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Gruper Yoga Mats Review: Top 3 recommendations in 2021

If you need a large yoga mat that’s good for you and the environment, then Gruper might pique your interest. Gruper yoga mats are longer and wider than standard mats. They’re also made of safe materials that improve your stability and comfort.

We made this Gruper yoga mat review to make your shopping easier. Keep scrolling to learn more about the features of Gruper yoga mats.

Quick Answer:

1. Gruper Thick Yoga Mat

This classic yoga mat is super thick and soft. The NBR material is flexible, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. We like how this mat can quickly revert to its original shape after pressing it.

2. Gruper TPE Yoga Mat

Compared to PVC and EVA, this TPE yoga mat is more eco-friendly and softer. The sticky texture on both sides helps keep the mat and your body from slipping. We love the many dual-color options available including champagne gold + brown and matcha green + black.

3. Gruper Constellation Yoga Mat

If you’re a beginner, keep guided with the alignment lines of the Constellation yoga mat. This yoga mat is available in different horoscope designs including Virgo in pink, Aquarius in dark blue, and Aries in green.

Editor’s Pick: Best Gruper Yoga Mats

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Gruper Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Gruper offers three types of yoga mats: Thick, TPE, and Constellation. All of these mats are extra-long to give more room for practice. Except for the TPE, all the mats are wider than 68 inches.

Gruper yoga mats are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly yoga mats, such as NBR, TPE, and natural rubber. Their thickness is at least 5mm to give maximum comfort even to those who suffer from past injuries. These mats may smell terrible at first use, but they fade over time.

All the mats include a free carry bag and a strap for safe storage. Gruper offers an astounding warranty of one year and a 90-day money-back guarantee. The generous warranty seems to be a testament of the durability of the mats.

Who Are The Ideal Users Of Gruper Yoga Mats?

  • Tall people: If you’re taller than 5’6”, then you’ll appreciate the extra space of Gruper mats. The largest mat measures 72 x 32 inches.
  • Environment advocates: Gruper uses eco-friendly materials, like natural rubber and TPE. They won’t harm the environment because they can be naturally decomposed.
  • Travelers: Gruper yoga mats are lightweight and they come with a free carry bag. You can easily carry your mat anywhere you go.
  • Stylish yogis: Whether you like dual-colors or vibrant colors, Gruper has one suited for you. You can even choose a yoga mat according to your astrological sign.
  • Beginners: Gruper yoga mats are good for beginners because they’re thick. One mat even offers alignment guides for better yoga positioning.

How To Clean Gruper Yoga Mat

Gruper yoga mats are easy to clean unless they have stubborn stains. Water is enough to clean the thick yoga mat. You can use a damp towel, a soapy sponge, or a disinfectant wipe.

For the TPE yoga mat, clean the dirty areas with a damp cloth soaked in cold water and mild soap. Dry flat outside. We wouldn’t recommend using an alcohol pad to clean this mat because it will only ruin the color.

You can clean your Constellation the same way with the TPE yoga mat. Just wipe it with a damp cloth with mild detergent and cold water. If you mat stinks when it first arrives, air it out in a cool, ventilated place for several days. Just be careful not to expose it directly to the sun.

3 Best Gruper Yoga Mats Review

1. Gruper Thick Yoga Mat

The Gruper Thick Yoga Mat offers two size options: 10.16mm and 15.24mm. They’re super thick to provide extra comfort for your knees and back during practice. Measuring about 72 inches and 32 inches wide, this Gruper yoga mat isn’t only extra thick but also super huge.

We love the NBR material that stretches and endures well against a hard beating. It’s great for your health and the environment because NBR is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This yoga mat includes a strap and a carry bag for portability.

Although this Gruper mat is soft, it still offers solid support to your body. The NBR material is moisture-resistant, so you can clean it easily. If it arrives with a horrible smell, we recommend that you air it out for several days.

Best For:

The Gruper Thick Yoga Mat is ideal for anyone looking for a soft mat that provides a cushion for weak joints and bones.

2. Gruper TPE Yoga Mat

The Gruper TPE yoga mat is a nice upgrade to the usual EVA and PVC yoga mats. TPE is more eco-friendly and safer for your health that’s why it costs more. It uses consolidated foaming technology to fuse two colors, such as matcha green + black, champagne gold + brown, and gold pink + grey.

Both sides of the mat have a unique sticky anti-slip texture. The front side has S-shaped patterns that feel good to the skin. The backside features a corrugated pattern to firmly stick to the ground.

This mat has a standard width of 24 mm and an extra length of 72 inches. There are two available thicknesses, 5mm and 6mm. With its waterproof surface, this mat is easy to clean and won’t slide when you sweat.

Best For:

The Gruper TPE Yoga Mat is perfect for hot yoga because it has a sweat-proof surface.

3. Gruper Constellation Yoga Mat

Practice more lavishly with the Gruper Constellation yoga mat. This mat is available in different horoscope signs, including Aries/green, Aquarius/dark blue, and cancer/light blue. There are helpful lines drawn on the mat to guide the proper alignment of your feet and hands.

The front surface is made of PU to absorb your sweat quickly. The underside is made of natural rubber to significantly enhance floor grip. This mat is larger than standard mats as it measures 72 inches long and 26.7 wide.

The 5mm thickness is ideal in keeping your stability for every pose. The mat comes with a free bag to keep it stored while you travel. Like all other Gruper yoga mats, the Constellation bears a 1-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Best For:

The Gruper Constellation Yoga Mat is perfect for beginners as it offers helpful alignment guides.


Q: Does the Gruper yoga mat slip?

The TPE yoga mat doesn’t slip at both sides. It only moves occasionally if you use it on carpets. To keep your mat from moving, keep the mat and the floor dry at all times.

Q: Does the Gruper yoga mat lay flat once unrolled?

Not instantly, but you can hang it to let it stretch and breathe a little. After some time, your mat will just curl up on the immediate edges and flatten out in a few minutes.

Q: Is the Gruper yoga mat easy to fall apart?

Not at all. The mat will only warp over time, but no tiny parts should come off. A few scrape marks might be evident over the years.

Q: Can I use the Gruper yoga mat on carpets?

Yes, you can use these mats on the carpet but be aware that they tend to move around a little. The Constellation yoga mat that’s made with a rubber base stays the firmest on carpet floors.

Q: What’s the right thickness for proper back support?

A 6mm mat may be more suitable for back support during complicated postures. If you suffer from minor injuries or simply want comfort, go thicker than 6mm. A 5mm mat provides the right compromise of comfort and stability.


In this Gruper yoga mat review, our top pick is the Thick Yoga Mat which is made of soft NBR. It’s super comfortable and thick to cushion your back and knees for long periods. This is the widest mat from Gruper, measuring around 32 inches.

If you’re particular with smells, the TPE yoga mat is a good alternative. This mat doesn’t stick right out from the package, unlike NBR and natural rubber. For beginners, the alignment guides of the Constellation yoga mat might be helpful.

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