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Using Stress Balls: Cheap and Fast Way to Relieve Stress or Anger

Have you ever been so mad that you wanted to throw a fit right then and there? Or feel so stressed out that you just want the day to be over so you can try to forget it all?

Maybe you’ve been reproached by your boss, quarreled with your parents, or even argued with your friends.

People often hold in their anger. Someone who has just gotten chewed out by a customer at work is going to do their best to just hold it in.

Sometimes the work asked of us is too much, or sometimes we commit ourselves to too much.

This why we see people who are stressed out or angry, throw and destroy stuff. Behaving like this is a bad idea, especially when you end up throwing your new laptop, iPhone, or other valuable belongings.

So is there any alternative techniques to relieve stress and reduce anger in no time?

There is a safe and vastly effective stress relief tool called a “stress ball.”

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Stress balls, stress reliever balls, or an anger ball, is a softball that could be squeezed, rolled, even thrown.

Do not underestimate the effects that squeezing, rolling, or throwing a squeeze stress ball can have on your mind, body, and mood.

It can send happy signals to your brain, which can be transmitted over an unhappy mood.

How the stress ball works to relieve your stress and/or anger:

1. They can make for a perfect distraction

While you are using an anxiety ball, you can focus on what your hands are doing. This keeps you distracted from what you were originally upset about.

2. It releases muscle tension

When you tighten your clenched hand around an anxiety ball, the muscles in your hand and wrist tighten up. When you let go of the ball, the muscles unwind which can rid you of strains, stress, and anxiety.

The size of an anxiety ball makes it perfect to use at your work area or in your cubicle after an upsetting telephone call, assembly, or conference.

3. They help release important chemicals in your body

After repeatedly squeezing the therapy ball, your hand and arm will begin to ache. This will cause your muscles to output a message to your brain.

Your brain then releases endorphins. This is a chemical that the body uses to relieve stress.

4. They provide a mini workout

Exercise is a great way to release stress. Squeezing a ball is a form of exercise for your arm.

This helps to improve circulation and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. This means you will feel better, you will get rid of the tension in your body, and you just got a mini workout.

Best of all, using it will not disturb others when you “release your anger,” especially at work.

Just sit down, squeeze it with deep breaths and you will be relieved of your stress faster, better, and in a way that will not draw too much unwanted attention.

It also helps you think better!Using a stress ball can also increase your thinking power! The squeezing motion causes an increase in blood circulation and also oxygen delivery which helps you think better.

5. It also could be a “safe dodge ball…”

When I was a kid, I used stress balls to play dodge ball with my friends. It is relatively safer than the normal dodge ball because it’s a soft ball.

So although it is not recommended that you throw stress ball at the people that make you angry, it’s a much better option than throwing your fragile vase at them.

How to use a stress ball for anxiety, stress, and anger?

Every day we are faced with the unfortunate stresses and anger that come with work, kids, a spouse, family, friends, and even perfectly good strangers that don’t know how to drive on the freeway, or who cut in line at the coffee shop when you’re in a hurry.

We can utilize squeezing the stress ball directly to transform our stresses instead of letting our stress accumulate so big that it is dangerous.


Do you feel pressure often? I propose you invest in a cheap pressure ball now!

It is not expensive but effective for relieving stress immediately.

Remember, carry it to work with you. I think you’ll use it more often than you think.

Too busy to go out? Then you can buy your pressure ball on Amazon.com.
There are many types of stress balls, such as square, circle, cartoon etc.

The ones I love most are the smiley face stress balls, which are simple circles with smiley faces. The smiley face cheers me up directly or when I squeeze it. 🙂

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