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5 Best Gong for Sound Healing and Meditation(2021 Buying Guide)

Gongs are made of hammered metal and used to attract good luck and drive spirits away, they are also used as ornaments for homes. Do you know that the sound and vibration of a gong can be therapeutic to the mind, soul, and body? The best gong for sound healing and meditation should be durable, produce a rich sound, and resonate well to your emotions.

There are many gongs on the market but only a few immediately move us into our Zen Zone. For complete reviews and guide, keep on reading.

Quick Answer:

1. Woodstock Chimes WCBHG Hanging Gong

The WCBHG is a hanging gong that can be an incredible addition to your home. This gong impresses with its nice tone that glistens and changes as the vibrations slowly stop. It’s great for meditation, as well as simply clearing your head.

2. Zildjian Gong and Stand Set

If you want a traditional gong for your table, then the Zildjian is a great option. This gong provides a classic gong sound that clears your mind from all troubles. It comes with a sturdy stand that seems to be functional, with metal base bars that can take some pads.

3. Gongs Unlimited on the Au Courant Gong Stand

The Gongs Unlimited offers a phenomenal sound that can heal your tired spirit. It comes with a stand that looks attractive and feels stable. Besides meditation, you can use this beautiful gong set for good luck or as a unique addition to your home.

Editor’s Pick: Best Gongs for Sound Healing and Meditation

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Gong Buying Guide

Purchasing the best gong for meditation requires knowledge and good advice. Here’s a simple guide when buying your first or eighth gong. But first, let’s talk about its history and benefits.

Gong Meditation: An Overview

Meditation gongs have been used for spiritual healing for thousands of years. It was Yogi Bhajan who brought the healing sound of meditation gongs to the west. Today, a lot of yogis use the sounds of gongs to feel peaceful and relaxed.

Gong meditation is a form of sound practices that uses therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to heal and meditate. This practice is also known as “gong bath” because you’ll get bathed with gong sound waves to reach the Zen state. Aside from therapeutic benefits, the main goal of this sound practice is to appreciate and be aware of the present moment.

Therapeutic Benefits of Gong Vibration Therapy

  • Stimulates the body and revitalizes the skin.
  • Can help relieve stress, anxiety, and other mental problems.
  • Relaxes the mind.
  • Improves mental clarity and focus.
  • Reduces fatigue.

What to Look For

The Sound or Vibrations

The sound of the gong shouldn’t be tinny, it should be rich reverberation that’s pure and powerful, yet serene like the ocean waves. If possible, find a store where you can try striking on a few different gongs and choose one that resonates to your feelings.


If you’re planning to take your gong on your travels, choose something small. A gong that’s between 2-6 inches is a good size for travel. If you want a gong that can serve as a unique ornament for your desk or table, you can go larger up to 14 inches.


Some gongs are designed with an outer frame while others are merely made with a hanging string. Your choice depends on where you plan to place it. If you want to put the gong on your desk or table, look for a gong with a stable outer frame.

For hanging gongs, you can simply secure it in the wall. Make sure that you don’t go too close to the wall if you’re planning to strike it hard.

5 Best Gongs for Healing and Meditation Review

1. Woodstock Chimes WCBHG Hanging Gong

The WCBHG Hanging Gong fashions a contemporary design that can bring a wonderful addition to your home. This hand-hammered bronze gong shines back the many facets of sound vibration. It comes with a mallet and a stylish black hardwood top to bring a relaxing harmony to your humble abode.

From the top of the ring to the wind catcher’s base, the total length is 17 inches. The diameter of the gong is 10 inches, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. We love this hanging gong because its wonderful tone sparkles and changes as the vibrations gradually stop.

Best For:

The Woodstock Chimes WCBHG is perfect for smaller spaces. You can simply hang this gong in your wall and enjoy a healing or meditation time in your home or office.

2. Zildjian Gong and Stand Set

From Beethoven to the Beatles, Zildjian has been a significant contributor to musical history. Its cast bronze-cymbals are crafted from raw metal in the company’s foundry through a series of heating and hammering process. The result is a durable gong with a slightly lathed front and back, offering great clarity and projection.

This 12-inch Chinese gong comes with a mallet and a sturdy stand that you can place leisurely on your table or desk. The mallet may appear large, but it makes a gentle, powerful tone. The sound isn’t a big, booming sound, but it is rich enough to heal your worried mind.

Best For:

The Zildjian Gong and Stand Set is ideal for those who want a functional gong on their desk or table. It has a sturdy stand which can take some pads underneath.

3. Gongs Unlimited on the Au Courant Gong Stand

This 14-inch gong is somewhat similar to other Southeast Asian gongs, thanks to the slightly raised part on the center which is called the bell or nipple. The bell or nipple is where you strike to create a clear tone for meditation. It carries a nice clear tone that resonates for a good 20-40 seconds.

What makes this gong super majestic is its Au Courant Gong Stand which features cutting edge design. The stand measures around 14 inches in length, 20 inches in height, and 4 inches in depth. It’s circular to represent familiar objects, like planets and fish mouths.

Best For:

The Gongs Unlimited is ideal for people who like to meditate on a nice clear tone. It’s 14” in size, making it loud enough to hear in a whole house. The circular gong stand makes this gong a good decor for natural energy and comfort at home.

4. KT Zen 12 Chinese Zodiac Table Gong

The Zen table gong is designed with the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs for a Zen-like environment. It’s 5 inches in diameter, making it an ideal ornament for your small table or desk. Despite its small size, you’ll be amazed at its loud sound which can fill your home, office, or shops.

This 8.8-ounce gong is made of copper which generates a good resonating chime in every light strike. The sound is sharp enough to prepare your brain for the highest level of meditation. The outer frame is crafted from wood and it has a hook to hang the mallet.

Best For:

The KT Zen 12 Chinese Zodiac Table Gong is great for people who are into Chinese astrology. With its small size, you can make this a perfect gift for anyone.

5. Asian Home Zen Art Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong

Perhaps, the smallest gong on this list, the Asian Home Zen Art Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong has a diameter of 2 inches. Even with its small size, this brass-colored gong still creates a soothing sound for self-meditation. It’s Feng Shui dragon design makes it a unique addition to desks and tables in homes and offices.

We do like that the mallet hangs right at the outer frame so there’s a low chance of losing it. Although the wooden frame feels a little cheap, it still looks like a nice ornamental piece for your home. It is small and delicate, yet it offers a fairly loud sound.

Best For:

This Asian Home Desktop Gong is perfect for those looking for an affordable option. It only costs $14.88 on Amazon. With its Feng Shui design, this little gong can be a unique display piece on your desk.


Q: What are the different types of gongs?

Gongs may come in various styles and sizes, from a couple of inches to approximately 84 inches. A lot of gongs on the market are flat, but some have a central portion known as the nipple. In general, gongs have two common styles, the suspended and the bowl.

Suspended gongs or the flat style gongs are hung upright using a cord. They usually come with a mallet to produce a sound. The bowl-shaped gongs can be placed on the ground.

Q:What are gongs made of?

Gongs are usually made of hammered metal. Many are constructed from bronze or brass, but with a combination of other metals. Every gong is handmade, even those that are produced in China.

You might observe that the gongs may not sound the same. Minor disparities are to be anticipated but they do keep a similar tone thanks to design features.

Q: How do I practice the gong bath?

Gong baths are best practiced in groups. With another person assigned to strike the gong or the instructor, relax in a comfortable position with a pillow or blanket. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the gong played very softly, then gradually louder. This session can last from 15 minutes to an hour.

Q: How loud can a gong be?

The sound of a gong may reach 105 decibels with an insane pounding. In average, the sound level of a gong may reach between 80-97 decibels, comparable to the loudness of a hairdryer or a motorcycle.


The best gong for sound healing and meditation is the Woodstock Chimes WCBHG Hanging Gong because it offers a rich sound despite its small size. It comes with a black finish ash wood hanger and a mallet to bring a healing sound to your home. The bronze-colored gong is hand-hammered to bring nothing but a variety of sound vibrations.

A good alternative is the Zildjian Gong and Stand Set which is suitable for desks and tables. It comes with a stable stand under which you can stack some pads. With a very light strike, this gong can create a resonating sound that can last for 12-15 seconds.

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