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Yeti Yoga Mat Review: Top 2 Recommendations in 2021

If you want oversized yoga mats in beautiful designs, then Yeti might be a good brand for you. Yeti Yoga mats are known for their fun and bright patterns that will bring a good mood to your yoga session. In this Yeti yoga mat review, let’s find out which particular model will suit your needs.

Quick Answer:

1. Yeti Yoga Premium Print Yoga Mat

This premium yoga mat is a nice tool to make your yoga session vibrant and fun. This 6-mm mat is extra thick to protect your sensitive bones and joints. As for the material, you don’t have to worry about toxic phthalates because the PVC material is free from these chemicals.

2. Yeti Yoga x Pendleton Yoga Mat

If you want something thinner, this PER yoga mat might be your best choice. This 5-mm mat is designed with a non-slip durable bottom to keep you steady when doing the most challenging yoga poses. It’s also available in bright designs and colors.

Editor’s Pick: Best Yeti Yoga Mats

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Yeti Yoga Mats Buying Guide

Yeti Yoga mats are manufactured by Yeti Yoga Company since 2013. They’re 5-6mm thick making them ideal for those looking for more cushion and support. The mats are 72 inches long, making them longer than standard mats.

The best selling point of Yeti yoga mats is the design. They’re printed digitally with UV-treated inks. The materials used are also free from phthalates, latex, and heavy metals. If you need an extra hand to carry your yoga mat anywhere, try to use a Yeti yoga strap.

What To Look For On A Good Yeti Yoga Mat


Some yoga mats are thick while others are thin. The thickness can range from 3mm to 8mm. A standard mat is about 3mm thick, which is great for most yoga practice.

Yeti Yoga mats are on the thicker side. The Pendleton Yoga Mat is 5mm while the premium yoga mat and yoga towel are 6mm thick. Thicker mats are typically ideal for Yin and restorative yoga practices which involve a lot of sitting or lying down. They’re perfect for those with sensitive joints and bones because they provide more cushion and support.


The material will determine the health safety, eco-friendliness, and stickiness of the mat. Most mats are made of PVC, which is tested to be sticky and durable.

It’s comforting to know that Yeti yoga mats are made of PVC and PER that are free from harmful toxins, like phthalates, latex, and heavy metals. You might notice an oily film on the surface of the mat when you first unwrap it. This makes the mat slippery so wash it off with a little bit of soap and water before using it.

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Yoga mats have almost the same width, 24 inches, but they have different lengths. The standard yoga mat is 68 inches long, which is sufficient for anyone with a height of 5’8”. If you’re taller, look for a longer mat that comes in 71-74 inches.

The best yoga mat should accommodate your whole head and feet when lying flat. Longer mats will be a little bit heavier but this is a small drawback when you talk about comfort.


Design is more of a personal preference than functionality. But if you’re someone who always gets attracted to bright and fun patterns, then Yeti yoga mat might impress you. Yeti Yoga is available in many colors and patterns that will bring more inspiration to your yoga practice.

2 Best Yeti Yoga Mats Review

1. Yeti Yoga Premium Print Yoga Mat

The Yeti Yoga Premium Yoga Mat is a nice expressive mat to bring more fun and inspiration to your regular yoga session. It’s 6mm thick making super thick and comfortable for those with sensitive knees, hips, and joints. At 72 inches long, this premium print yoga mat is longer than the standard ones giving you more room than usual.

The premium yoga mat is made of high-quality PVC that’s free from toxic phthalates, heavy metals, and latex. You can fold the mat in any way you want because the mat is made of anti-tear material.

Cleaning is easy with this exercise yoga mat because it doesn’t absorb moisture. Although the mat is UV-treated with non-toxic inks, the print will still fade over time. You can choose from 20 beautiful colors and prints to fit your style.

Best For:

This premium print yoga mat is great for the on-the-go yogis who want a bold and bright design. Anyone can use this from beginner to advanced knowledge in yoga.

2. Yeti Yoga x Pendleton Yoga Mat

The Pendleton yoga mat has the same measurement as the premium yoga mat. It’s 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, but its thinner at 5mm. The design is printed digitally with environment-friendly UV cure inks which may still fade with harsh treatment.

This dense yoga mat is made from PER, which is fundamentally PVC that offers environmental benefits. It’s double-sided with a black rubber bottom for use on any ground. We like the 12 gorgeous designs of this anti-tear exercise yoga mat and the non-slip durable bottom.

Best For:

The Yeti Yoga x Pendleton Yoga Mat is perfect for those who want a thinner mat that keeps steady on the floor.


Q: Are Yeti Yoga mats worth it?

Yes, Yeti Yoga mats are worth it because they have one of the best designs out there. The patterns are gorgeous and unique. The mats are thick and they’re made of high-quality PVC or PER. Best of all, they’re easy to clean.

Q: How to clean your Yeti yoga mat?

Gently wash the yoga mat with mild soap and water. For the yoga towel, wash it in a machine and tumble dry.

Q: How often should you clean the yoga mat?

Ideally, you should give you mat a quick spray after each session. If you don’t have the time, clean your yoga mat once a week.

Q: Is it better to have a thicker or thinner yoga mat?

A thicker mat is ideal if you practice more lying-down and seated poses. If you want to get more connected to the ground and practice more in standing poses, a thinner mat is perfect.

Q: What is the best color for a yoga mat?

If you want more energy, choose red. Orange gives you more balance and warmth while yellow brings happiness and joy. If you want more tranquility and calmness, choose blue.


In our Yeti yoga mat review, our top pick is the premium print yoga mat because it has the best designs which made Yeti famous for. The premium mat offers 20 different designs to suit your style. It’s extra-thick at 6mm, extra long at 72 inches, and can be folded for easy transport.

If you want a thinner mat, the Yeti Yoga x Pendleton Yoga Mat might be a good alternative. This reversible mat is 5mm thick, which still comfortable for weak knees. Like all other Yeti mats, the Pendleton can be folded, easy to wash, and available in beautiful prints.

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