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5 Best Yoga Mat Cleaners for All Mats(2021 Buying Guide)

Your yoga mat, when left untreated, can attract thousands of bacteria since it usually gets exposed to sweat, hard floors, and airborne germs. Don’t let your face, hands, and feet get exposed with this nasty stuff. Get yourself a good yoga mat cleaner that’s non-toxic but effective in removing bacteria, bad odor, and other nasty stuff from your yoga mat.

There are many yoga mat cleaners available today. If you’re looking for the best yoga mat cleaner that suits your needs, then check our top 5 recommendations and helpful guide.

Quick Answer:

1. Asutra Yoga Mat Detox Yoga Mat Cleaner

Asutra cleans and disinfects your yoga mat without leaving any slippery residue. This lavender yoga mat cleaner is made from all-natural ingredients. With its lavender scent, you’ll get to enjoy several aromatherapy benefits, such as reduced anxiety, less stress, and lower blood pressure.

2. Mind Over Lather Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Mind Over Lather offers a generous amount of 237 ml of cleaning spray for any type of mats. The natural blend of essential oils smells fresh and relaxing. It’s perfect for any yogi who wants to keep their yoga mat clean from all bacteria and other nasty stuff.

3. Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash

The Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash offers a therapeutic formula to clean your yoga mat from all bacteria and foul odor. It’s made from essential organic oils with no phosphates and alcohol. It’s available in four scents: original, eucalyptus, lavender, and citrus.

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Yoga Mat Cleaner Buying Guide

The best yoga mat cleaner should be effective and safe for you and the environment. Here are some things that you need to consider when buying the best cleaner for your yoga mat.


You’ll want the ingredients to be as natural as possible. Look for non-toxic and eco-friendly formulas that contain natural disinfectants, like witch hazel, tea tree oil, and vinegar. Avoid those formulas containing harsh chemicals, like ammonia, paraben, and artificial fragrance.


Of course, you want your yoga mat to smell fresh and clean. Your choice of scent may depend on your preferences. The best yoga mat cleaners are scented with organic essential oils, like lavender and eucalyptus, to give aromatherapy benefits. Lavender gives a calming effect while eucalyptus helps you breathe easy.

Safe For All Mats

The yoga mat cleaner should evaporate quickly and leave no slippery residue to make it safe for you. It should be used on all types of mats and props without compromising the integrity of your mat. Some cleaners can even be used for other sports equipment, like balls, rackets, and shoes that need disinfecting.

How To Clean Yoga Mat At Home

Using A Yoga Mat Cleaner

Shake the bottle of yoga mat cleaner before use. Spray the solution three times into a damp cloth and wipe it into the mat to remove dirt and other nasty stuff.

For deeper cleaning, spray a generous amount of cleaning solution onto the mat and let it stand for two minutes. Gently scrub the mat with a damp cloth and wipe it clean with another cloth. Air dry to finish.

Other Cleaning Methods

Another way of cleaning your yoga mat is to hose it down with water then apply a mild soap detergent. Use a sponge to remove dirt, rinse, and air dry.

If it’s too cold outside, soak and clean your mat in the bathtub. Use vinegar + water mixture to remove dirt if your mat can’t be soaked. Another option is to clean your mat in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle, given that your mat is machine washable.

5 Best Yoga Mat Cleaners Review

1. Asutra Yoga Mat Detox Yoga Mat Cleaner

Asutra promises to clean, restore, and refresh your yoga mat without any slippery residue. It’s made from organic essential oils to keep your yoga mat smelling fresh with no chemicals. This natural yoga mat cleaner is scented with lavender which doesn’t only remove dust and germs but also helps you feel calm and energized.

The Asutra Yoga Mat Detox is safe for all types of mats, including rubber mats. It has been handcrafted to clean your mat from all the gunk and foul odor. This yoga mat cleaner comes with a handy microfiber cleaning towel to help with the cleaning process.

Best For:

The Asutra Yoga Mat Detox is great for those who are sensitive to chemicals and smells. This yoga mat cleaner has a light lavender scent that’s not overpowering. It also won’t any skin irritations.

2. Mind Over Lather Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Mind Over Lather has one of the best yoga mat cleaner ingredients. It’s made of distilled water, witch hazel, tea tree, and eucalyptus, which are all-natural disinfectants. The formula has no coconut oil that might make your yoga mat slippery nor alcohol to over dry your mat.

We love this natural yoga mat cleaning spray because its spray nozzle locks to prevent any leaks. You can use it in almost anything that you want to disinfect, remove odors, or create a calming mood. The scent is a combination of eucalyptus and tea tree oils which create a relaxing mood after your yoga session.

Best For:

The Mind Over Lather Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray is perfect for anyone who wants a multipurpose cleaning spray. It can be used on all types of yoga mats, furniture, and even as a hand sanitizer.

3. Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash

The original scent of Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash offers a safe way of cleaning your yoga mats after each use. It’s made of organic and all-natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, aloe vera, and rosemary extract. The scent is a combination of cedarwood, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.

This natural essential oil blend can kill bacteria, remove nasty odor, and prolong the life of your yoga mat. It’s easy to use with its spray no-leak nozzle. Since it’s hypoallergenic, it won’t cause any irritation to super sensitive skin. A whole 118-ml bottle may last you up to 3-4 months, depending on use.

Best For:

The Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash is great for PVC yoga mats because the oily formula will be absorbed very well. It’s also great for super sensitive skin because the formula is hypoallergenic.

4. Aubert & Amandine Calm Lavender Vanilla Scent Candle

The Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray eliminates bad odor from your yoga mats and other sports equipment. It’s formulated with natural active ingredients derived from essential oils, like tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and ho wood oil. It’s also mixed with gentle surfactants to remove even the toughest odor from your yoga mat.

This cleaning spray is safe for sensitive skin because the formula doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, like ammonia and synthetic fragrances. It also doesn’t leave any sticky residue making your yoga session safe. The fresh scent isn’t too overpowering making it a nice neutralizer to your sports equipment.

Best For:

The Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray is great for athletic yogis who want a deodorizer for other sports equipment. Besides yoga mats, this cleaning spray can be used on your football helmets, pilates equipment, and gym equipment.

5. Manduka Mat Wash

This Manduka Mat Wash does what it claims to do: keep your mat clean and restore the natural condition of your rubber mat. The formula is mainly made of vinegar which is a natural disinfectant against bacteria and mold. The acidity of the vinegar makes it a good cleaner for your yoga mats.

This mat wash is scented with lemongrass and sage to give a light and sweet fragrance. The biodegradable formula can remove all types of dirt and sweat. It leaves no sticky residue to keep your feet grounded when doing the most difficult yoga pose.

Best For:

The Manduka Mat Wash is great natural rubber mats, especially the Manduka eKO mats.


Q: How long do yoga mats last?

Yoga mats usually last about 6-12 months. It’s time to replace them if the edges are uneven, some small pieces start to fall apart, or they lose their stickiness. You’ll need traction to nail those difficult posed during your yoga session. Also, you might want to get another yoga mat if your old one still stinks even when you clean it.

Q: How to make yoga mat cleaner?

Create your own yoga mat cleaner with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it as necessary.

You also try mixing a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water. Tea tree oil and witch hazel are natural disinfectants. Lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils can also fight bacteria.

Q: How often should I clean my yoga mat?

You can clean your yoga mat once a week, depending on the intensity of your yoga practice. If you perspire a lot or the mat gets stinky, clean it more often. Ideally, clean your mat after each use to kill the bacteria and eliminate nasty smell.

Q: How do I keep my mat from smelling?

Clean your mat regularly and air dry it with plenty of airflow. Choose cleaners with aromatherapy scents to give a delicious scent each time you unroll the mat. Lavender and eucalyptus are two of the best scents you can choose.

Q: How to clean your yoga mat properly?

Keep your mat out of direct sunlight because it can cause your mat to fade and become brittle. For rubber mats, avoid cleaners containing essential oils. Dry your mat fully before rolling it up.


The best yoga mat cleaner is the Asutra Yoga Mat Detox because it’s made from all-natural ingredients with no paraben, artificial fragrance, and other chemicals. It’s naturally scented with lavender essential oil which helps reduce anxiety and calm the mind. Aside from the 118-ml bottle, you also get a free microfiber cleaning towel.

If you want a larger bottle, a good alternative is the Mind Over Lather Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray. This 237-ml bottle is made of natural disinfectants including witch hazel, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil. It’s safe to use for all mats and even on your furniture and linen.

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