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Top 100 Must-Follow Meditation Blogs in the World

You’ve probably discovered by now that there is an overwhelming amount of meditation information available online. With so many amazing websites available, how do you find the best blogs, guided meditations, and other resources?

Look no further! I’ve explored hundreds of meditation sites and put together a list of the 100 best so that you can go straight to the information that you need.

Whether you’re new to meditation and seeking basic instruction or you’re a seasoned practitioner who wants to take your practice to the next level, you’ll find the best blogs, articles, videos, audio recordings, and meditation apps in the list below.
For each site, you’ll find links to “must see” items, such as the most useful articles, blog posts, podcasts, or meditation recordings. When possible, I’ve also included pictures of the sites’ bloggers and experts, as well as links to their social media accounts, so that you can keep up with your favorites more easily!

A Word to All of the Bloggers and Meditation Experts:

THANK YOU for sharing your expertise, life experiences, and wealth of meditation information. I am constantly amazed by the generosity of the meditation community and the amount that can be learned without even leaving one’s home.

You have been included on this list because your site provides valuable help for those of us seeking inner peace, enlightenment, and personal growth. Thank you for making this possible.

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Top 100 Meditation Must Follow Blogs and Websites:


Lori Deschene,Tiny Buddha

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Lori Deschene runs the Tiny Buddha site with the intention of sharing knowledge so that anyone who visits can reflect and learn how to apply that knowledge, thereby creating lives that are happier and more peaceful.

Tiny Buddha is more than just Lori’s site – it’s a community where you’re encouraged to become active and involved by joining the forums, participating in conversation, or contributing your writing. Blog posts come from Lori and any number of contributors, so many viewpoints are represented.

Meditation material is plentiful – but you’ll also find articles about other aspects of living the in the moment, finding peace, and being healthy. Entries tagged with “Tiny Wisdom” begin with a quote that is followed by Lori’s reflections on the topic – and they’re really the essence of what Lori intended Tiny Buddha to be.

If you’re so inclined, you might also check out the paid course entitled, “Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script & Be the Hero,” which Lori describes as “A fun creative course, blending self-help and film…”

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Why It’s Okay to “Fail” at Meditation 90% of the Time
2. How Meditation Can Help Us Heal from Trauma, Pain, and Loss
3. The Power of Meditation: Sit Your Way to a Happier Life


Giovanni Dienstmann,Live and Dare

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Live and Dare was created by Giovanni Dienstmann, who has been exploring meditation and different paths to personal growth since his teen years.

Giovanni now serves as a meditation coach and offers a fantastic 5-week online course called “ Master Your Mind ”. This new and very affordable course will give you access to daily lessons and to a private forum, where you can ask Giovanni himself any questions that you might have about meditation.

At Live and Dare, you’ll also find Giovanni’s podcast, which delves into stories and interviews about meditation, rather than simply providing a single viewpoint or a collection of guided meditations. Likewise, the blog covers any aspect of meditation that Giovanni finds interesting, from overcoming obstacles in practice to scientific benefits or using meditation to break bad habits.

Giovanni’s overview of the types of meditation and his article on the benefits of meditation are among the best out there – you won’t want to miss these!

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:


Andy Puddicombe,Headspace

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Andy Puddicombe – author, Ted Talk presenter, and expert in meditation and mindfulness – is the creator of Headspace, which he calls “a gym membership for the mind.”

Headspace is a paid service with a focus on making it simple for anyone to take a few minutes a day to learn and practice meditation. To see if it’s the right fit for you, you can sign up for “Take 10” – a 10-day free trial that lets you experience 10-minute lessons each day, either online or with the Headspace app. If you subscribe after your trial, you’ll be able to unlock hundreds of hours of content, including both short and long exercises and a variety of topics.

The Headspace blog features not only meditation-related posts, but also topics such as relationships, productivity, and sleep.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1.9 ways to make meditation a daily habit
2. How to meditate in ten minutes
3. 5 things that meditation taught me about parenting


Deepak Chopra and David Simon,The Chopra Center

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Chopra.com is the official website of the Chopra Center for wellbeing, founded in 1996 by physicians Deepak Chopra and David Simon – two giants in the area of mind-body wellbeing.

The Chopra Center is located at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California, and even if a visit to the spa isn’t what you’re looking for, the site itself has an array of resources, including an online library, numerous articles, and meditation apps featuring Deepak Chopra.

The Chopra Center also provides online courses, some of which are free (e.g., 8 Weeks of Happiness and 10 Ways in 10 Days to Manage Stress). Also freely available are webinars addressing specific topics, such as “Unstoppable Energy” and “How to Manage Holiday Stress.”

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Guided Meditations
2. How to Set Your Intention for Meditation
3. Healing After Loss: Meditation for Grieving


Bodhipaksa,Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

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Meditation instructor and practicing Buddhist, Bodhipaksa, dreamed up the idea for Wildmind while creating a university-based online meditation course.

His site has a calming, minimalist design and offers extensive written guides and free audio files to help users who want to explore various aspects of meditation. Bodhipaksa’s frequently updated blog covers a variety of categories, including meditation news, his thoughts on the practice of meditation, and occasional reviews of meditation-related products.

If you’re looking for even more, the online shop offers numerous products to enhance practice. You can also sign up for donation-based online classes, such as “Living With Compassion” or “Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness.”

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Om shanti shanti shanti
2. Lovingkindness meditation, using natural language
3. How meditation can reshape our brains


Tara Brach,TaraBrach.com

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Tara Brach is a psychotherapist, meditation instructor, and the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C. – one of the largest meditation centers in the U.S.

Much of Tara’s work involves in-person teaching and workshops, but she also makes recorded classes and her popular meditation podcast available through her website.

Another excellent resource at tarabrach.com is a downloadable PDF called “How to Meditate,” which will help you develop a daily sitting meditation practice. Her site also features an event calendar with opportunities to learn from Tara in person – something that may be of particular interest if you happen to live in the D.C./Bethesda area.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How to Meditate
2. Meditation: Relaxing Open (17:53 min)
3. Meditation: The RAIN of Self-Compassion (10:42 min)


Melli,Mrs. Mindfulness

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Melli, the creater of Mrs. Mindfulness, teaches meditation and mindfulness in Australia and uses her website to provide relief from the busy world and to share ways to discover fulfilment and mindful living.

Melli frequently shares the practices that work best for her and has a practical and matter-of-fact, yet insightful, style. Whether she’s writing about finding mindfulness during life’s most challenging moments or instructing readers about how to identify their personal values, her posts are well worth reading and contain information that you’ll want to remember.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How To Use Mindfulness In Times Of Crisis & Challenge
2. How To Live Your Truth: Identifying Your Values & Mastering Mindful Living
3. 4 Ways to be Mindful At Work


Kristin Neff,Self-Compassion.org

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Dr. Kristin Neff is an educational psychologist, a devotee of Insight Meditation, and the author of the book, Self-Compassion.

Her website of the same name aims to teach visitors to accept and care for themselves in the same way that they would behave compassionately toward others. If you find that you are self-critical or judge yourself harshly for being less than perfect, the Self-Compassion site has valuable resources for you.

Visit Dr. Neff’s site to listen to guided meditations about self-compassion or to work through a number of exercises to help you treat yourself more kindly. The site also has a wonderful resource page and links to in-person self-compassion events.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Self-Compassion Guided Meditations
2. Self-Compassion Exercises
3. What is self-compassion?


Gabrielle Bernstein,GabbyB.tv

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Gabrielle Bernstein is an author, speaker, social media influencer, yoga & meditation instructor, and guest expert on The Dr. Oz Show. She has been called both a thought leader and role model for the current generation of 30-somethings.

Gabby’s site features a beginner’s guide to meditation and offers a combination blog and vlog. She shares guided meditations, her own stories, and useful information for your personal spiritual journey.

Material ties in closely to her books, including Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles. Readers find her to be relatable and authentic, and her site is a “must see” if you’re trying to balance spirituality and modern life.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Beginners Guide to Meditation
2. What to Do When You Fall Off the Meditation Wagon
3. A 6-Minute Walking Meditation You Can Take Anywhere


Rebekah Borucki,Bexlife.com

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Bexlife is the website of Rebekah Borucki, also known as Bex.

Bex wears many hats – including lifestyle coach, mother of five kids, meditation guide, yoga instructor, doula, television host, author, and YouTuber! Being a popular YouTuber, Bex’s site has just as many videos as written posts.

She makes loads of resources available to her followers, including 21-day mantra challenges, recipes, and instruction in meditation, yoga, and fitness.

Given her many interests and all of the projects that she has going on simultaneously, there is something here for you, no matter what it is that you’re seeking!

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 3 Meditation Mistakes You’re Making – Meditation for Beginners (VIDEO)
2. Meditation for Happiness and Gratitude – Meditation Tutorial for Beginners (VIDEO)
3. Meditation for Releasing Shame and Guilt – Meditation Tutorial for Beginners (VIDEO)


Mary Jaksch,Goodlife Zen

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Zen master Mary Jaksch, who is also a psychotherapist and an author, operates Goodlife Zen as a repository for inspirational information about all aspects of life. Articles on the site span a number of categories, including personal growth, meditation, happiness, and creativity.

Articles are helpful, practical, and free, but if you’re looking for more of Mary’s meditation resources, a$7.90 purchase will give you access to a meditation guide, a breath meditation video, and a guided meditation audio track.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How a Simple Loving-Kindness Meditation Can Transform Your Life
2. How Meditation Can Make You Feel Happier
3. How to Reach Meditative States through Creativity (Even If You’re Not That Creative)


Anmol Mehta,AnmolMehta.com

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Anmol Mehta is a Kundalini yoga instructor, children’s yoga instructor, and hypnotherapist. His website houses a number of free yoga and meditation classes, some with particular themes, such as “Gentle yoga for weight loss” and “Chakra balancing & healing.”

Also available is a lengthy list of ebooks, videos, and mp3 downloads. Anmol’s collection of posts has great information – for example, topics include introductions to new instructional videos, poetry from Anmol’s journal, and invited posts about transcending loneliness and succeeding with your New Year’s resolutions.

If you’ve been practicing meditation for a while and want to go to the next level, Anmol also offers affordably priced certification programs for both meditation and yoga.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Power of Aloneness – Meditation Video Series
2. Free Online Meditation and Yoga E-Books and Videos
3. Meditation Video – What is Meditation?


Sharon Salzberg,SharonSalzberg.com

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Sharon Salzberg turned to meditation as a way of dealing with personal turmoil, and she ultimately embarked on a lifelong journey that included studying in India, co-establishing the Insight Meditation Society, and writing nine books, including the bestseller, Real Happiness.

A unique feature of her website is her series of Street Loving Kindness videos, which explores ways to practice loving kindness during everyday moments, such as while stuck in traffic or waiting in line.

Sharon’s blog primarily includes her contributions to the On Being column and her Metta Hour Podcasts – a rich store of reading and listening material! She also encourages you to join her Real Happiness Challenge, which includes “committing to sit” every day for a month, trying her guided meditations, and sharing your experience on her community blog.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How To Teach Children Lovingkindness Meditation
2. ANIMATION Where Does Compassion Come From?
3. 28-Day Meditation Challenge 2016


Sean Fargo,Mindfulness Exercises

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Mindfulness Exercises houses an immense library of mindfulness resources – 100+ recorded talks, 75+ guided meditations, 300+ mindfulness worksheets, 60+ downloadable mindfulness ebooks, 35+ healing sounds, and 60+ mindfulness blog posts!

Site owner, Sean Fargo, provides this compilation of information free of charge and is also available for personalized guided meditations by phone or Skype.

You will absolutely find something that you can use here, whether you’re in need of a guided meditation to help you stop “over-thinking” (video) or you’re a stay-at-home parent looking for ways to manage stress while caring for little ones all day.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:


Elisabeth Blaikie,Fragrant Heart

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Site owner, Elisabeth Blaikie, began learning to appreciate contemplative silence well before she actually started studying meditation.

Elisabeth leads a quiet beachside life and uses Fragrant Heart to reach out to others who want to meditate and find inner peace.

Elisabeth focuses on your inner voice, which she refers to as your “Heart.” Her site shares a large number of free guided meditations as part of Elisabeth’s efforts to give back to the world by sharing what she has learned from others.

She also offers a free audio course called “Learn How to Meditate in 5 Days,” which is a great starting point if you’re a beginner.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Deep Relaxation Meditation
2. 2 Minute Stress Release Meditation
3. Golden Cone of Light Meditation


Eklavya,Meditation is Easy

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Eklavya, a meditation student in India, founded Meditation is Easy to help others tackle the problem of fitting meditation into a busy lifestyle.

You’ll identify with Eklavya’s personal admission of this struggle and will find the articles to be appealing. The site includes a nice exploration of a variety of meditation techniques, such as energy meditation and “here and now” meditation.

An additional feature of note is the section on deep contraction and the importance of physical activity and involving the body in meditation – a topic that is not often a prominent piece of most meditation sites.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Chakra Meditation : A Definitive Guide for Absolute Beginners
2. Vipassana : The meditation technique of Gautama Buddha
3. Self – Soul of meditation


Wee Peng Ho,The Conscious Life

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If you’re interested not just in meditation, but in living a balanced life, The Conscious Life by Wee Peng Ho takes a holistic approach and has content related to all types of health – physical, mental, and spiritual.

The meditation section is a good starting place for beginners, since the material is easy to navigate and conveniently categorized into tips, techniques, music, guided meditations, and more.

If you check out the other sections of the site, you can supplement your meditation knowledge with articles on stress, inflammation, and recommended products as well.

Sign up for the monthly newsletter if you want to be kept up to date about the latest information that has been added to the site.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How to Meditate for Beginners
2. What’s the Best Meditation for Beginners?
3. Top 10 Meditation Myths That Are Holding You Back


Matt Valentine,Buddhaimonia

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Blogger Matt Valentine created Buddhaimonia to help others find the same peace and happiness that he found through Buddhist wisdom and Zen meditation.

If you subscribe to his newsletter, you will receive weekly bits of helpful mindfulness information, as well as his 130-page ebook, The Little Book of Mindfulness.

Matt’s blog posts cover topics such as walking meditation and creating your own mini meditation retreat at home. He also has a Zen for Everyday Life podcast that shares a weekly theme and guided meditation.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 5 Tools to Help You Start Your Home Meditation Practice
2. The Beginner’s Guide to Walking Meditation
3. 5 Steps to Making Meditation a Daily Habit


Karan Bajaj,KaranBajaj.com

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Karan Bajaj is a novelist, Yogi, and student of meditation. He blends all of these topics at his website, which will be a particularly relevant stopping point for you if you enjoy writing and/or have aspirations of being published.

His meditation posts are separately categorized from his writing posts, but if you’re a writer or artist, you’ll likely enjoy both.

Here’s a one-stop shop for you to find how-to guides for writing and publishing while also tapping into resources for your spiritual path and being mindful at whatever stage of life you’re living.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Vipassana Meditation: why you should spend ten days in silence
2. Mindfulness meditation for your exact life stage
3. How to meditate in 2016: A complete guide



Follow davidji on Twitter
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Once a businessman and COO of the Chopra Center, davidji (yes, all lower case!) is now a Vedic Master, corporate trainer, recognized leader in stress management, and the author of the bestselling book, destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind.

He is also credited with originating the popular 21-day meditation format, which is now used broadly in meditation challenges and other meditation practices.

The “Meditation Room” of his site contains an introduction to different types of meditation, a large video library, and additional material that you can unlock by joining the online community.

In his blog, davidji speaks conversationally to his readers and shares practical ways to keep stress at bay and practice mindfulness in the modern world. If you like davidji’s style, you can also sign up for his Art of Meditation online course to receive expert guidance in meditation

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Art of Meditation 5-Week Online Course
2. No More Regrets, Only Forgiveness Weekend Meditation
3. Practice Makes Perfect! Mastering Your Meditation Practice


Mary and Richard Maddux,Meditation Oasis

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Meditation Oasis is not only a website, but also a podcast, CD series, and app.

Founders Mary and Richard Maddux, experienced meditation practitioners, created Meditation Oasis in order to share their guided meditations with others.

The podcast archive provides hours of guided meditations and meditative music. Head to the blog section to find out more about specific guided meditations or to read about topics such as sleep and how meditation can help you manage grief after a personal loss.

If you work in a business, education, or healthcare setting, there is also a section for professionals so that you can reach out to Meditation Oasis and learn how to bring their guided meditations into your workplace.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How Meditation Can Help You Move Forward After A Loss
2. Meditation Apps
3. Guided Meditation


Susan Piver,SusanPiver.com

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Susan Piver is a bestselling author, meditation teacher, and renowned speaker.

Her website features the Open Heart Project (OHP), “a 24/7 online meditation center that you can visit anytime for teachings, practice instruction, and community.” Nearly 20.000 global members utilize the OHP by participating in one of the three membership levels.

For no charge at all, you can subscribe to the newsletter, which includes a new guided meditation video for each week and gives you access to the four most recent videos and the monthly Dharma gathering (a guest lecture and discussion).

With paid memberships, there are additional perks, including a daily live streamed meditation, private forum, monthly check-in, and an annual all-day virtual retreat.

The blog includes “Dear Susan” articles with answers to questions from readers, as well as Susan’s thoughts on customer service and loving the people you hate (inspired by U.S. politics).

Susan has a realistic and sometimes sarcastic writing style –definitely worth checking out if you practice your mindfulness in the real world, rather than on a serene Tibetan mountaintop!

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:


Tom Bershad and Morgan Dix,About Meditation

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About Meditation calls itself the “Online Guide for the Modern Meditator.” The site is run by meditation practitioners, Tom Bershad and Morgan Dix, along with a team of contributors.

When you first visit the site, you’ll want to check out the free resources in the “Start Here” section or try the free “Meditation for Life” audio experience.

The creative team does a great job of keeping the blog up to date, so reading material is plentiful and covers mindfulness and meditation across all aspects of life and personal growth.

You can also listen to the OneMind Meditation Podcast with Morgan Dix, which focuses on why meditation is important more than ever in today’s busy world.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How to Prepare for Meditation: 9 Ways to Ground Yourself
2. OM038: Harvard’s Guide To Tai Chi (Moving Meditation
3. OM033: Why We Need Silence Much More Than We Think


Maria Santoferraro,Daily Downward Dog

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This site invites you to “Go from stressed out to blissed out” and has a laidback, surfer vibe – even though site owner, Maria Santoferraro, is a yoga instructor in Ohio and has a target audience of people over 40. (She does offer seasonal beach yoga classes on Lake Erie!)

Because she found relief from back pain through her yoga practice, she aims to share yoga’s benefits with others who suffer from back pain, are mystified by yoga, and/or think that they’re too inflexible to do yoga.

If you can’t join up with Sharon in Ohio or at a retreat, she offers “Hang Ten” meditation videos to help you settle into stillness, and she keeps her site updated with information on her personal travels – her pictures just might make you start planning for one of those retreats after all!

Maria writes what she knows and what she experiences, and you’ll enjoy her posts for their positivity and the way that she embraces life.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Hang Ten Meditation
2. Meditation Rocks
3. Vinyasa, Meditation & Goddesses!


Chris Willitts,Mindful Muscle

Follow Mindful Muscle on Facebook

Mindful Muscle was created by Chris Willits, a meditation teacher who was influenced by his studies of psychology and consciousness.

The blog provides guided meditations and covers a broad array of topics, including addiction, positive psychology, and mind-body fitness, in addition to the expected meditation and mindfulness categories.

From Mindful Muscle, you can also link to Chris’ other projects: Meditate by Eight (meditation for children), Mindful Mingle (a site to connect with other people who practice mindfulness), and Mindfully Asleep (a program that uses meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to promote sleep).

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How to Meditate: 5-Minute Mastery
2. What Happens When Kids Learn How to Meditate?
3. Adopt Sleep Meditation Over Sleep Medication


Lynne Goldberg,OMG. I Can Meditate!

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OMG I Can Meditate is the product of the life transformation experienced by Lynne Goldberg. After facing devastating losses and stress that was causing her to cope in unhealthy ways, Lynne eventually discovered yoga and meditation and recreated her life.

OMG I Can Meditate is a program that can be used as an app or experienced on the website. You can either use the free version or upgrade in order to unlock additional content and tools.

Take the 7-Day Challenge if you want to give it a try, and don’t forget to explore the content at the OMG blog. There you’ll find expanded information about different types of meditations and videos/transcripts in which Lynne addresses questions such as, “Can meditation improve relationships?” (Hint: The answer is “yes!”)

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Can Meditation Help You Lose Weight?
2. Video: Meditation Q&A – How Do I Know If It’s Working?
3. Why Meditate?


Paige Burkes,Simple Mindfulness

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Paige Burkes, the creator of Simple Mindfulness, states that she wasted many years trying to control the uncontrollable – but through learning mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, she found that happiness comes from within.

She hopes that her site will help others to skip some of the frustration that she experienced and go directly to a path of inner peace.

If you need a guide for your path, Paige offers personal mentoring packages and a “Mindful Body” program to help with body acceptance and a healthy lifestyle. If free insights are more your speed, you can subscribe for the free “Mindful Living Guide” and also enjoy Paige’s frequent posts about a variety of mindfulness topics.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 6 Simple Steps to Create Your Meditation Habit – Finally
2. The Mindful Approach To Facing Your Fears
3. Mindful Spirit: How Noticing Your Inner and Outer Worlds Opens the Door to Happiness


Elisha Goldstein,ElishaGoldstein.com

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Dr. Goldstein is a psychologist, author, and co-founder of the The Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles.

His books, eCourses, and online videos provide a number of ways for people all over the world to benefit from his work, and his blog nicely blends helpful articles, quotes, and eye-catching images.

Among other resources, you can also find several PDFs for your personal use, including 183 pleasurable activities and a large packet of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy handouts. Definitely explore this site if you battle depression or are struggling in your day to day life.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. A 7 Step Meditation to Start Your (Earth) Day!
2. Depression & Anxiety: New Mindfulness-Based Online Treatments
3. Cutting Through the “Mindful Noise” – The Next Wave of Mindfulness is Here


Susanna and Puran,IAMHeart.org

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The website of the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart provides instruction in Heart Rhythm Meditation, a breathing method that uses seven steps to bring your heartbeat and breathing into a coordinated state through concentration, contemplation, and meditation.

You can freely use videos and audio recordings or can choose to register for online classes for more in-depth training.

The site was co-founded by Susanna and Puran Bair, who reside in Arizona. Both Susanna and Puran have an extensive background in meditation and heart-centered living, and they have authored several books.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Powers of Meditation: Spirituality, Mysticism, and Heart Meditation
2. What Is Meditation?


Nithyananda Swamiji,DhyanaPeetam.org

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At the website for the ashram of Swami Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda, there are many resources for followers. Though the site may be a bit confusing for Westerners and may be best suited for those living in India, Nithyananda does have a world-wide following.

Articles are short and designed to deliver pearls of wisdom about enlightenment and daily life.
There are also downloads for ebooks, meditations, mantras, and even ringtones. You can also tune in to the Nithyananda TV free telecast every day at 8 am and 8 pm India Standard Time.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 3 ways to enjoy meditation
2. Which is the best meditation path?
3. Why so many techniques?



Follow UCLA Health on Twitter
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The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center strives to educate others about
the scientifically supported health benefits of mindful awareness.

As part of their mission to promote well-being, the MARC website provides access to a number of free guided meditations. (Available in both English and Spanish!) Whether you’re looking for a brief 3-minute body scan meditation or a longer meditation experience, this site is a fantastic introduction to the different types of mindfulness exercises that might be of benefit to you.

MARC also offers the option to enroll in self-paced online mindfulness meditation classes and has free drop-in classes for those who live in the area.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Free Guided Meditations
2. Free Meditation Podcasts at the Hammer Museum
3. Free Drop-in Meditation Sessions


Charles and Mary,Mindfulness Meditation Institute

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The Mindfulness Meditation Institute was co-founded by Charles Francis and Mary Sovran.

Charles studied under a Zen Master and is the author of the book, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace, while Mary has been practicing meditation since the 1970s and often contributes to the site, giving a woman’s perspective on meditation.

The website is loaded with resources, including several writing meditations on different topics (e.g., loving-kindness and cancer recovery). New material is added on a fairly regular basis, and you’ll find traditional topics, like staying motivated, as well as less commonly addressed issues, such as overcoming childhood trauma or addiction through meditation.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 10 Misconceptions about Mindfulness Meditation
2. 5 Tips for Starting a Mindfulness Meditation Practice, and Staying Motivated
3. Finding the Meaning of Life through Mindfulness, Meditation, and Gratitude


Duccio Manfredi,How to Be Happy

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How to Be Happy was created by Duccio Manfredi, a life coach, Reiki practitioner, and enthusiast of both yoga and self-healing meditation.

Through his own self-discovery process, Duccio learned to manage his emotions and become a happy person, so he now seeks to help others discover the happy life that they could be living.

As you would expect from a site with this name, posts revolve around positivity and tips for personal happiness, but meditation and mindfulness are woven throughout the site. You can also download two free ebooks: Happiness Today and Self Help Affirmations.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. What is Walking Meditation?
2. 35 Meditation quotes from famous people
3. Meditation allows me to savour the moment. Sharing Vicky’s experience


Peter Morgan,The Free Mindfulness Project

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As the name would suggest, The Free Mindfulness Project – created by psychologist and mindfulness teacher, Peter Morgan – aims to make mindfulness meditation exercises easy to find and available to all who are interested.

The site’s main feature is a collection of 30+ guided meditations available for download. You are also invited to pause and ask yourself, “How is my mind right now?” – a reminder that, in our busy lives, we are often too absorbed in our schedules and tasks and lose touch with how we actually experience the moment.

When visiting The Free Mindfulness Project, be sure to also check out their newly launched sister site, “Words to Sit With” ,which features contemporary mindfulness poetry.

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2. How is my mind right now?
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Jack Kornfield,JackKornfield.com

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Jack Kornfield is a clinical psychologist, Buddhist monk, and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society. He has also written more than 10 books about Buddhism, psychology, and mindfulness.

Select passages from his books can be found in the “Articles” section of the website, along with other writings that convey Jack’s wisdom and experience about subjects including joy and remembering who you are.

The site also holds Jack’s videos, recorded talks, and a number of meditations on specific topics. At times, online courses and in-person events are available as well. You can also sign up to receive a weekly “Monday Message” to get your week started the right way.

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3. Walking Meditation


Massimo Conte,Spiritual Healing for You

Massimo Conte, an Italian living in Israel, has been interested in and learning about spiritual healing since 1999.

As a healer, he strives to help others achieve peace and live the best possible life through healing touch and other healing practices. He offers face-to-face, Skype, and telephone sessions that include guided meditation and personalized instructions for healing.

Massimo’s site provides a thorough introduction to spirituality, meditation, healing, and energy, and the blog contains further explanations and explorations of these topics.

If you suffer from physical health problems or are struggling emotionally, you may find a new avenue for help in the topic of spiritual healing.

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2. Types of Meditation
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Ashley is a yoga & meditation teacher, marriage and family therapy intern, ordained priestess, writer, and speaker.

She offers personal, Skype, and phone therapy and coaching, as well as a 5-week digital course called “How to Meditate.” When you visit her site, you can sign up for a free Core Detox class, along with weekly videos and meditations.

For her blog, Ashley mixes videos and written posts. She often tackles tough topics, such as improving your sex life, speaking your truth, and dealing with toxic relationships, but has a large archive that is filled with posts about yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

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1. Meditation 101: How to Meditate + Why Meditation Works
2. Letting Go Meditation: The Key to Living Your Truth
3. Tips for Mindful Eating


Susan,Susan Kaiser Greenland

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Susan is the author of The Mindful Child and the co-founder of Inner Kids, a research-supported activity program to help children tune into the world around them and increase attention.

Susan is a California-based speaker and trainer, and you can find select clips of her speaking engagements, including her TEDx talk, on her website.

Her blog offers thoughts on secularism, mindful parenting, and mindfulness in education, as well as a number of guided practices and visualizations (such as “Stop, Breathe, Be” and “Listening to the Rain”) for children.

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Luke Miller,Potential for Change

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Luke Miller, who considers himself a “spiritual life hacker,” created Potential for Change to share what he has learned about spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you consider yourself just a regular guy or gal, you’ll appreciate that one of Luke’s paths to enlightenment involves watching Game of Thrones and eating pizza. In his relatable and blunt style, Luke writes about everything from supercharging your morning routine to how he left a negative lifestyle behind and “accidentally” started to meditate.

There is plenty of reading material in the blog, but if you sign up for Luke’s email newsletter, you will also receive a free 33-page ebook called “Psychology Meets Spirituality.”

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2. 20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 2
3. 20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 3


Melissa Eisler,Mindful Minutes

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The tag-line at the Mindful Minutes blog is “How to squeeze a deep breath into your jam-packed day.” Blogger Melissa Eisler is also the author of The Type A’s Guide to Mindfulness: Meditation for Busy Minds and Busy People.

As a Type A manager in the corporate world, Melissa knows firsthand how challenging it can be to fit meditation into a full schedule, and she uses her blog to share information that will help others to live more mindfully.

Her posts are meant to provide practical tips and to deliver information in a format that can be easily consumed and put to use by readers who are on the go.

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2. The 4 Fundamental Meditative States
3. How to Sit for Meditation: 8 Options


Beth and James,Daily Zen

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The clean and minimal design of Daily Zen is fitting for the site’s motto of “Live. Life. Simple.” Site runners, Beth and James, left behind their London lives behind in order to create Daily Zen and live the type of peaceful and meditative life that they had envisioned.

Their blog spans the categories of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Life, and it includes posts contributed by other bloggers as well.

There is a heavy focus on mental wellbeing, since James suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, and another writer struggles with anxiety and depression. You’ll find posts in all categories to be not only well-written and inspirational, but also practical.

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1. How to Make Exercise Meditative
2. Hurry Up and Wait. Making Time to Meditate
3. What I Learned from 40 Days of Meditation


Martin Boroson,One-Moment Meditation

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One-Moment Meditation (OMM) is a book, online course, blog, and app by Martin Boroson.

Martin, who holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management, may seem like an unlikely meditation teacher, but he is also a student of Zen and has found a way to blend business and meditation by delivering One-Moment Meditation trainings to physicians and business leaders.

For your personal meditation practice, the OMM app will help you learn to meditate quickly in order to find a calm moment in the middle of your busy day. At the blog, you’ll primarily find news and updates about OMM, but also short articles about topics such as managing stress and anxiety.

If you’re not sure where to begin, the 5-minute introductory video on the main page will teach you the OMM technique, and it features an appealing cartoon character who will become familiar to you if you start using the OMM app.

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2. What’s the difference between a One-Minute Meditation and a One-Moment Meditation?
3. The Basic Minute


Michael W. Taft and Jessica Graham,Deconstructing Yourself

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From its font and images to its tag line (“Mindfulness Meditation for Modern Mutants”), Deconstructing Yourself gives off a sci-fi vibe – which is appropriate since site owners Michael W. Taft and Jessica Graham promote a secular, science-based approach to meditation.

The pair uses their website to inform and encourage readers, and their writings are based on curiosity, evidence, and honesty. Among the articles, “mindful sex” gets a category of its own, as does concentration.

A notable article series called “Dying with Dad,” explores Jessica’s experience of caring for her father during his final months. Are you a truth-seeker? If so, you’ll enjoy exploring the articles here.

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2. Meditation isn’t always relaxing, new study finds
3. Go Deeper Using the Meditation Induction


Jonni Pollard,1 Giant Mind

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The team at 1 Giant Mind is headed up by Jonni Pollard, one of the co-founders and the creator of the organization’s “Learn to Meditate” program.

The site gives one of the best answers to “Why Meditation?” that you’ll find: “It wasn’t too long ago that simple things like brushing our teeth and basic personal hygiene were not part of our daily lives…It wasn’t until evidence-based reasoning enabled us to understand that the absence of these good habits were causing profound health issues. When a critical mass adopted these simple daily habits we witnessed a quantum leap in health around the world.

Today we stand at the precipice of an opportunity to take yet another quantum leap into a realm of greater mental health and wellbeing.” Try the 5-minute introduction on the website, and then download the 1 Giant Mind app to further your meditation practice. You’ll find some great articles in the blog archives as well.

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1. Why people stop meditating and how to stick with your practice
2. What is flow and how to get it
3. Mind-wandering vs. mindfulness


Jackie Trottmann,The Guided Life

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The Guided Life is a Christian meditation site. Founder Jackie Trottmann describes herself as being “spiritually bankrupt” after 30 years of a fast-paced business career.

She found her spiritual path through meditation and now helps other to experience the benefits of stillness (based on the Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.”) and to explore their relationship with God.

If you’re of the Christian faith and want to make meditation a part of your religious practice, you can purchase Jackie’s guided meditations, read her free “The Guided Life” e-zine, or experience a corporate training. You can also visit Jackie’s blog, where she writes about topics such as contemplative prayer, God’s will, and letting God lead you to what you are meant to be.

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What is Guided Meditation and What Guided Meditation Will Do for You”

2. If You Are Feeling Bent Out of Shape Meditate
3. Accomplish the Top Three Goals or Resolutions at One Time with Meditation


Ozzie Gontang,Mindfulness.com

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Mindfulness.com is run by Ozzie Gontang, who sums up his purpose in life as “Coaching people to be world class humans and better athletes.”

As a family therapist, marathon runner, and executive coach, Ozzie created a site that differs from others with its focus on infusing mindfulness into running and leadership.

You’ll find a great archive of articles and videos if you’re looking to become a more mindful athlete or to incorporate mindful practices into your work life and daily choices.

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1. Why mindfulness matters, now more than ever
2. Mindfulness: Empathy Is Our Human Connection
3. Mindfulness: Listening When the World Speaks


Remez Sasson,Look Within You

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Remez Sasson, the creator of Look Within You, has been studying spirituality and meditation since childhood. His site is nicely categorized so that visitors can find relevant material related to meditation, inner peace, spiritual awakening, nonduality, and quotes.

As an author, Remez has also made his books available through the site. If your interests are a bit broader and extend to general self-improvement, success, and life skills, you may also want to take a look at Remez’s other website, successconsciousness.com — in 2013, he created two separate sites, due to the amount of material he had added and the number of visitors that his original site was receiving.

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2. What Is the Best Time to Practice Meditation?
3. The Purpose and Benefits of the Various Meditation Techniques


Lama Surya Das,Surya.org

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Lama Surya Das, also known as “The Western Lama,” is the renowned Buddhist meditation teacher behind this site.

Surya has studied Buddhism for more than 45 years, has written 13 books, and is a much requested speaker and trainer. The site represents Surya as a public figure, including information about his books and events.

Posts in the blog section are often short meditations or observations that are relevant to current happenings – such as a Zen chant for the New Year or prayers for those affected by a tragedy. Podcasts are also available in the site’s archives. Of note, Surya maintains a separate and somewhat more sparsely updated blog at askthelama.com.

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1. Three Stages of Meditation
2. The Heart-Essence of Buddhist Meditation
3. Fifteen Minutes of Meditation with Lama Surya Das


Adi Atar,Your Life Creation

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Adi Atar’s site aims to help readers find their passions and create the life that they want to be living. Adi has wide-ranging interests and avenues for helping others, but does have a section devoted to meditation, which includes plenty of free resources, including guided meditations and free webinars.

The Self Development section is also likely to appeal to those who came seeking meditation information. There is much to explore here, and you can also obtain a free ebook called Motivation for Manifestation.

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1. 3 Tips to Begin Your Meditation Practice
2. 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy [Meditation]
3. The Background of Meditation


Karl Duffy,Mindful Balance

Blogger Karl Duffy calls his Mindful Balance blog an “Irish mindful practice blog.” Not only does he provide background information, resources, and tips for getting started with meditation, but he also reliably posts a daily reflection, and the quotes and photos he selects can provide a great starting point for your daily meditation.

Duffy states that his daily themes are inspired by Rilke’s advice: “Write about what your everyday life offers you; describe your sorrows and desires, the thoughts that pass through your mind and your belief in some kind of beauty.” Add this blog to your bookmarks if you want a new topic to meditate on each day!

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1. Starting Meditation
2. What is Mindfulness?
3. Starting out in Mindfulness: Some more reading


Dalexis Peguero,Your Mindful Blog

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Though this site has much in common with other mindfulness and meditation blogs, Your Mindful Blog is unique in its focus on relationships.

Creator Dalexis Peguero focuses on increasing confidence, self-esteem, and personal attractiveness to self and others. As a dating coach who utilizes meditation when coaching men to achieve relationship success, Dalexis shares his thoughts on topics such as letting go of failed relationships and being present.

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2. The 10 Steps To Mindful Meditation (infographic included)
3. Beginner’s Guide: How to meditate for beginners



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Site owner, Jon, is the creator of The T.A.D. Principle (Thoughts, Actions, Destiny) and MeditationSHIFT, which Jon says represents everything that he and his team have worked on since 2003.

The core of the website is currently the course, “An Owner’s Guide to Your Mind,” which includes meditation and mindfulness instruction, but also information about how to change your “relationship” with your mind.

If you’re not looking for a course, but do want to tap into a large supply of reading material, the site also includes a long index of articles and blog posts.

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1. meditationSHIFT explains mindfulness and meditation in 3 minutes.
2. What type of meditation do I do? It’s so confusing!
3. Our free guide to mindfulness and meditation.


Cheryl Wilfong,The Meditative Gardner

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Cheryl Wilfong, a meditation teacher, master gardener, and author of the book, The Meditative Gardner, is the blogger behind the award-winning The Meditative Gardner blog.

Cheryl discovered gardening and meditation around the same time and has blended the two topics in order to help others learn to appreciate the moment and to find peace and enjoyment in everyday garden environments.

Cheryl’s blog features short observations about gardening and plant life, and she does a nice job of using the natural world as a metaphor for one’s inner workings as well.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Guided Meditations
2. About the Book
3. Book Reviews

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Julie Jarvis,REALthings

Julie Jarvis, the founder of REALthings, started her company in order to create cushions for meditation, yoga, and mindful living that fit your body and honor ancient traditions.

Julie and her Toronto-based artisans design and create the cushions, and the cushions are based on what they learned after traveling to places like Cambodia, India, and Bali in order to learn about weaving textiles in a sustainable way.

You can explore the different types of cushions on the website, and also read more about meditation cushions and other meditation-related topics in the REALthings blog.

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1. Muse Is Meditating
2. Meditating Outdoors
3. How to Choose the Perfect Meditation Cushion for Your Body


Jim Hudson,Accelerate Me

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Accelerate Me is the project of Jim Hudson. What began as Jim’s journal has become a lifestyle coaching program for his clients.

Like many others who have found a way to turn unsatisfying lives into satisfying ones, Jim’s mission is to share what he has learned with others for their own personal growth.

Jim frequently posts about meditation and has a six-part series on learning to meditate, but he also reviews and recommends relevant products and touches on topics such as self-discipline, motivation, and biofeedback.

Accelerate Me is not just a meditation site, but a place where you might stumble across information on just about anything in the realm of personal growth.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How to Meditate your way to Happiness and Success
2. How Meditation Saved My Life
3. The Three Phases of Meditation


David,David H Wagner

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A meditation teacher for more than 20 years, David uses his personal experiences to help others undergo the life transformations that they are seeking.

Recently, David has taken a particular interest in personal development for men and has authored the book, Backbone – the Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.

His blog is reflective of this interest as well, and under the umbrella of “Wildman University,” he even offers workshops, retreats, and other programs specifically for men to learn how to live more fully.

If you can’t attend one of David’s events, he also offers two home study programs – “The Open Secrets to Deep Meditation” and “The New Paradigm Men’s Course.”

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1. Are you a Warrior or a Worrier (Or a Whiner?)
2. No Time To Wait – Lots of Life to Live
3. 5 Myths About the Inner Lives of Men


Ntathu Allen,Yoga Inspires

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Ntathu Allen, the founder of Yoga Inspires, gears her site toward working women who need an easy way to find the information that they need about yoga, meditation, and stress management.

As a self-professed “control freak,” Ntathu understands how difficult it can be for busy women to relax and practice self-care.

If you’re looking to reduce the stress in your life, you may find inspiration in Ntathu’s story about leaving her job as a probation officer behind in order to become a meditation and yoga teacher and to eventually develop her Yoga Inspires business.

A subscription to the Yoga Inspires email list will enable you to wodownload her ebook, How to Love Yourself More, or you can find vlog and blog entries in which Ntathu shares inspiring messages, helpful tips, and her own goals and progress.

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1. Walking Meditation Instructions- How To Be Calm, Walk And Meditate For Instant Relaxation
2. How To Find Happiness In Your Life – 3 Breathing Exercises To Clean Your Mind To Meditate
3. Tired And Overwhelmed? How I Got Into Meditation


Satyam,Renaissance Yoga

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The Renaissance Yoga company, founded by Satyam, endeavors to make yoga accessible and affordable to people in the Maryland and Washington DC area.

Visitors from any location, however, will find relevant information and resources at RenYoga.com. The podcast and video sections are well-stocked, and Satyam is a frequent blogger. There is always a monthly challenge to consider, and Satyam shares his own experience and advice, as well as snippets and photos submitted by readers.

Satya has managed to create much more than a yoga instruction business – you can tell that he cares about sharing with the community and helping others find renewal through yoga and meditation.

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1. Podcast: Meditation Ideation
2. Podcast: Meditation Visualization
3. Podcast: Inner Space Meditation


Will Williams and Jess Cook,Will Williams Meditation

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Will Williams Meditation provides London-based instruction in meditation. Will and his partner, Jess Cook, spent 2 ½ years traveling the globe and intensely studying Vedic meditation.

They founded their company in 2011 and are on a mission to empower others and improve the collective consciousness of society. The blog provides thoughtful consideration of a variety of subjects – for example, workplace stress, how meditation can improve sleep and fertility, and defeating fear through knowledge.

The blog, along with Will’s recommended reading list, can provide lots of material if you enjoy expanding your mind, not only through meditative practice, but through reading about meditation and related topics.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Benefits of Vedic Meditation
2. A Super Simple Way to Keep Meditating
3. FREE talks


Mandy Trapp,Lifestyle Meditation

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Lifestyle Meditation was created by Mandy Trapp, a health and wellness professional who wants to see meditation become a widely practiced and easily accessible form of stress management.

The Edmonton company includes a number of experienced meditation instructors who lead meditation workshops and intensive teacher trainings, and Lifestyle Meditation also partners with several organizations to help make a positive impact directly on communities and schools.

In the blog, you’ll appreciate Mandy’s frank and realistic writing style, as she explores topics such as the aftermath of the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon and the good, the bad, and the ugly about gurus.

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Bill Scheinman,Stress Reduction at Work

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Bill Scheinman, the man behind Stress Reduction at Work, is a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) instructor and corporate trainer in San Francisco and has been practicing mindfulness for more than 20 years.

His blog posts are useful and a treat to read, as you’ll feel as though you’re being coached in living a more aware and less stressful life.

The resources section contains a summary of mindfulness research, as well as videos and podcasts. Stress Reduction at Work has plenty of information for anyone seeking more intentional living.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Meditating Brain
2. Mindfulness Has 24/7 Potential
3. How Mindfulness is Short Changed in Popular Culture


Lena Franklin,LenaFranklin.com

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Lena Franklin, who is based in Atlanta, offers Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, as well as meditation instruction, retreats, and workshops.

Her blog is nicely designed and has the interesting feature of telling you how many minutes it should take the average reader to read each post – helpful for today’s busy aspiring meditators! Overall, this is an appealing stop if you’re looking to add some contemplative articles to your reading list.

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1. The Art of Releasing Fear
2. 4 Healing Benefits of Mindful Eating
3. The Power of Presence: 3 Easy Steps to Daily Mindfulness


Attila Orosz,Meditation for Beginners

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Attila Orosz, the author of The Beginner’s Book of Meditation, maintains this site and will be releasing a fully revised and redesigned version of the book, now titled The Essence of Meditation.

While awaiting the book launch, you can sign up for newsletter updates and read the blog archives. As is appropriate for beginners, the articles tend to have a “simple steps” approach to various practices, such as QiGong and embryonic breathing.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:


Tobi and Parn,Dharana Phuket Meditation

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The Dharana Blog of the Phuket Meditation and Retreat Center in Thailand seeks to provide information about mindfulness and Buddhist meditation.

The Center’s website provides guided meditations and videos for those looking for online instruction, and the blog posts are written by Center co-founder, Tobi Warzinek.

The blog underwent reorganization in 2015 and emerged with a focus on fitting meditation into modern life. Information is plentif

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Beginning Stages of Meditation
2. Basic Meditation Practice for Beginners
3. Why Are You So Ugly


Kevin and Nikki,Centred Meditation

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Centered Meditation is a studio in Sydney, Australia. Co-founders Kevin and Nikki both turned to meditation after living lives filled with chaos and deadlines, and they now seek to share what they’ve learned with other city dwellers.

Anyone, however, will benefit from the blog posts, most of which are explorations based around a “thought of the week” – such as “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Why Meditate?
2. Benefits Of Meditation
3. Meditation Myths


Bev Janisch,The Compassionate Mind

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The Compassionate Mind is the site of Bev Janisch, a mindful living coach and former nurse. Bev offers private coaching, including a “Break Up with Stress” meditation coaching program, but also has a blog with useful information on a variety of topics related to meditation and achieving a more peaceful and compassionate life.

If you take a few moments to read “An Interview with Bev,” you’ll gain insight into how meditation changed her life and inspired her to help others have the same experience.

If you’re not certain that private coaching is right for you, sign up for Bev’s email list, and you’ll receive free tips, as well as her “Ignite Your Inner Sparkle” kit, which includes a written guide and guided meditations.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Truth About Meditation
2. 5 Mindful Tips For A Peaceful Holiday Season
3. What a Homeless Man Taught Me About Compassion


Malcolm Fletcher and Troy Drake,Streamline Meditation

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Streamline Meditation identifies as being different from other meditation practices, because their philosophy is that mantras and other techniques such as focusing on the breath actually serve as a distraction from what meditation should be.

Founder Malcolm Fletcher has been teaching meditation since 1973 and believes in letting yourself tap into the natural state of meditation and then benefitting from the energy and happiness that are infinitely available to you.

Classes are available in Australia and by Skype. The blog focuses on the benefits of meditation and keeps readers up to speed about the company’s offerings.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. How does meditation affect sleep?
2. The Health Benefits of Meditation
3. Stress less: 10 tips for a calmer year


Andre,Neti-Neti Meditation

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Neti-Neti meditation encourages you to discover who and what you are by realizing who and what you aren’t. This type of meditation involves transcending the labels and roles that you previously used to define yourself.

The site was created by Andre Doshim Halaw, a Buddhist monk, meditation instructor, Zen teacher, and author of the book Neti-Neti Meditation. It’s a good idea to read through the explanation of Neti-Neti meditation before clicking on the link to Andre’s blog, Absolute Nothingness, which will route you away from the original site.

Andre’s writing at Absolute Nothingness is highly intellectual and will appeal to you if you’re philosophical and like to explore mind-bending concepts, such as the concept that “existence arises from Nothingness” or the idea that “Nothingness is the only thing that matters, since Nothingness is all that there truly is.”

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Before Mindfulness
2. Exploring The Void
3. The Essence of Mindfulness


Adrain,The Now Project

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The Now Project founder, Adrian, suffered from mental health problems and addiction at an early age. After turning his life around with mindfulness, he was the UK pioneer for the use of mindfulness in the treatment of addiction.

His online community was unnamed for several years, but The Now Project is now thriving, and the team behind the effort works to make mindfulness and meditation information widely available to anyone who needs it.

Blog posts in the categories of Nourishment, Meditations & Teaching, and Tools & Support are found in the “Portal” section of the website. You can also find free videos at the site or on The Now Project YouTube channel.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Don’t Try To Understand – A Lesson in Mindfulness
2. The Four Skills of Mindfulness
3. The Essence of Mindfulness


Adiba Osmani,Bidushi

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Adiba Osmani’s website has an extremely modern design and “takes a contemporary look at the benefits of meditation, how it works, and its purpose for modern society.” The term “bidushi” means “one who has knowledge” and is a fitting title, as Osmani focuses on the science of meditation.

With eye-catching front-page pictures and articles about the intellectual side of meditation, this isn’t the site for tips to enhance your practice, but rather the site to gain a better understanding of why you should be practicing meditation in the first place.

If you’re scientifically minded, this is also a good place to find links to research institutions that study meditation or to journals that have published articles about meditation.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. What is meditation?
2. Meditation, goal-setting, and the purpose of life
3. Connection vs loneliness: the role of meditation


Steven Hickman,Stuck in Meditation

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As “An Online Home for the Skeptical Meditator,” Stuck in Meditation aims to provide support to anyone who is practicing meditation alone and/or running into challenges or doubts about mindfulness meditation.

The site is run by Steven Hickman, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist, Executive Director of the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, and the Director of Professional Training for the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

His posts are infrequent, but insightful and a great source of reassurance if you need a little boost. Definitely check out the link to the December 2015 issue of Mindful magazine, which features an article by Dr. Hickman that is actually a synopsis of several of his posts about how to overcome obstacles with meditation in order to keep your practice from feeling like a chore.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Answering the Fundamental Question of Mindful Self-Compassion
2. Meditation: It’s not what you think. Really.
3. Run With Yoda, Meditate With Mermaids


Erin Ramsay,My Meditation Project

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My Meditation Project is a new blog with a lot of potential. Whereas most meditation blogs are written by experienced meditators, blogger Erin Ramsay, though an advanced yoga teacher, is newer to the practice of meditation and is writing about her journey as it happens. It’s refreshing to see someone candidly writing about the struggles that one can encounter while trying to make meditation a daily part of life.

In her blog, Erin writes about topics such as being outside of your comfort zone, starting over when when you feel scattered and disconnected from your practice, and finding a personal meditation “recipe.” If meditation isn’t second nature to you yet, you’ll identify strongly with Erin’s writing.

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Freelance writer and yoga master Annabel Fitzsimmons created Annabel Fitzsimmons – Whole Living when she realized that all of her various entrepreneurial efforts really came together under an umbrella of wellness and helping others.

She maintains a multi-topic blog at her site, but also has an older blog at meditatingmummy.com, where she focuses specifically on “finding the ‘om’ in ‘mom.’” At her main site, selected published writings on health and meditation can be found under the “Read” heading. Another section to check out is “ClearSpace,” where Annabel encourages you to set aside 20 minutes of daily “me time” in order to clear space for focusing solely on what makes you happy.

And of course there’s the blog, where Annabel shares Monday Meditations and thoughts on ways to live mindfully, whether you’re challenged by holding onto a summer mindset for the rest of the year or knowing the limits of your time and energy.

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1. Free Meditation Podcast
2. Monday Meditation Series
3. Meditating Mummy Blog



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Diana is a counselor, the owner of LifeWorks Center for Growth in Los Angeles, and a teacher of meditation and yoga. She is also the author of the book, Opening to Meditation, and works as a consultant, lecturer, and trainer.

Some of Diana’s meditations are available on her website, and a vast number of others are available on SoundCloud and YouTube. You’ll find her blog to be up to date and full of meditations, musings, and articles, many of which pertain to love and relationships. Most of her entries were initially posted in The Huffington Post.

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1. Diana Lang Talks about Meditation
2. FREE Guided Meditations on SoundCloud
3. FREE Guided Meditations on Youtube


Lisa Beachy,LisaBeachy.com

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Lisa Beachy believes that we are surrounded by angels and spiritual guides who help us and keep us safe, and her site revolves around this idea.

She offers “angel card psychic readings,” as well as long-distance reiki energy healing, and her guided meditations are available on her YouTube channel.

In her blog, Lisa writes not only about angels, but also chakras, meditation, gemstones, and psychic development. She includes a number of quiz-type entries, in which you can choose the image that resonates most with you and receive a message that corresponds with your choice.

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1. Heart Chakra Meditation Healing
2. Releasing Resentment Guided Meditation with Theta Healing
3. Archangel Raphael Healing for Abundance Guided Meditation



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Calm.com is the website for the Calm meditation app. At the site and in the app, you can experience for free the 7 Days of Calm program, as well as a number of peaceful scenes and sounds.

Subscribers receive premium content, including the 7 Days of Sleep program and additional guided meditations. The app is well-reviewed, with users frequently praising the design, the voice for the guided meditations, and the use of the app at bedtime for better sleep.

Must-Use Apps for Meditation:
1. Calm App fo IOS
2. Calm App fo Android



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Mindful.org is the website for Mindful magazine, which is available in both print and digital formats.Select articles are available to all visitors, or you can subscribe to get full access to the bi-monthly publication, as well as back issues and a free guide to meditation.

Even without a subscription, mindful.org features plenty of material, including videos, news, infographics, and articles in the three main categories of living, meditation, and work. The resources section also recommends a number of other websites, professionals, and apps to help you discover products and organizations with a mindfulness focus.

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1. How the Brain Changes When You Meditate
2. Adorable Animated Mice Explain Meditation in 2 Minutes
3. A 5-Minute Breathing Meditation To Cultivate Mindfulness


Mindful Schools

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Mindful Schools was formed in response to the amount of toxic stress that is present in the American education system. The approach involves teaching mindfulness skills to educators so that these practices can be incorporated into the school day.

The mindfulness benefits that particularly pertain to the school setting are increases in attention, greater compassion, and improved emotional regulation and calmness.The 6-week online fundamentals course is appropriate for anyone working with youth, and CEUs are available for both educators and mental health professionals.

For further professional development, the K-12 Mindful Schools Curriculum and a year-long certification program are also available. Additionally, if you’re exploring the idea of introducing mindfulness into your school setting, the Mindful Schools “Resources” section holds a wealth of articles, presentations, guided practices, and recommended reading.

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1. What is Mindfulness?
2. Why Mindfulness is Needed in Education
3. Multimedia Resources for Mindfulness


The New York Shambhala Center

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The Shambhala Meditation Center has been operating in NYC for more than 40 years and seeks to create an enlightened society. If you live in the area, you can attend drop-in public meditation sessions or take classes at the Center.

Regardless of where you live, you’ll enjoy the blog, which contains the writings of many contributors, as well as Meditation in the City podcasts. This site gives you a single stop for the opportunity to experience the insights of a variety respected teachers and seasoned meditators.

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1. How Meditation Creates Real Change
2. Waking Up Mindfully
3. Meditation: Finding Contentment in Everyday Life


Brahma Kumaris

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Brahma Kumaris (“Daughters of Brahma”), a spiritual movement headquartered in India, differs from the many others in that women have always held the top leadership positions.

The focus of the organization is teaching people to place importance on spirituality rather than material items. The movement offers instruction in Raja Yoga meditation and a variety of personal development experiences.

The website features a simple breakdown of the 5 steps to Raja Yoga meditation, including audio recordings for each step, and the “Experience Meditation” section has a large library of additional meditations that anyone can utilize.

The “Wisdom” section will introduce you further to Raja Yoga meditation and the tenets of Brahma Kumaris. Everything on the site is easily accessible, and you can learn a great deal about this spiritual movement through the array of articles and online talks.

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1. How to Meditate
2. Making time for meditation
3. Making space for Meditation



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Muse, “the brain sensing headband,” is designed to provide feedback about your meditation practice.

When you are relaxed and your mind is at rest, you will hear calm winds as you meditate. When your mind is active, the wind sounds will also become more active.

The Muse app provides graphs as a visual demonstration of your practice and allows you to track progress over time as you use attention-based training exercises.

The Muse blog is primarily about the product, but seeks to demonstrate how meditation and technology can be combined to help you better achieve relaxation and stress reduction.

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1. Meditation For Beginners
2. Why Would Anyone Use Technology for Meditation?
3. Meditation with Muse Helps Jessica Cope With Anxiety Like Symptoms


Ananda Sangha,Ananda.org

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Ananda Sangha is a movement that begin in 1968 and is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Ananda welcomes all comers, regardless of background or faith, and aims to help others experience God’s presence and experience peace and harmony.

There is a significant meditation section at the website, including information and a free online class about Kriya Yoga, which is a meditation technique that was promoted by Yogananda.

Many different readings are available on the Ananda site, but one certainly worth investigating is the “Clarity Magazine.” If Ananda speaks to you, you can sign up for online classes or locate classes and retreats near you.

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1. How to Meditate — Meditation Basics
2. 3 Tips for Staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation
3. 9 Meditation Tips


Inner Health Studio

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While not specific to meditation, Inner Health Studio provides a multitude of resources pertaining to relaxation and improving coping skills.

There is an extensive section of scripts for various exercises, including meditation, guided imagery, healing from illness, and addressing sleep issues.

As of this writing, the downloads section is incomplete, but it appears that there are plans to make a number of downloads available, either free or for a modest fee.

The coping skills section is a fantastic complement to the scripts and exercises, and if you’re looking to boost your ability to effectively deal with life’s stressors, you’ll want to take a look at the worksheets for stress management, anger management, panic attacks, and other problems.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Beginner’s Breathing Meditation: Free Relaxation Script
2. Counting Meditation: Free Relaxation Script
3. Guided Meditation Audio Downloads


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,FreeMeditation.com

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This site is specifically focused on Sahaja Yoga Meditation, which is based on the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Freemeditation.com strives to help others achieve self-realization, and, in accordance with the philosophy that Sahaja Yoga Meditation should always be free of charge, all resources on the website are freely available.

Among the offerings on the site are a 10-part online course, meditation information for children, a self-realization workshop, and music therapy sessions.

If you’re looking for an in-person experience, you can also find a listing of meeting locations throughout 80 countries – and you can even request a class for your community or organization.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Sahaja Yoga Meditation
2. Benefits of Meditation
3. Meditation Basic


Insight Meditation Society

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Dharma.org is the website of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS), a retreat center located in Massachusetts.

Whether or not you’re able to attend a retreat, the resources section gives you access to recorded talks, guided meditations, a listing of other meditation centers and communities that may be closer to your location, and links to other external resources, such as educational organizations and online forums.

You can also find peaceful images to use as desktop wallpaper and recipes for meals that are served at the retreats.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Audio Resources
2. Wallpaper Images
3. Interested in a Meditation Retreat?


Audio Dharma

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Audio Dharma is an amazingly large archive of recorded talks given by speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.

The archive has recordings as short as a few minutes and as long as 5+ hours, and there is a wealth of material to explore regarding the Buddha’s teachings.

From the Audio Dharma site, you can also link to other information about the Insight Meditation Center, take an online meditation course, or download a meditation timer.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Introduction to Meditation
2. Guided Meditations
3. Meditation Timers


Daily Cup of Yoga

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Daily Cup of Yoga reflects blogger Brian’s personal “journey through yoga” and provides resources for anyone who is looking for tips, tools, or news about the practice of yoga.

You’ll appreciate that the blog is updated on a regular basis and has articles that share the perspectives of many guest writers.

Yoga information abounds, but there is a section specific to meditation, featuring topics such as the exploration of “bliss,” how to reset and relax, and easy ways to practice kindness in your life. This site is a “must see” if you practice both yoga and meditation!

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 25 Ways to Be Kind
2. Meditate to Reset and Relax
3. Bliss is Not an Attitude


The Daily Meditation

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If you click on “Online Meditation Course,” rather than the paid course you might be expecting, you’ll actually be able to read through a nice overview of open vs. closed meditation techniques and the different cultural types of meditation.

Other writings on the site fall into the categories of happiness, lifestyle, mantras, mudras, holistic health, and spiritual therapy.

Most articles on the sites appear to have been contributed by Paul Martin Harrison, an author and meditation teacher. Paul has written relevant ebooks which are also available through The Daily Meditation.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mindfulness Meditation–New And Improved
2. Today, We’ll Show You The Best Chakra Meditation Techniques
3. Placebo Research Forces Pharmaceuticals To Confess: Mind More Powerful Than Drugs


Everyday Mindfulness

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The team behind Everyday Mindfulness chose the term “everyday” because “mindfulness is normal; it is not something special, limited to Buddhists, mystics, academics or psychologists.” In keeping with this belief, Everyday Mindfulness is actually a project that is open to anyone who wants to help spread the word about mindfulness to others.

You’re invited to contact the team if you’re interested in helping with social media, writing a blog post, or participating in any other way.

With numerous contributors, the blog is a lively place where the posts reflect experiences across all walks of life and a large span of topics. Depending on the blogger, you might find yourself reading about materialism, grumpiness, or mindfulness for mamas.

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1. 7 Meditation Myths
2. 3 Quick Mindfulness Practices to Overcome Worry, Anxiety and Panic
3. 11 Ways to Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Life Today


Meditation Society of Australia

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This is the website of the Meditation Society of Australia and the nonprofit group, Open Source Meditation.

As stated on the home page, “…real meditation is not exclusive to one religion or one meditation technique or science…Meditation is free and open to all just as open source software is free and open.”

Accordingly, membership is free and grants you access to a 50-session online course and numerous radio-quality downloads to use in your practice.

For a minimal $10AUD fee that helps to keep the site up and running, you can enjoy a premium membership that unlocks a few extras, plus gives you CD-quality downloads, and a discount on purchases.

If you want to involve your children in the practice of meditation, the kids’ section of the website is a nice touch, and it includes meditations on peace, love, the idea of God, loving yourself, and choices.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Guided Meditation downloads (mp3s)
2. Free Meditation & Spirituality Podcasts
3. Meditation Music downloads



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The Exploration of Consciousness Research (EOC) Institute uses a brainwave technology called EquiSync to help people achieve intensified and advanced states of meditation.

The site has sections explaining the benefits of achieving alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states and also offers a free demonstration audio file that you can download to try out EquiSync technology.

The “Studies” section provides references for the research supporting brainwave technology and the benefits of meditation in general.

While deciding whether or not EquiSync is right for you, you’ll also find a section that explores in-depth each of 141 different meditation benefits, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. meditation for stress relief
2. 7 reasons meditation is so effective at freeing yourself from the shackles of anxiety
3. 3 reasons meditation help you sleep


Jenn Courtney,YogaYak

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YogaYak was created by Jenn Courtney, who turned to yoga at a point in her life at which she was depressed and in need of a way to overcome her personal challenges.

Because the daily practice of yoga made such an enormous difference in her life, she sought to provide an online resource that would help others have a similar experience. She was able to create such a resource with the help of many yoga instructors who contributed their teachings.

At YogaYak, you can find instruction in different forms of yoga, including Hatha, Kundalini, and Sivananda. There is a large section of meditation videos that highlight various techniques, and if you have a particular interest in breathing exercises, you’ll want to check out the Pranayama section as well.

Also of interest are the lengthy relaxation sound videos – at 8-9 hours in length, you can even let them play overnight to help you achieve a restful sleep!

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Introduction to Meditation
2. Guided Meditation to Discover Source
3. Simple Meditation – Meditation Explained


Neil Morbey,Positively Mindful

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Positively Mindful is a website and workshop-based business run by Neil Morbey, a former stressed-out landscape architect turned coach and practitioner of mindfulness.

Neil gave a 2015 TEDx talk called “Playfulness and Presence,” and his playful spirit shines through in all of the sections of the Positively Mindful website. He offers workshops and “playshops” in Bristol, but also has Skype-based coaching sessions.

Neil’s blog features lengthy and thoughtful posts on a variety of topics to help readers become more confident, mindful, and self-aware. Neil also uses his playful approach to introduce mindfulness to young people through school-based interventions and other avenues of teaching awareness and self-understanding.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Tools for patience in meditation and in life
2. My Vipassana Retreat Experience
3. What is Mindfulness and Why Practice?


Ramesh Manocha,Silence the Mind

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Silence the Mind is the website of Dr. Ramesh Manocha, a physician and researcher based in Sydney, Australia. Much of the site is devoted to Dr. Manocha’s book, Silence the Mind, a research-based guide to help readers incorporate meditation into their daily routine in order to improve overall well-being.

The site also offers helpful instruction cards on meditation, as well as advice on topics such as posture, centering, and setting up your meditation area.

For the blog, Dr. Manocha pulls from relevant news stories that explore not only meditation, but also topics such as procrastination, depression, and brain function. If you are really into the research behind Silence the Mind, you can even download all 561 pages of Dr. Manocha’s doctoral dissertation!

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Basic Meditation
2. Instruction Cards
3. Conscious Breathing


Cheryl Schneider,Meditation Finder

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It’s fair to assume that anyone reading this is looking for meditation resources, and if so, Meditation Finder should be on your list.

Founder Cheryl Schneider conceived of the website in order to provide a free and easy way for anyone interested in meditation to locate centers, classes, and meet-up groups (U.S. only), as well as relevant reading material. (As a side note, the sister website yogispot.com does the same thing for yoga resources!)

The accuracy and usefulness of the site is dependent upon participation, so you’re invited to submit new listings and review existing listings for accuracy, allowing Meditation Finder to continue to grow.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Types of Meditation Classes
2. How to Choose a Meditation Retreat Center
3. Life Is a Powerful Meditation


The Meditation Blog

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The Meditation Blog, owned by Acem International, features blog posts by practitioners of Acem meditation, an effortless meditation technique that utilizes sound repetition to promote relaxation and personal growth.

Although you must enroll in a course to receive instruction in Acem meditation and although The Meditation Blog does primarily promote Acem-related information and retreats, you will also find meditation news and interesting articles across a number of categories.

If the Acem method appeals to you, and you decide to take a beginner’s course, you can link to opportunities for Acem instruction in several different countries.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. The silent sounds of Acem Meditation
2. New study reveals the core meditation areas in the brain
3. Meditation for prisoners


Sarah McLean,McLean Meditation

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The McLean Meditation Institute (MMI) in Sedona, Arizona is one of the foremost American meditation training companies and offers training both to the general public and to individuals seeking to become certified to teach meditation and mindfulness.

MMI was founded by Sarah McLean, an author, speaker, environmentalist, and long-time student of meditation who previously worked with Deepak Chopra for 8 years. Though the MMI primarily conducts retreats and in-person trainings, Skype coaching is also offered for those seeking meditation mentoring.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. 5 Essentials for a Successful Meditation
2. Meditation. It’s Better than a Facelift
3. Prayer and Meditation


Australian School of Meditation and Yoga

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ASMY has five centers in Australia and offers a holistic yoga experience to help students increase wellbeing and experience “sacredness” in daily life.

The ASMY blog covers upcoming events, but also has posts that explain how to do different yoga poses or offer easy and healthy recipes.

The site has sections for both yoga and meditation, with useful mp3s and links to the ASMY YouTube channels, where even more information can be found.

Don’t skip over the Lifestyle section! As a nice complement to the meditation information that you’re seeking, you’ll also find healthy living articles, heartwarming animal stories, and bits of wisdom about topics such as simplicity and forgiveness.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Add Meditation To Your Life
2. Overcoming Stress With Meditation
3. Preparing for Meditation & Complete Yoga Breathing



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The team at Meditation.com has a vision of a peaceful planet and has sought to create an online meditation community that allows the work of various practitioners to be located in one accessible location.

The site’s primary focus is connecting users to meditation teachers and centers all over the world. It’s free to join as a community member in order to access discounts, view premium content, and receive updates.

Practitioners can get a free standard listing or buy a premium listing for $9.95/month. Whether you choose to join or simply browse, you can find meditation articles and free videos offering guided meditations and or inspirational messages. It’s also easy to find upcoming events, both location-based and those that are online, such as a free 5-day meditation challenge.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. When You Can’t Meditate
2. Introduction to Creative Meditation
3. Meditation for Difficult Times



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At first glance, you might think that you’ve stumbled across a manga site, but JBITTERSWEET is actually dedicated to meditation, spirituality, and psychic abilities.

JBITTERSWEET identifies primarily as a YouTuber, and on the YouTube channel, you’ll find plenty of meditation videos and challenges, as well as videos pertaining to other topics, such as third eye activation and spiritual awakening.

Writings at the JBITTERSWEET website actually pertain more to psychic development and archangels, but after linking over to the meditation videos, you might also want to check out JBITTERSWEET’S ebooks, which include a 30-day meditation challenge and a beginners’ guide to meditation.

Must-Watch Videos for Meditation:
1. 5-Minute Root Chakra Meditation for Healing and Balancing of the Root Chakra (Muladhara)
2. Pranic Breathing – 3 Minute Short and Easy Meditation Technique for Stress Relief
3. Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Inner Peace – Guided Meditation


Mike Medaglia,One Year Wiser

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The One Year Wiser website stems from a project and series of books by site creator, Mike Medaglia. Medaglia is an artist, art editor, and Zen Buddhist, and his site showcases his One Year Wiser illustrated meditations, coloring book, and gratitude journal.

The site’s archive is filled with Medaglia’s beautiful and thought-provoking illustrations. Whether you’re into coloring for stress relief and relaxation or you want to add a new dimension to your meditation practice, you can find a great deal of creative inspiration and positivity in the visual offerings at One Year Wiser.

Must-Read Posts for Meditation:
1. Meditation Comics: How This Illustrator Is Spreading A Bit Of Daily Calm
2. Meditation Illustrator Mike Medaglia On Why His ‘One Year Wiser’ Weekly Colouring Book Will Help Us Focus
3. One Year Wiser – Guest post for Singing Dragon

Readers – what do you think? I’d love to know which resources you find to be particularly helpful and how you’ll be putting this meditation information to use.

With so many fantastic sites out there, I know that there will be others that you love that unfortunately did not make it onto this list. Which meditation blogs and sites have also been helpful for your personal journey? Comment below to share your thoughts!


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