bloggers who have been practicing the art for many years!

I asked 47 meditation experts one simple question:

“What is the #1 benefit you, personally, receive after meditating?”

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Book Review: The Essence of Meditation: A Practical Handbook of Meditation and Breathing Techniques

Atilla’s new book, The Essence of Meditation: A Practical Handbook for Meditation and Breathing Techniques delivers an entertaining perspective on healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

This endeavors to ascertain the importance and relevance of these meditation techniques, done in a more simple and convenient way.

It provides no bar to its uses, applied to everyone regardless of differences. This book confirms that wherever and whatever situation you are, you can easily learn these meditation techniques and methods and seek their benefits. In reviewing this book, the criteria used is content, relevance/practicality and depth of insights.

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