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Book Review: The Essence of Meditation: A Practical Handbook of Meditation and Breathing Techniques

Atilla’s new book, The Essence of Meditation: A Practical Handbook for Meditation and Breathing Techniques delivers an entertaining perspective on healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

This endeavors to ascertain the importance and relevance of these meditation techniques, done in a more simple and convenient way.

It provides no bar to its uses, applied to everyone regardless of differences. This book confirms that wherever and whatever situation you are, you can easily learn these meditation techniques and methods and seek their benefits. In reviewing this book, the criteria used is content, relevance/practicality and depth of insights.

The author Atilla, Orosz, known to be experienced when it comes to relaxation and meditation techniques, through this book, provides an opportunity to fully master each method subscribed and for everyone to embrace a full understanding of meditation itself.

The author’s writing is eloquent yet understandable. He has organized the book in the best simplistic way, creating the whole picture after reading in its entirety.

Featuring ten fully illustrated breathing techniques and twelve meditation methods, He takes us in a journey all together by guaranteeing that though difficulty could be faced at first especially for beginners, need not be afraid because every chapter of the book comprehensively answers these doubts and corrects our mistakes accordingly.

He reminds us that that perfection is not the goal but learning it in the most fun way and incorporating it with our everyday lives.

In the book, He firstly demonstrates the different breathing exercises to restore the lost capacity in our lungs. He capitalizes initially on breathing smoothly as the core exercise to re-learn what may have been lost by living unhealthily.

The other breathing exercises are simple abdominal breathing, advanced abdominal breathing, full abdominal breathing, inverted breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, full yogic breathing in which three regions of breath are differentiated providing for three phases of inhalation and three phases of exhalation that could be practiced as three separate breathing techniques, and lastly, square breathing.

The different meditation methods as provided for are Sitting meditation, Music relaxation, Zen meditation, Mantra meditation, Visualization exercises, DanTien meditation; and some more advances ones which are Partner meditation, Mandala meditation, Crown Chakra meditation, Finishing meditation; and Moving meditation practices such as Walking meditation and Yoga.

These contents were discussed in the most comprehensive way with illustrations to serve as a guide to practicing meditation followers.

The use of technical terms can also not be avoided such that the credibility of the content is more manifested in the book.

Also, the discussions were done realistically by the author ensuring that some methods could be hard and surprisingly challenging, inciting a caveat that when sensations could be felt at hand, stop practicing and let your body get used to it at first.

With that, the author emphasizes that though to master these methods are of great importance, to not rush into anything is the key.

He takes on the concept of ”slowly, but gradually”. He imparts to the readers that reaching the last part of the book is not the end, but just the beginning because one’s perspective is changed when peace is found in the core of every human being.

Thus, meditation opens new doors for a person as it humanizes our beliefs and outlooks.

The book partakes of different channels to direct a person’s energy with, thus providing for insights to apply these in different tasks at hand.

The question on the relevancy and practicality of these meditation techniques should also be taken into consideration. The author discusses different methods as mentioned in the earlier part of this review.

However, what is one of the best attributes of this book is that before the author discusses them one by one, He cites first some practical considerations.

He writes on the context of a reader, imagining every possibility that a reader of his book may feel while doing his recommendations.

He puts herself in the shoes of a beginner who does not have the confidence that he may be able to pull off every technique provided, for the most simple to the most elaborate ones.

He encourages the one with hesitation, that primarily it is not a question of if ever you are doing it right but from the very fact that YOU ARE DOING IT.

That meditation is to each person, different and unique from others, dependent on the mindset and the frame of mind you have embraced.

He mentions that along the way, you might find an excuse to not do it, which is for a reader very relatable thus making this book as real and true to its context.

The book yields on relevance and practicality by ensuring that the different methods provided can be executed any time at any place with only the willpower and this book as one’s capital.

This book provides a more in-depth approach on the meditation techniques that one can do every single day.

The enthusiasm of the author is engraved in the words used in it, making his passion obvious throughout the book.

The book’s use of visual effects and vivid step by step instructions, to make these methods come to life is indeed helpful to a reader.

At times, these illustrations breathe life into the book and transform it to something enjoyable, from what is considered by majority as may be a boring and challenging subject.

Although, the author could have made use of more colorful illustrations to allow imagination to run in the minds of the readers, this could not outweigh the work’s strengths.

Meditation was used to be neglected, however, in the recent years it has become widespread and gained more attention.

It used to be that before we have acted mostly on routine pilot, the reason why we have lost touch on the simple wonders.

With meditation becoming more practiced, we somehow reconnect with the heart of a child, peaceful and contented.

Because one could just say that meditation as being a mere exercise, but it is more than that.

This book teaches us that when one reaches a point of meditation, when one learns to quiet the mind, calm the heart and heal the soul, you have already surpassed the objective of the book.

Because it is not on the mastery of the techniques that is vital, but on the applications of what we learn from meditation such as patience and intuition.

It’s for sale on Amazon. You can also take a look at Atilla’s blog beginnersmeditation.info for more information!

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