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A Complete Guide to Meditation for Wealth and Prosperity

In today’s economy, it’s tough for most people to earn a good living. Average salaries hardly cover day to day expenses, they certainly don’t make you rich. However, the fact is, you can make money if you know how to attract money.

The law of attraction states that you attract not what you want but what you are, and you can attract what you desire through meditation.

There are different types of meditations, and one of them is money meditation for wealth and prosperity. To attract or make money, you need to learn how to meditate, and if done right, it can be your key to success.

Before I jump to some valuable and life-changing insights about money meditation or how you can manifest money through meditation, let me tell you my story.

In early 2011, my business went through a devastating downfall, and all I could do was barely scratch through and make ends meet.

Apart from friends and loved ones who came to the rescue with whatever financial help they could offer, one thing that completely changed my financial situation is money meditation. It was one of my friends who guided me through the financial transformation journey.

With all my experience in money meditation, I can say with conviction that you don’t need a Zen Master to learn how to do money meditation. However, a little guidance will help you get started in your meditation pursuit.

Power of Meditation for Wealth and How It Can Manifest Money

While we can’t deny our physical reality, we can always make conscious efforts to change our mindset from negative to positive. Such transition is possible through meditation; you can also use the power of meditation to manifest money.

The best thing about manifesting money through meditation is that it’s free and will be helpful in other aspects of life too (read on to learn how).

You need to get rid of limiting beliefs and open yourself to the concept of meditation to manifest money, which will methodically bestow you with opulence.

All you need to do is follow the methodologies mentioned in this guide to money meditation for wealth and prosperity.

Meditation for Wealth: Meditation Techniques and Steps

• Sit in a comfortable posture – either on a chair or in a cross-legged position. If you prefer a chair, then do not cross your legs or hands. You need to sit straight on a chair.

• Relax and close your eyes.

• Take three deep breaths – slowly inhale and exhale. Do not cause discomfort to yourself while doing this by forcefully holding your breath.

• Feel the sounds around you – cacophonous sounds of vehicles, whispering sound of the breeze, and the sound of your breath.

• Gradually stop focusing on the sounds and other distractions, and feel your inner self for two minutes. Concentrate on your breath.

• Roll your eyes upwards towards the center of your forehead. This is also the location of the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) and is an important point which will help you visualize what you want.

• Bring your attention back to breathing and allow it slow down naturally. Be with your breath for at least 2 to 3 minutes. It will help you remain centered, calm, and at peace.

• When you feel that your body is completely relaxed and your mind is at peace, begin the visualization exercise.

• Focus on the chakra and start visualizing you are a wealthy and rich person.

• Also visualize that more money, wealth and prosperity is flowing into your life effortlessly and continuously.

• You need to bring intensity and emotions to your visualization. So, start visualizing that a lot of money is in your hands. You should literally be able to feel the money and experience the affluence by touching, smelling, and feeling those dollar bills. This will evoke a sense of belonging that the object of desire is literally with you – that you literally own it!

• Follow the same steps again and visualize your desires.

You can do money meditation or meditation for wealth and prosperity for any materialistic entity – not necessarily money.

For example, if you want a car, you can start visualizing that you own a car, you are sitting in the driver’s seat and driving it. You need to keep pondering this consciously.

Some Cautions That You Need to be Aware of

• Do not stress yourself at the time of meditation. If you are feeling uneasy because of your posture or something else, you can discontinue and start afresh later. Remember that utmost comfort will help you visualize better.

• Do not strain your eyes much. Meditation comes naturally. Do not try to focus on the Chakra until it comes naturally. Trust me, once you are free from distractions like sound, thoughts, and other things, your focus on the third eye will be a natural disposition rather than a forced attempt.

• Do not have any doubt in your mind when you are visualizing. When you are visualizing, it’s possible that your ‘worldly mindset’ will chip-in and you may start doubting the authenticity of money meditation practice. However, the law of attraction doesn’t work like that, you need to dedicate yourself entirely towards the present moment when you are visualizing yourself as a rich and wealthy person. You need to shun every other thought that defies the law of attraction.

• When you desire to make money in the real world, be sure that you are spiritually inclined towards life. Do not think of negative ways to make money and then try to manifest that money through meditation. This will be detrimental to your spiritual self and defy the sanctity of meditation.

Now that you know the steps of money meditation, you need to know the best way to succeed in money meditation.

Some Keys Methodologies for Success in Money Meditation

• First and foremost, pouring your emotions into your desire is a key to success when you are practicing money meditation. If you are not emotional enough about your desire, chances are you may get distracted easily. Remember money meditation works differently from real-world pursuits – it’s a spiritual world that you are creating for yourself that will manifest in reality.

• Perform money meditation three times or at least once in a day for 4-5 minutes.

• While you are doing meditation, be aware that abundance is your fundamental right.

• You should also read books and quotes on money and abundance. I strongly recommend The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

• Affirm yourself about the fact that you are going to get rich very soon, time and again. It is called wealth affirmation, which will attract wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Meditation

While you are practicing money meditation for wealth and prosperity, it will influence other aspects of your life too, you will feel better about yourself.

Before you start meditating, the insatiable desire for materialistic things makes you feel bad about your current situation, but once you have started visualizing yourself as a wealthy and rich person, you start to feel great about yourself, and this is how the law of attraction works.

Once you start feeling good about yourself, you attract good things. This will bring a sense of positivity in you, and you will start showing enthusiasm in everything you do, especially your work.

Subsequently, you will start putting more effort into your career or business and it will enable you to make more money, leading to wealth and prosperity in life.

There will be harmony with the people around you

Meditation shuns vulnerability and brings about a sense of equanimity within you. This will help you expect less from the people around you; and this quality makes you feel content with whatever you have, helping you avoid unnecessary conflicts that can ruin your relationships. The serenity you gain through meditation leads to mindfulness and good control over the things you do.

The numerous benefits of meditation collectively help you in your business and work, which leads to better profit and money. It’s very necessary to be at peace with your co-workers, as it leads to a better work life.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of meditation. Along with curing depression, it can also lower high blood pressure, improve the body’s immune system, and improve brain function, thereby invoking clear thoughts.

The betterment in brain function will widen your vision, you will be able to see things from different perspectives, and your ability to solve problems at work will improve. This will instill a smooth operation in your job or business, and subsequently, you will be able to make more money.


Money meditation, meditation for wealth and prosperity and meditation for abundance are the phrases that are more often than not utilized interchangeably.

Even though the first two phrases are the same, meditation for abundance is a little different.

While in the first two you visualize materialistic things like money and wealth; abundance may include many things, ranging from money, spiritual contentment, love, to other abstract desires.

While you practice money meditation for wealth and prosperity, you need to have clear ideas on what exactly you desire in your life and maintain consistency of thoughts to attract that particular entity.

For example, if you want to attract money through meditation, thinking about other materialistic possessions will not work. It will only distract your thought channel and the thought build-up that has led to a particular series of thoughts for a desired thing will become futile.

A mind focused on a particular desire will manifest your visual imagination of what you create in reality.

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