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4 Best Yoga Trapeze Stands for Aerial Yoga (2021 Buying Guide)

Aerial yoga is difficult because it’s a fusion of yoga and Pilates while you hang in the air. For your safety, you need the best yoga trapeze stand that can support your weight. I have scoured the market, and I have found four brands that satisfy my needs.

Most of the yoga trapeze stands on this list can be used both outdoors and indoors. Let’s take a look at each product and discover its strengths and weaknesses.

Quick Answer:

1. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand

This yoga trapeze stand from YOGABODY beats all competition when it comes to durability. Its structure goes up in three levels so that you can assemble this alone or with a partner in just a few minutes. Out of all these choices, YOGABODY provides the highest weight capacity.

2. KT Aerial Yoga Stand Frame, KT.1518

When it comes to versatility, KT Aerial seals the deal. The KT.1518 model offers an adjustable height to perform aerial yoga more comfortably. Thanks to the U-shape distance-setting bar, you can fold this structure in seconds.

3. Happybuy Yoga Sling Inversion, Yoga Swing Stand

Happybuy provides everything you need, including some safety belts and a piece of sturdy stretch fabric. I like the anti-skid base because it optimizes friction for a more stable setup. Assembly is a no-brainer since you can let this structure stand using the threaded rotary connections.

Editor's Pick: The Best Yoga Trapeze Stand

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Benefits of a Yoga Trapeze Stand

A yoga trapeze stand is what you need to do aerial yoga at home or anywhere outdoors. According to American Council on Exercise, there are many health benefits of aerial yoga. One of them is to relieve the pressure that’s build up in our bodies by reversing gravity.

In some cases, the horizontal bar’s height is adjustable, so you can use it for stretching your back to ease the pain. Aerial yoga is also a low-impact cardio workout, so you work out your body without harming the joints. Best of all, it helps deliver fresh blood to the muscles by moving the lymphatic fluid around our body.

If you want to achieve a six-pack, aerial yoga can do it for you. More importantly, this type of exercise can help strengthen your deep core to improve back health. As you fulfill every challenging aerial yoga pose, you also attain a high sense of empowerment.

What to Look for in a Good Yoga Trapeze Stand

Size And Dimensions

The suitable yoga trapeze stand should fit in your allocated space. If you have a small living room, look for a stand that leaves a small footprint. The height shouldn’t be higher than your ceiling, or you won’t fit the entire structure at all.

Weight Capacity

Of course, you’ll want a yoga trapeze stand that can support your entire weight. The best models won’t wobble even when you gain weight. The largest weight capacity that I found so far is around 600 lbs.


If you plan to use your yoga trapeze stand outdoors, look for a portable model. It should be foldable, so it’s easy to carry around. If you only need to use the stand at home, you can go for the less portable models.


Since you’ll be doing many inverse positions, you should look for the most stable yoga trapeze stand. The entire construction should be thick and heavy-duty. The best models even provide anti-skid bases and safety straps to hold the structure down.


To get your money’s worth, look for a yoga trapeze stand that offers many essential accessories. Some brands offer a stretch fabric to be used for aerial yoga. Others also provide some safety belts to keep the structure stable and secure.

4 Best Yoga Trapeze Stands

1. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand

The YOGABODY yoga trapeze stand is a perfect structure for aerial yoga indoors during a rainy day. This setup even works outdoors, especially on uneven surfaces like grass. You can hang many accessories on this rock-solid design, including swing, Olympic rings, and yoga trapeze.

The best feature about YOGABODY is its high weight capacity that can support up to 600 lbs. The setup is easy since all screws and tools are already provided. In just a few minutes, you can put up this structure in three levels.

Since this product is heavy-duty, expect it to be heavy. Nonetheless, this product is beyond sturdy, and the construction is high-quality. Best of all, it allows me to do yoga and other exercises that I think are impossible at first.

Best For:

The YOGABODY yoga trapeze stand is perfect for bigger people who want a heavy-duty tool to practice aerial yoga. This product can virtually support any weight up to 600 lbs.

2. KT Aerial Yoga Stand Frame, KT.1518

The KT.1518 is a versatile aerial yoga stand frame that you can use both indoors and outdoors. I like that the height is adjustable from 72.8 inches to 92.5 inches because it allows me to choose the most comfortable height for stretching. Likewise, the distance setting bar and spread range are adjustable to add more stability to the frame.

The construction is sturdy since it’s made of durable alloy steel. I’m pleasantly surprised that it can hold up on my aerial moves and some strength moves. This frame folds up in a couple of seconds, so this model is easy to store and get out of the way after use.

However, this frame tends to slide around on wooden floors sometimes. Thankfully, there are pads at least to prevent scratching the floor. Though it provides an adjustable height and length, adjusting the frame can be a little challenging since you need to unscrew it.

Best For:

The KT. 1518 yoga stand frame is perfect for stretching your spine, along with some aerial yoga moves. The adjustable height allows you to extend your back to ease back problems.

3. Happybuy Yoga Sling Inversion, Yoga Swing Stand

Happybuy offers a complete package of accessories for aerial yoga exercises. This package includes a sturdy yoga swing stand made of thick steel pipe that can carry a high load-bearing capacity. It also includes a sturdy stretch fabric to improve your aerial yoga experience.

I like the two safety belts because they hold the swing stand down and keep it from slipping on the ground. There’s an anti-skid base on each leg, so I don’t have to worry about the swing stand skidding around. As for the assembly, I was able to put it together myself.

This product will have been perfect if it includes bolts to attach the safety straps. I love the height, but the poles are too close, so I have a hard time doing some positions.

Best For:

Happybuy is perfect for beginners since it comes with all essential accessories for aerial yoga. This package includes a yoga swing stand, safety belts, and a stretch fabric.

4. KT Dedicated Stand Frame, KT1.1520YG

The KT1.520YG is an upgrade to the KT.1518 with a larger weight capacity and a longer height range. This KT model can support up to 551 lbs. of weight, and the height can be adjusted between 70.85 inches to 100.78 inches. It is made of durable alloy steel.

This yoga trapeze stand frame comes with extra hardware, so I have no problems putting it together. This frame folds up relatively easily, so storage is pretty convenient. Besides having an adjustable height, this frame is also adjustable in length.

However, this KT stand frame is more difficult to adjust with its larger dimensions. Because of its bulkier size, expect a little wobble on uneven surfaces.

Best For:

The KT1.520YG is perfect for tall people who want extra height for a more comfortable aerial yoga practice. This particular model is longer and higher than the KT.1518 model.


Q: How much weight can a yoga trapeze hold?

A yoga trapeze can hold a maximum weight of 600 lbs. For aerial yoga equipment, a 330-lb. capacity is enough.

Q: Can you hang a yoga trapeze from a pull-up bar?

No, you can’t hang a yoga trapeze from a pull-up bar, especially when it’s pressure mounted because they come with no screws. Hanging upside down is dangerous, so don’t risk yourself doing aerial yoga with an unsecured setup.

Q: Where can I hang a yoga trapeze?

Ideally, the best place to hang your yoga trapeze is on a durable yoga trapeze stand. If you don’t like to shell out some cash, you can find a beam in your garage or even trees nearby. Just ensure that these structures are sturdy enough to support your body weight.

Inside the house, you can hang a yoga trapeze on an exposed beam or ceiling using hooks. Make sure to consult a contractor or any professional builder to guarantee your safety. In general, the best yoga trapeze structure should support at least three times your weight.

Q: How high should a yoga trapeze be?

A yoga trapeze should hang at least 50 inches when using the bar. Your head shouldn’t be touching the floor or the ceiling when you perform your aerial yoga positions. If you want to install the yoga trapeze inside your home, make sure that your ceiling height is at least 94 inches.


After reading this guide, I hope you get a better idea of what yoga trapeze stands to buy. All the stands that I reviewed above are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can choose one of them if you don’t want to shop around.

The best yoga trapeze stand for me is from YOGABODY because it offers the highest weight capacity at 600 lbs. Its rock design can remain stable even on uneven surfaces like grass. A good alternative is the KT.1518 with its adjustable height and length.

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