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5 Best Meditation DVDs: 2021 Buying Guide

Meditation is a simple and quick way to reduce stress, but beginners won’t have any idea how it even starts. If you want to learn about the correct ways of meditation, you can get help from any of the best meditation DVDs on the market today. These DVDs show clear details about the program.

As of recent, my favorites are DVDs from Rodney Yee, Maritza, and Nadia Narain. Check my full review below.

Quick Answer:

1. Meditation For Beginners

This one is a great meditation DVD for anxiety. The routines help you reduce tension and keep you find your center. I like that the first section prepares your mind and body for a more serious meditation training in the following two sections. My favorite is the instructor’s voice because she sounds so relaxing and pleasant.

2. Daily Meditation

I love the collaboration of Maritza and Rodney Yee in this meditation DVD. Both instructors are my personal favorites because their voices are very relaxing to hear. Also, the scenery is very astounding.

3. Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching

If you like a slight movement, this particular meditation DVD might suit you as it incorporates some stretching exercises. I like that the instructor offers modifications if the stretching is too difficult for you. She has a calming presence that helps you relax on top of a beautiful background.

Editor's Pick: The Best Meditation DVDs

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Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress, bringing inner peace after a long day. Initially, meditation was practiced to help understand the sacred and spiritual forces of life. Now, meditation is typically used for stress relief and relaxation.

Here are some other benefits of meditation:

1. Reduces anxiety and blood pressure

2. Improves self-image and promotes a more positive view of life

3. Develops self-awareness and a stronger understanding of oneself

4. Improve focus and attention

5. May improve memory and mental clarity

6. Helps foster generosity and fight addiction

7. Enhances sleep and pain threshold

What Are The Different Types Of Meditation

Meditation is composed of various ways to achieve inner peace. Here are other techniques to meditate:

Mindfulness Meditation

This technique aims to get an increased awareness of living at present. It focuses on what you’re doing during meditation, like your breath flow. You can discern your emotions and thoughts, but let them go without shrewdness.

Guided Meditation

Also known as visualization, this kind of meditation lets you create mental images of circumstances and places that you find relaxing.

Qi Gong

This technique typically mixes meditation with relaxation, breathing, and gentle movements. It’s a traditional Chinese exercise that’s the main component of Chinese martial arts.

Mantra Meditation

This kind of meditation involves the use of repeated words to improve focus.


In this type of meditation, you do different poses and controlled breathing routines to improve flexibility and relaxation. As you execute the poses that need focus and balance, you’re prompted to concentrate on the moment and not on your busy life.

What To Look For On A Good Meditation DVD

Good Instructor

A good instructor for meditation should have a soothing voice. They should be able to guide you in every process clearly. Also, make sure that they’re well-learned and experienced in the field of meditation to ensure optimum results.


Look for a meditation DVD with multiple programs, so you won’t get bored easily. The best ones offer different routines at a certain time, while others even provide a body scan to get connected with your body more thoroughly.


The DVD’s menu should be user-friendly. It should show all the programs and allow you to choose your favorite sections. The music and scenery may depend on your preference, but it’s more relaxing to have scenery outside a studio.

5 Best Meditation DVDs Reviews

1. Meditation For Beginners

The Meditation For Beginners DVD seems very good in clearing the mind to help you calm your thoughts and actions. I like Maritza’s approach because it’s directed toward inner peace and her word selection takes me to various moves from light yoga to purely meditation. While other instructors seem to be a try-hard in making their voices soft, Maritza sounds genuinely soft-spoken.

Before the relaxation and meditation sessions, there’s a 15-minute yoga practice to condition your mind and body. I like that there’s no chanting or any religious component, which makes the program even easier in clearing the mind. I especially enjoy the body scan section because it helps me get aware of my body.

However, the beginning 15-minute part of the DVD has some moves that are a bit difficult to follow. This DVD would also have been perfect if it included subtitles.

Best For:

The Mediation For Beginners DVD is perfect for those who want a light yoga session before meditation. This DVD is a total workout of the body, mind, and spirit.

2. Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation DVD features two of my favorite yoga teachers, Rodney Yee and Maritza. Rodney directs the AM Program to recharge for the day, while Maritza leads the PM Program to end the day nicely. Both of these teachers have a soothing voices that add an extra serenity to the entire session.

I enjoy this DVD because the programs are easy to follow, and the instructors give clear details on what things need to be done. The ocean background is just pleasing, plus the music is very calming that it helps me relax. I also like that the 10-minute bonus program helps you condition before or after the AM and PM programs.

However, there’s so much talking going on which might put you out of focus. Also, some of Rodney’s routines are a little too fast for beginners.

Best For:

The Daily Meditation DVD is ideal to start and end your day with the AM and PM programs.

3. Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching

The Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching DVD features short programs combining meditation with simple movements. I like the instructor because she has a serene presence and a soft voice to help you feel calm. The music is very relaxing, so it won’t distract you when trying to meditate.

I think that the movements are comfortable and not too harsh. Plus, Nadia offers options for movements that might be too hard for beginners. What I like the most are the accurate instructions, so I know what I’m doing even when my eyes are closed.

However, some stretching moves might be a little challenging for those who lack flexibility because there are some moves where you need to hyperextend the hips. The background is also a bit dull because the DVD was just shot in an old brick wall.

Best For:

The Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching DVD is perfect for those who want a little movement to go with meditation.

4. Qi Gong Mindfulness In Motion

The Qi Gong Mindfulness In Motion DVD aims to quiet your mind through controlled breathing patterns and gentle movements. This DVD mirrors some nature movements, like trees growing towards the sky and a river running down the mountain. It’s 45 minutes long so that this DVD won’t take much of your time.

The instructor, Lee Holden, is quite excellent in guiding you through the movements. He demonstrates and talks you through with it so that you can perform each move accurately. I love the scenery because the video was shot near trees and nature.

However, the pace is too slow for me, so it can get boring sometimes. The routines are also slightly rehashed from his past videos.

Best For:

The Qi Gong Mindfulness In Motion DVD is excellent if you love the slow-paced tai chi martial arts.

5. Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation

This Practicing Mindfulness DVD consists of four discs providing 24 lectures to help you learn all about meditation. The instructor is Mark W. Muesse, a professor at Rhodes College who gives clear explanations on several topics of pain, grief, and many more. The DVD includes a printed course guidebook to make your meditation journey easier.

I like Mark’s way of teaching because he’s sincere yet provides a subtle hint of humor to make the lessons more enjoyable. He was able to cite the benefits and expectations clearly. Thankfully, the course is close captioned, so I was able to understand everything he said.

However, this DVD lacks action, so it can be like listening to a classroom lecture. The instructor’s speech is a little slow, so it can get boring until the end.

Best For:

The Practicing Mindfulness DVD is ideal if you want to learn the process, benefits, and other explanations about meditation.


Q: Can meditation be dangerous?

Without proper guidance, meditation can be dangerous because you can dwell on a negative thought intensely.

Q: How do I start meditating?

Generally, you have to sit comfortably or lay down in a quiet area. If music can help you calm down, you can play music before starting to meditate. Make sure you breathe through your nose and not with your mouth.

Q: How long does it take for meditation to work?

You should see significant results within a couple of weeks or months, given that you practice 10-20 minutes daily.


Now that you know the best meditation DVDs, I hope you can incorporate meditation in your daily life as it can help reduce anxiety and stress. My top choice is Meditation For Beginners because Maritza has done a superb job guiding you to the mindfulness practice. This DVD also includes a body scan section to get aware of your body thoroughly.

If you want more variety, the Daily Meditation DVD might be a good alternative. This DVD features two popular yoga instructors Rodney Yee and Maritza to provide different meditation sessions in the morning and night.

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