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5 Free Guided Sleep Meditations for Insomnia(Best Youtube Videos!)

You can turn off your phone, TV, the lights, but sometimes it seems like you can’t slow down your thoughts right when you are supposed to be sleeping. Stressful days are the ones to blame for sleep deprivation among millions of people. Yet, you can still sleep like a baby if you include guided meditation into your nighttime routine.

These 5 free guided meditation for sleep and insomnia videos we are about to introduce will take you to a magical, resting, calm meadow, so make sure you are in bed already when listening to the one you like the most.

1. Guided Meditation for Sleep Problems and Insomnia

This 43-minute meditation has the power to make anyone fall asleep in minutes! If you’ve been dealing with insomnia for some time now, listening to this free guided meditation will erase any frustration and anxiety.

What is more, you will fall asleep so easily you won’t even hear the end of the video. A calming and warm female voice guides you towards draining away any worries and fears.

The key to peaceful nights is letting go, and this guided meditation helps you release the tension. One moment you are laying in your bed at night, the next you are waking up all relaxed in the morning.

2. Guided Meditation Recovery From Insomnia and Over-Thinking

Michael Sealey has a truly relaxing video intended for sailing into a deep sleep. Even though the speaker himself recommends listening to the record with your headphones on, it will work either way.

Most of us find it hard to let go of over-thinking when in bed. Michael knows how to turn your thoughts in the right direction and show you how to release anything that bothers you – at least for the night.

Excessive thinking kills the vibe of daytime and nighttime routine. If you have spent numerous sleepless nights, then you certainly need something that will reinforce your energy, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and improve the quality of your sleep. Michael’s guided meditation for sleep is indeed one of the best meditation sessions for drifting into a dreaming kingdom.

3. Guided Sleep Meditation Talkdown – Ocean Waves

Can you think of anything else that makes you calmer and more relaxed than ocean waves? The Honest Guys is a reputable meditation channel with more than one million views per video.

The quality of this audio recording is so good you will almost feel the smell of the sea in your nostrils while listening to a calming voice. Make yourself comfortable and take your favorite position. Blissful talk-down will relax you and release any racing thoughts and anxiety.

4. Meditation For Healing, Insomnia, Relaxing Sleep

A gentle visualization through this talk-down video will make the most stubborn insomnia issues soothe after a couple of nights only. Sleep Easy Relax gives you a chance to let go of everything for a while and find a way to soothing, tranquil heaven.

Many people wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again. Is this you? Don’t worry – this video will lull you to sleep until the next morning!

5. Fall Asleep Faster with Sleep Music and Spoken Word Hypnosis

Jason Stephenson is truly a master of guided meditation for relaxation and sleep. Not only will his video make you fall asleep fast, but it will also improve the quality of everyday living if you listen to it at least once in a while.

His voice inspires and heals insomnia, anxiety, and stress. The combination of music and voice guidance will calm your thoughts and open a completely new dimension.

Jason also talks about the magnificent aspects of life and helps us realize the beauties of the world we are living in. The goal of his guided meditation is to feel the relaxation and smoothening. Sleep is calling out for you! Let yourself in!


If you have insomnia and anxiety, or are suffering from a disease, it can be difficult to rest in the night.

Sleep Guided meditation is one of the best methods that can help you sleep better, a warm and calm voice will help create the inner conditions needed for a good night.

We truly hope these 5 free guided meditation for sleep and insomnia will erase those bad sleep patterns and improve the overall quality of your life.

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