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5 Best Jute Yoga Mats: 2021 Buying Guide

From the drive of the yoga mat industry to push the sustainable technology boundaries comes the introduction of jute mats. These mats are made of natural jute fiber known for their natural grippy and moisture-absorbent qualities. Sometimes, these mats are combined with other materials to provide better performance.

If you want to know the best jute yoga mat in town, check my top recommendations.

Quick Answer:

1. Ajna Organic Yoga Mat

This Ajna Yoga Mat offers plenty of space with its extra length of 72 inches. I like that it includes a carrying strap to make it easy to bring anywhere. Also, this particular yoga mat has a lovely dual-color design that makes it stands out from the competition.

2. Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat

If you want a good mat for hot yoga, this Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat might suit you as it absorbs moisture very well. I love that this mat is lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere. The mat consists of nicely dense foam, making it feel thick during practice.

3. Kakaos Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Kakaos offers up to eight fantastic color options, including purple, red, and moss green. This jute yoga mat is infused with natural rubber, making it naturally skid-less. I appreciate the 6mm thickness because it gives comfortable support to weak joints and knees.

Editor's Pick: The Best Jute Yoga Mat

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Jute Yoga Mat Pros And Cons

A jute yoga mat is made of natural jute fiber that’s sustainable and nontoxic. Because jute yoga mats are becoming popular, here’s a breakdown of their pros and cons.



Jute yoga mats are primarily made of natural jute fiber, making them sustainable and environment-friendly. Most of the time, jute yoga mats are combined with other eco-friendly materials like polymer environmental resin (PER) and natural rubber, adding more sustainability to the product.


Jute yoga mats are free of chemicals, like PVC because they’re constructed from natural jute fibers. Most of the time, they’re reinforced with other nontoxic materials like natural rubber and PER.


These jute yoga mats are pretty lightweight, around 3-6 lbs. As a result, they’re easier to carry around in outdoor classes and virtually anywhere.


The jute fibers used in yoga mats come from the stalk and not the leaves, so they feel delightfully soft. The softness is similar to wool.


Jute naturally absorbs moisture; hence it can make you feel comfortable during hot yoga. It absorbs sweat making it less slippery.


Less Durable

Because jute is a soft fiber material, it breaks down easily. Jute yoga mats lose their strength when they get wet.

Turns Yellow

Jute is sensitive to sunlight. When exposed directly to the sun, the jute yoga amt turns a yellowish shade.

What To Look For On A Good Jute Yoga Mat

Reinforced Material 

Since jute is a soft fabric material, look for a reinforced material. PER is a popular choice and helps improve the durability of the mat. Natural rubber may be less durable, but it can help in enhancing the mat’s grip performance.


Jute is naturally soft, so look for highly dense yoga mats. Ensure that the thickness is nothing less than 5mm to give ample support to your knees and elbows.

Carrying Strap

If you want to keep the mat rolled up properly, look for a carrying strap. The strap is also handy for traveling.

5 Best Jute Yoga Mat Reviews

1. Ajna Organic Yoga Mat

This yoga mat offers a beautiful design with two-tone colors. I love the texture because it keeps my feet and hands from sliding, and the cushion is comfortable on my joints. My favorite is the carrying strap because it makes it easy to roll the mat up and leave the class.

I like the extra length of this mat because it gives me plenty of room to practice. With the fusion of PER material, this jute yoga mat is eco-friendly and chemical-free. I tried placing the mat on a carpeted floor, and surprisingly, it didn’t budge.

However, this mat has a horrible smell straight out from the package. I had to air the mat out for several days to dissipate the odor. The jute part of the mat also sheds a little.

Best For:

The Ajna Organic Yoga Mat is perfect for taller yogis because it's longer than standard mats. This mat is also suitable for travel as it comes with a carrying strap.

2. Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat

This Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat is very moisture-absorbent, making it perfect for intense yoga practices. The jute material is infused with a chemical-free PER material to give more durability. Weighing around 3lbs, I think that this mat is quite lightweight to bring anywhere.

The dense cushion prevents the mat from breaking down and offers comfortable support to the joints. In addition, the texture is remarkably grippy to hold you down during hot yoga. Also, it’s super easy to spot clean with a damp cloth.

However, this mat has a shedding issue, but it’s only for the first few days. The surface is also a bit rough on my skin for the first time.

Best For:

The Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat is ideal for hot yoga because it offers excellent moisture-absorbing quality.

3. Kakaos Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Kakaos offers one of the thickest jute yoga mats out there. This 6mm mat is very comfortable to use because the surface feels soft when in contact with your pressure points. It’s natural skid-less because the jute top layer gives excellent grip, as well as the natural rubber base.

With the fusion of natural rubber, this jute yoga mat is completely biodegradable and nontoxic. I like the fact that the mat offers many color options, and it includes my favorite color, purple. I believe that this mat lasts long because the cushion feels a bit denser.

While the thick cushion feels comfortable, it makes the mat bulkier to roll up. Also, the mat is a little heavy to carry with its 7-lb approximate weight.

Best For:

The Kakaos Natural Jute Yoga Mat is perfect for people with minor injuries because a 6-mm cushion offers excellent support. Also, you can have eight color options to choose from.

4. Mandelbrot X Natural Jute & Rubber- Royal Series

This yoga mat is extra long with its 72 inches length, offering plenty of space to move around. With an approximate thickness of 5mm, this mat provides enough cushion to support joints and bones. I like the carrying strap that comes with the package because it makes this mat portable to bring anywhere.

Additionally, the mat is reversible to give you two mats in a single product. The top layer is made of jute, while the bottom is made of natural rubber to give a slip-free workout. When it comes to cleaning, you simply need to wipe it down with your preferred cleaning formula.

However, the surface feels a little abrasive on the skin when used for the first time. The mat also smells stinky at first, so air it out for a few days to remove the odor.

Best For:

The Mandelbrot X Natural Jute Yoga Mat is ideal for travel. It comes with a nice strap to help you carry the mat anywhere. This mat is also one of the best when it comes to serious grip performance.

5. Seeka Yoga Premium Natural Jute Yoga Mat

If you like prints and patterns, then you might like the jute yoga mat from Seeka Yoga. I love the tribal style because it looks unique with its tan color and white patterns. I appreciate that this mat is reversible because you can use either the jute top surface or switch it up with the PER non-slip base.

The mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, making it slightly bigger than standard ones. The thickness is around 5mm, which is enough to cushion my knees when making complex moves. At 3.3 lbs, I think this mat isn’t heavy to carry around anywhere.

However, the mat gives off a strong chemical smell at first, so I suggest that you hung it outside for 5-7 days. It also won’t roll up easily.

Best For:

The Seeka Yoga Natural Jute Yoga Mat is the best for design with its unique patterns and prints.


Q: What is a jute yoga mat good for?

A jute yoga mat is perfect for any kind of yoga practice, from sweaty hot yoga to gentle Restorative poses. Since jute is a sustainable material, these mats are good for the environment. They’re free of toxins and chemicals, like PVC, making them safe for your health.

Q: Are Jute yoga mats slippery?

Jute yoga mats are slippery alone. For this reason, they’re reinforced with other materials like PER and natural rubber to increase grip performance.

Q: How to clean a jute yoga mat?

A jute yoga mat needs to be hand wash or spot clean to remove dirt and other debris. Use mild soap and cold water. Wash or spot clean with a damp cloth, then air dry.

Q: Are jute yoga mats uncomfortable?

The jute yoga mat might feel slightly stiff for the first time, but they tend to soften over time and with constant use. It might take some time to get familiar with the jute material, especially if you’re used to soft PVC.


That wraps up our review for the best jute yoga mat. If I have to pick only one, I choose the Ajna Organic Yoga Mat because it’s longer and beautiful with its two-tone design. I like the fact that it comes with a sturdy carrying strap for storage and travel.

If you want a more lightweight mat that absorbs moisture very well, the Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat is a good alternative. This particular mat is densely cushioned to prolong its lifespan and improve durability.

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