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Clever Yoga Mat Review: Top 4 Recommendations in 2021

With the aim to meet the needs of each yogi, Clever Yoga has been one of the most popular brands of yoga mats in the market today. Clever Yoga is known for their eco-friendly materials, affordability, and large sizes. The question is, “ Are Clever Yoga mats worth it?

We’ll try to answer that question in this Clever Yoga mat review. We’ll round up four of the best Clever Yoga mats that you can consider in your next purchase. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Quick Answer:

1. Clever BetterGrip Yoga Mat

The BetterGrip yoga mat might be what you need if you want a highly-cushioned mat for your yoga practice. It’s extra thick to protect your weak joints and extra-long to give more room for practice. We love the grippy surfaces of this yoga mat because they keep you safe and stable.

2. Clever YogiOnTheGo Travel Yoga Mat

The YogiOnTheGo is super thin that you can fold it easily for storage and travel. We love the soft fabric surface because it’s very comfortable and super grippy at the same time. It’s easy to clean because you can throw this in the washing machine after use.

3. Clever LiquidBalance Yoga Mat

The LiquidBalance offers a great balance of comfort and stability. It comes with a nice carry bag which allows you to bring the mat anywhere you go. The yoga mat itself is different from other natural rubber mats because it’s odor-free.

Editor’s Pick: Best Clever Yoga Mats

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Clever Yoga Mats Buying Guide

A Brief History About Clever Yoga

Clever Yoga was established by yogi Ellie Teng in 2014. Ellie discovered the advantages of yoga when her training for marathon running took a toll on her joints. She established the brand with the principles of loving care and excellent customer service.

The brand has increased its product range to meet the demands of every yogi. It aims to provide the highest quality and most earth-friendly materials. To satisfy their customers, they offer “Namaste warranty” where full refunds or replacement of products are guaranteed.

What We Love About Clever Yoga

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Most mats of Clever Yoga are made of TPE and biodegradable tree rubber, which are free of latex, PVC, and other toxic chemicals. The rubber is sustainably harvested meaning that it won’t harm the forest life.
  • Surprisingly Lightweight: The mats are not more than 3 lbs heavy. They’re surprisingly lightweight making them easy to carry around in your shoulder.
  • Extra Long And Wide: Clever Yoga mats are larger than standard mats in the market. They give more room for tall yogis to practice.
  • Easy To Clean: These mats are easy to clean with soap and water. YogiOnTheGo is even machine washable.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s Grippy But Won’t Last Long: The mat offers excellent grip during the first couple of months but it becomes slippery overtime.
  • Bulky: Since the mat is larger than standard mats, it’s bulky to carry around. Good thing it comes with a carrying strap and sometimes a bag.

Comparison To Similar Brands

Clever Yoga offers good traction but not as good as Lululemon and Manduka. It’s comfortable with its padding and stable with its rubber base. Unlike other rubber mats, Clever yoga has a less offensive odor.

In terms of size, Clever yoga is bigger than Gaiam yoga mats. They’re the most lightweight though they look bulky.

Tips Before Buying A Yoga Mat

  • Look for grip: There’s nothing worse than slipping in your yoga mat while doing a certain yoga pose. When you shop around for a new yoga mat, test the grip. Make sure that your hands and feet won’t slip from the mat.
  • Go thick if you’re a beginner: When you’re new to yoga, it’s hard to build up strength in your joints and muscles. Look for more padding to prevent injuries.
  • Watch out for toxins: PVC is harmful to your health so make sure that the mat is PVC-free. Other toxic chemicals that you should avoid are phthalates and latex. The safest materials are natural rubber and TPE.

4 Best Clever Yoga Mats Review

1. Clever BetterGrip Yoga Mat

The BetterGrip yoga mat is extra thick as it measures around 6mm for great comfort. This mat is 72 inches long and 25.25 inches wide, making it larger than usual. It offers two-sided textured surface: the wavy bottom layer and the textured top layer.

The mat is made of eco-friendly TPE material which offers great resilience from wear and tear. It weighs around 2 lbs, making it lightweight for travel use. It includes a strap to help you carry it anywhere you go.

The Clever yoga mat strap itself is very durable. It’s designed with Velcro to keep the mat secure in its rolled form. We love the closed-cell surface design of the mat because it keeps the bacteria and moisture at bay.

Best For:

The BetterGrip yoga mat is perfect for yogis who want extra support for weak joints. It’s extra-thick, longer, and wider to give more room for tall people. This mat is ideal for hardwood floors.

2. Clever YogiOnTheGo Travel Yoga Mat

The YogiOnTheGo travel yoga mat is very soft because the top layer is made of fabric. The top layer is moisture-repellent making it slip-resistant even when you sweat. The bottom layer is made of natural rubber to keep it steady on the floor.

This travel yoga mat is very thin measuring around 1mm. It’s extra-long at 71 inches and wide enough at 24 inches. We like the flexibility of the mat because you can fold or roll it to store inside your bag.

When it’s time clean, you can just throw the mat into the washing machine. Bacteria and odors are kept at bay, thanks to its special waterproof layer.

Best For:

The YogiOnTheGo is perfect for travel because it folds and fits nicely into any bag. It’s great for hot yoga because the top surface gets grippier when wet.

3. Clever LiquidBalance Yoga Mat

The LiquidBalance yoga mat offers the greatest traction among all Clever yoga mats. It’s grippy, comfy, and spacious with its extra-large size. The regular mat is 72.8 inches and 26.8 inches wide while the extra-long mat is 84.2 inches long.

The top layer of the mat is made of polyurethane which wicks away moisture to keep it non-slippery. The bottom layer is made of biodegradable tree rubber for safe use. This 4.5-mm mat includes a strap and a bag for easy transport.

The Clever yoga mat bag itself is very nice because it can protect your mat from harsh elements outside. However, it’s a bit small so you have to roll the mat tightly.

Best For:

The LiquidBalance yoga mat is great for hot yoga, pilates, and exercise. It stays grippy even when you sweat. With its large size, it makes it perfect for tall yogis who want more space for practice.

4. Clever LiquidBalance Travel Yoga Mat

This LiquidBalance travel yoga mat is made of a polyurethane top layer and a biodegradable tree rubber base. Its full size is 70.5 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 1mm thick. This travel yoga mat is foldable and easy to roll to fit nicely in the carry bag.

The polyurethane top layer absorbs sweat to keep your hands and feet from slipping. The material of the mat is naturally antibacterial so it fights odors and bacteria. The mat itself is beautiful because of its mandala design at the center.

Best For:

The LiquidBalance travel yoga mat is great for advanced yogis who want a light, excellent grippy mat. Its moisture-repellent top layer makes it suitable for hot yoga.


Q: How to clean Clever yoga mat?

Simply wipe the mat with a soft cloth moistened with mild soap and water. You can also use the natural mat cleaner that Clever Yoga offers. This mat cleaner is made from citrusy organic essential oils.

Simply spray the mat cleaner onto a wet cloth and wipe it down on your yoga mat. For deeper cleaning, spray the mat cleaner directly onto the yoga mat then carefully wipe down with a towel.

Q: Can I use the mat aside from yoga practices?

Yes, you can use the mat for other practices like pilates, stretching, and workouts. The mat has enough padding to support your knees and elbows.

Q: How to remove the light rubbery smell from my mat?

The smell will disappear after some time. For the first couple of uses and cleaning, air dry your mat under the shade of the sun. That will help remove the light rubbery smell.


That wraps up our Clever yoga mat review. All of their mats are lightweight, large, and easy to clean. They odor-free because they don’t absorb bacteria and sweat.

Our favorite is the BetterGrip yoga mat because it has enough padding for weak joints. It has a double-sided textured surface to make sure that the mat and your hands won’t slip. If you want something thinner and more portable, the YogiOnTheGo Travel Yoga Mat might be a great alternative.

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