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Free Relaxing Music Online & 7 YouTube Picks for Japanese Relaxing Music

Free Relaxing Music Online

Have you ever sat in bed, knowing that it was time to sleep, but you just couldn’t force yourself to actually sleep?

Maybe, if you’re like me, you were taking care of business right up until the moment you decided to sleep, and now your mind won’t stop reeling.

Or maybe you just have a lot of worries built up, and they won’t let you rest. These are just a few examples of things that can keep us from getting to sleep and staying asleep like we should.

Sometimes, we decide to get back out of bed and finish the work we had left. I know when I do this it doesn’t help, but actually makes it worse. Working just makes me more active, and instead of relaxing, I become even more entangled in the work that I could be saving for the next day.

Being active isn’t the state of body you want to be in right before you go to bed, or even as you climb into bed.

I know this might sound crazy, or even too good to be true, but in all actuality, we should begin to relax at least one hour before we plan on “hitting the hay.”

This one hour should be used to create a relaxed state of mind and body, and can be achieved by finding the method of relaxing that works for you. One method that many use is to listen to relaxing music before and during their sleep.

There are many kinds of music to listen to, but one of my favorites, that I think you might like as well, is Japanese BGM. Japanese BGM is actually Japanese background music.

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What is Stress: An Introduction to Stress

What is Stress

What Is Stress?

In definition, it is the response the mental or physical body has to any kind of change. In other words, getting up and going to the kitchen could be defined as stressful!

But, more commonly, stress is a known as a strain that occurs under demanding circumstances. It can cause us to be emotionally distraught, and if we stay stressed for too long, it can cause our mental and physical health to suffer. In fact, The American Medical Association has said that stress is the underlying cause of over 60% of all human disease.

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